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Top 9 Best Conjuration Spells in Skyrim

In Skyrim, there will be times when you will come across various powerful enemies. Regardless of how many powerful weapons you possess, it can somewhat become difficult for you to handle them all. Thankfully, Skyrim offers a way through which we can summon mighty warriors and beasts to fight alongside us in the battle.

To summon them, you need to learn some Conjuration spells. Just like all the other spells present in Skyrim, the Conjuration spells can prove to be useful during combat. However, not all spells are going to be helpful as you can end up wasting your magikca on some of them. To save you from the trouble, we are going to list some of the top Skyrim Conjuration spells.

Best Conjuration Spells in Skyrim

Disclaimer: Every individual has a different opinion. This list is solely based on mine. This post is just to suggest the best conjuration spells to use in the Elder Scrolls Skyrim. You may not find this list similar to yours, so let us know about your list down in the comments below. Remember that some conjuration spell can perform better in certain situations while others won’t.

9. Summon Unbound Dremora

Summon Unbound Dremora

The Summon Unbound Dremora spell will summon a Dremora that can help you out during combat. It is undoubtedly one of the top Skyrim Conjuration spells. The only downside about this spell is that the warrior that you will summon is not going to be loyal to you, meaning that he can attack you. To use this spell, you need to be on level 90 in Conjuration. Once you reach this level, you can speak with Phinis Gestor and receive the spell from him.

8. Summon Arniel’s Shade

Summon Arniel’s Shade

The Summon Arniel’s Shade is the kind of spell that you can obtain in the early stages of your journey. If you ask why then you should know that you only need to be on Conjuration level 25 in order to use it. Although you will need to complete a time-consuming quest in order to acquire this spell, you won’t regret your decision once you see how useful it can be. You will be able to summon Arniel’s ghost through this spell, who happens to be immune to physical as well as poison damage. Not only this, but the ghost will also use powerful attacks to take down enemies.

7. Conjure Flame Atronach

Conjure Flame Atronach

The Conjure Flame Atronach is yet another top Skyrim Conjuration spell that you can acquire in the early stages of your journey. When used, it will summon a Flame Atronach who can help you out during battle. The beast will last for around 60 seconds, and if she is killed during this time period, the Flame Atronach will explode. While the explosion will deal substantial damage to all of the nearby enemies, it can even damage you if you’re within its radius. However, if the Flame Atronach is alive until her time runs out, then she won’t explode.

6. Conjure Familiar

Conjure Familiar

The Conjure Familiar spell can help you summon a Familiar that can help you take down powerful enemies. If your character belongs to the Breton race, then this will be your starting spell. Even if you belong to some other race, the chances for the Conjure Familiar to be your first summoning spell are high. The Familiar will last for around 60 seconds and will be only limited to melee attacks. If you’re a fan of wolves, then you sure are going to enjoy using this spell.

5. Conjure Storm Atronach

Conjure Storm Atronach

The Conjure Storm Atronach is easily one of the best Conjuration spells in Skyrim. The reason behind this is that it summons an Atronach who is capable of using Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning spells. For those who don’t know, these two spells are some of the most powerful Destruction spells in the game that can take down a large group of enemies at once. The Conjure Storm Atronach is an Expert Level spell. The Storm Atronach it summons will fight along your side for around 120 seconds. However, if he is killed before his time ends, the warrior will explode.

4. Dead Thrall

Dead Thrall

The Dead Thrall spell is a unique spell considering the warrior it summons will not go away until he is killed. That’s right, if you use this spell, you don’t have to worry about the time limit. It will basically revive a humanoid who will be happy to fight alongside you in battles. If you’re interested in using this spell, then you can simply go ahead and purchase it from Phinis Gestor. However, keep in mind that you will need to complete the Conjuration Ritual Spell quest before you can start using it.

3. Conjure Frost Atronach

Conjure Frost Atronach

The Conjure Frost Atronach is yet another Conjuration spell in our list that summons an Atronach. Upon its use, a Frost Atronach will appear who will fight alongside you for a total of 120 seconds. Just like the previous ones, the Frost Atronach will also explode if it is killed within those 120 seconds. The explosion will deal damage to anyone within its radius, even if it’s you. In order to use this spell, you first need to reach Conjuration level 40. Once you do that, simply speak to Phinis Gestor who will be happy to sell you this spell for a price.

2. Flame Thrall

Flame Thrall

This is another amazing Conjuration spell as it can help you summon a Flame Thrall that can fight alongside you until it is killed. It is capable of dealing huge damage and has a high health pool. This basically means that it won’t be easy for your opponents to take it down. Although you need to reach the level of Master in Conjuration before using this spell, you will forget the trouble you went through once you start using it. You need to complete the Conjuration Ritual Spell quest before you can purchase Flame Thrall from Phinis Gestor.

1. Conjure Dremora Lord

Conjure Dremora Lord

Deemed as one of the best Conjuration spells in Skyrim, the Conjure Dremora Lord can help you summon a powerful warrior. If you ask me, then the Dremora Lord is possibly the strongest warrior you can summon through spells. However, to use this spell, you must be on Expert level in Conjuration. While the Dremora Lord might not be an ideal choice for long-ranged combat, he can prove to be quite useful in close combat. Possessing an epic looking Daedric Greatsword of the Inferno, a high health pool, and a powerful Armor, the Dremora Lord can take down any opponent that will stand in his way.

These were some of the best Conjuration spells in Skyrim. All of them can help you take down powerful enemies that you will face on your journey.


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