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Top 5 Best Scary/Horror Games on Virtual Reality (VR)

Horror is a genre that many people enjoy. The exhilarating feeling that they experience because of fear makes them enjoy the genre. Well for all the fans of the horror genre and gaming, and for people who wish to venture into and experience the horror genre. Today we have made a list of a few Horror Games on Virtual Reality that will bring the horror alive that we feel you will enjoy. And with all that being said, let’s get right into it.

Best Horror Games on Virtual Reality

5. Narcosis

narcosis Top 5 Best Horror Games on Virtual Reality VR

Narcosis is a game that could be termed as a psychological horror game. This game is set deep under the ocean. A natural calamity has destroyed an underwater facility and all the people along with it, except the player character. You are forced to roam the deep ocean floor between rocks, ruins of the facility and whatever lives in the water.

This game will give you a serious sense of isolation. This game is masterfully crafted with smooth gameplay, great cinematic visuals, and creepy audio to set the tone of the game.

This show really makes you feel uncomfortable with its torturously slow pace (it was intentional in case you were wondering) and the feeling of isolation and loneliness deep down on the ocean floor. The experience is world-class.

4. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

until dawn rush of the blood Top 5 Best Horror Games on Virtual Reality VR

Until Dawn was a great game on its own, but when a VR version of it released under the title Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, people immediately wanted to try it out. This game is set in a carnival or amusement park. You will be on many rides and your objective is to take down hordes of different types of scary creatures including mankind’s scariest enemy – clowns.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is a great shooting game that is fast-paced and delivers the scares pretty well. You will need to have sharp eyes and a good peripheral vision to spot the enemies before they get too close. Overall, Rush of Blood is a thrilling game and we highly suggest that you try it.

3. Alien: Isolation

alien isolation top 5 best horror games on virtual reality

The non-VR version of this game has received the title of the 2014 Game of the Year from PC Gamer. That should be pretty self-explanatory on why you should play this game. The VR version, initially when it released, was not the greatest when it came to visual quality. But with certain mods that were made, this game is as smooth as silk.

This game has a strong and driving plot to keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the game except for the times that you will be screaming and in the air due to the game’s terrifying scares. This thriller game is set in space where you play as Ripley’s daughter, Amanda.

Your objective is to search for your mother in space. The chills that this game will give you are terrifying. It has beautiful visuals, plenty of scares and a lot of gore and action. Definitely check this game out.

2. Dreadhalls

dreadhalls Top 5 Best Horror Games on Virtual Reality VR

Dreadhalls takes you on an adventure inside a building with narrow and tight turning corridors. You are only armed with a lamp in your hand with a limited supply of oil which will keep the lamp lit. If you exhaust the oil by taking too long, the lamp will go out.

This game is not so visually supreme, but the experience is petrifying. The audio of the game takes this survival horror to the next level. The objective of this game is that you will have to navigate yourself through the halls and use stealth to avoid the creatures who will devour you on sight.

1. Resident Evil 7

resident evil 7 Top 5 Best Horror Games on Virtual Reality VR

Resident Evil 7 is considered by many as the best horror game ever. The game takes advantage of visuals and audio to immerse yourself into the game. This game is not primarily using jump scares to scare you, in fact, they use other methods with a few jump scares here and there which are equally effective and scary, if not more.

This is one of the most immersive and realistic horror games out there. Its visuals are top class where they have paid a lot of attention to detail. The audio adds on to the eerie tone of the game which alone could send chills down your spine. This is a prime example of a horror game.

Well, that is it for our list on a few fantastic horror virtual reality games for you to play, I hope you found it helpful and enjoyed it. Tell us which home virtual reality game you have played and what you thought about it. Also, tell us what is your favorite virtual reality horror game and for what reason.


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