Top 7 Best Fallout 4 Companions You Can Get in The Game

Fallout 4 is one of Bethesda’s most brilliant games ever. Among the best and most interesting mechanics in the game is the companion mechanic. Throughout your adventures, you get the opportunity to meet several of these companions. These characters are non-playable and liven up the game. They’ll aid you in combat and also have unique personalities that you will discover. Today we will go through Best Fallout 4 Companions which you can get in the game.

It’s okay if you don’t want to waste time with some companions that aren’t very good. One should experience all the companions because each one has good storylines. Yet, if you want ones that are best for combat, here’s a list of the very best.

Top 7 Best Fallout 4 Companions

7. Preston Garvey

 Preston Garvey - Fallout 4

Stats: Hit Points: 185 +(Player level-10*5) 5 ST, 10 PE, 7 EN, 9 CH, 8 IN, 10 AG, 8 LK

Preston is also a companion that the player can encounter early in the game. The player helps Preston out on their first encounter. After the quest, the player will guide Preston and his ragtag bunch to Sanctuary Hills. Preston also convinces you to start the minutemen. He’ll be an active participant through all the minutemen quests.

After all this, Preston will be available as a companion. What makes Garvey a great companion is his weapon. He has a laser musket and has good aim. He can do damage to enemies at long range.

Preston can also equip power Armor and can help you dominate the wasteland. Furthermore, his perk is also useful. “United We Stand” increases the players’ damage resistance by 20 points. Additionally, the player deals 20% more damage. There is a condition; the player must be outnumbered three characters to one.

6. Cait

Cait - Fallout 4

Stats: Hit Points: 185 +(Player level-10*5) 5 ST, 10 PE, 7 EN, 7 CH, 7 IN, 10 AG, 7 LK

Cait is a Fallout 4 companion with decent stats, a useful skill, and a great storyline. The player can meet this Irish lady at the combat zone. You’ll have to take it out all the raiders first.

After you end all the raiders, you can proceed to meet Cait. She’ll join you as a companion after the quest. One of the best things about Cait is how effective she is at short range. Her default weapon is a shotgun. Yet, unless you give her guns, she’s not a long-range option.

Another very decent skill her character has is lockpicking. Cait is an expert lockpicker. She can open all kinds of locks once you give her bobby pins. Her perk isn’t beneficial. Unless you use a VATs build, the AP regeneration won’t benefit much. But, her storyline more than makes up for the weak perk.

5. Nick Valentine

Nick Valentine - Fallout 4

Stats: Hit Points: 225 +(Player level-10*5) 5 ST, 7 PE, 8 EN, 8 CH, 16 IN, 10 AG, 8 LK

Everyone’s favorite cyborg detective, Nick Valentine, is among the best companions. The player’s character will meet Valentine early on in the game. Players arrive in Diamond City to find out that Nick is missing. His assistant will send you on to a quest to find him.

You’ll find Nick in Vault 114, and he will join you on your journey when you complete his quest fully. As a companion, Nick has a couple of advantages. His default weapon is a pistol. He can use the gun at both long and short-range. If you decide to give him a gun, he’s adept at firearms and using melee weapons.

If you want to, you can also make Nick wear power armor. However, he decent enough without it as well. He has a higher health stat than any of the other early game companions. What brings Nick down is the perk. The perk he has is pretty useless. The name is “Close To Metal.” It gives you an extra try for terminal hacking.

One thing that makes Nick useful is his hacking perk. His hacking skills will ensure that you can save skill points for other upgrades. Nick can open even master-level terminals. His story is also pretty decent. You can have a lot of fun with Nick Valentine.

4. Codsworth

Codsworth - Fallout 4

Stats: Hit Points: 195 +(Player level-10*5) 9 ST, 10 PE, 7 EN, 7 CH, 16 IN, 10 AG, 7 LK

Codsworth is one of the best companions in the game. He’s readily available, and players can ask him to be companion after the first quest. As a companion he’s super fun to have around. Codsworth is quite easily the funniest companion of them all.

However, he can turn deadly when the need arises. His close-range attack is a blade that tears through enemies. He also has a flamethrower which he uses without mercy. He’ll often burn most of the enemies you face.

Codsworth has a decent perk as well. It’ll help you take on robots easier. You’ll get a +10 to your energy resistance when facing robots. Codsworth may be a robot, but he’s a very moral character. He appreciates when the player does well. Whenever you do something evil, Codsworth will dislike the option a lot.

3. Dogmeat

Dogmeat - Fallout 4

Stats: Hit Points: 150 +(Player level-10*5) 4 ST, 14 PE, 4 EN, 4 CH, 8 IN, 14 AG, 8 LK

Dogmeat is the first companions the player will meet. During the first quest, you’ll meet Dogmeat upon reaching Red Rocket truck stop. Dogmeat will become your companion after your first interaction.

Dogmeat is excellent in combat. He can pounce on certain enemies to insta-kill. He can hold enemies in place to give you free shots at them. The only problem is his low health pool. Essential companions don’t die but who wants to see a dog get hurt.

One of the best aspects of Dogmeat is you can take the Lone Wanderer perk. The Lone Wanderer perk boosts your stats when you travel alone. For some reason, you can use the perk with Dogmeat as a companion.

2. Strong

Strong - Fallout 4

Stats: Hit Points: 245 +(Player level-10*5) 24 ST, 12 PE, 8 EN, 1 CH, 6 IN, 18 AG, 8 LK

A super mutant as a companion has got to be as it sounds. Luckily, it’s even better. Players can take Strong as a companion once they complete the trinity tower quest. Out of the early game companions, Strong has the most significant health stat. He’s a proper tank.

In combat ‘he’s excellent using both range and melee weapons. He prefers using primitive range weapons but will use any melee weapons you give him. You can also get him to wear armor. However, he can only make use of super mutant armour. The best strategy for Strong is to give him some shield and a sledgehammer. ‘He’ll go in and smoothly wreck most enemies that you face.

Strong also has an excellent perk if you use a melee build. It’ll grant you 20% more melee damage if your health is at 25%. Even without the perk, Strong is easily one of the best companions in the game. He can be a long servicing late-game companion as well.

1. Curie (Synth form)

Curie (Synth form) - Fallout 4

Stats: Hit Points: 670 5 ST, 4 PE, 4 EN, 4 CH, 11 IN, 4 AG, 4 LK

Curie stat wise is the most reliable companion that gamers can get. What makes her so compelling is her super-high health stat. She has a health stat of 670, and it doesn’t scale according to the players.

You can get Curie in her synth form during “Emergent Behaviour.” Emergent Behaviour is part of Curie’s questline. In combat, Curie can use all kinds of weapon. Her synth form is super practical with firearms of any sort. Her high health stat means she will rarely go down.

If you put some power armor on Curie, she becomes unstoppable. The game will almost start begging for mercy. Curie can distract enemies allowing you a free reign. She’s the most effective companion in the game.

These are some of the very best companions in the game. There are several others that you can pick. Each has their own unique story; but, statistically, these are the very best.


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