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Top 5 Best Companions in Fallout 3

In this article today we are going to look at the Top 5 Best Companions in Fallout 3. Companions are characters in Fallout 3 that assist us in our journey. They are a massive help in our adventures and come with their weapon and armor. Each companion has unique lore to them that makes them all the more interesting as a character.

In Fallout 3, there are permanent companions as well as temporary companions. Today we will be going over the best permanent companions in Fallout 3 in our opinion. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Top 5 Best Companions in Fallout 3

5. Jericho

jericho is one of the Top 5 Best Companions in Fallout 3

Jericho is a decent companion to have been followed by as he can deal a reasonable amount of damage while being able to take a fair amount back. He is equipped with the Chinese assault rifle which is an excellent weapon to have in combat, adding on to Jericho’s viability as a companion.

He is covered in leather armor which provides him with sufficient protection from oncoming attacks. If you have the Broken Steel add on, Jericho will level up along with your character, which will increase his health over time which can reach a maximum of 360.

Jericho has 6 points in strength which lets him be able to carry 210 lbs. Jericho’s tagged skills are Small Guns, Big Guns, and Melee Weapons, which allow him to be able to use a vast array of weapons and can be equipped with the best early and late-game weapons. Overall, Jericho is a very versatile companion who can be acquired very early in the game.

4. Sergeant RL-3

Sergeant RL 3 is one of the top best companions in fallout 3

Sergeant RL-3 is a competent companion in Fallout 3 and comes very close to Jericho when it comes to usefulness. Sergeant RL-3 can hold its own in battle with the plasma rifle and flamer that it has access to. Both of which are very efficient in disposing enemies.

The plasma rifle dishes out a high amount of damage with its only major drawback is its lack of accuracy, whereas, the flamer is competent in dropping most enemies dead. Sergeant RL-3 can be used to start the purifier at the end of the game, which Jericho will not agree to do.

Another good thing about Sergeant RL-3 is that it will heal itself outside battle without the help of anyone or anything. Sergeant RL-3 is the only companion who has this ability. The most significant advantage of Sergeant RL-3 is that it has a minimum of 3000 hitpoints and a maximum of 10000 with the Broken Steel add on which makes it practically invincible.

Overall, Sergeant RL-3 is a very competent and capable companion who is effectively able to deal with large groups of enemies. You also will not have to worry about him dying as he has very high health.

3. Charon

charon is one of the top best companions in fallout 3

Charon is a pretty great companion to have throughout your journey. Charon can hold his own in battle because with his shotgun he is a great close-range exterminator. Charon is equipped with leather armor and has the same hit points and carry weight as that of Jericho.

His shotgun is a deadly weapon giving him the edge in a fight with the extra firepower at close range. He may not have the versatility of Jericho when it comes to a variety of weapons, but he is the only companion who is proficient enough to use explosives.

This ability is beneficial as he can effectively use grenades to reveal the hidden enemy by chasing them out of their hiding spots. His explosives can be used offensively as well and not just strategically like how I just mentioned. Moreover, his tagged skills include Sneak, which makes sneaking into enemy territory relatively easier with Charon by your side.

Overall, Charon is a great companion whose combat prowess makes him viable throughout your journey, and he can also be sent to the purifier at the end of the game.

2. Dogmeat

dogmeat is one of the top best companions in fallout 3

Dogmeat does not take up a companion slot; this is great as you will still have room for one more companion along with Dogmeat. Dogmeat has momentous functionality out of all the companions in the game. He can individually search for necessary items such as food and ammunition.

He is also able to detect enemies and will growl if they are nearby. Dogmeat s also considered as a higher target priority than the Lone Wanderer, so enemies will target their fire at Dogmeat intentionally making Dogmeat draw away the fire from your character.

Dogmeat is competent when it comes to combat in-game, and he has the base attack of 12 which every dog in the game has. Because of a health glitch, with the Broken Steel add on, Dogmeat’s hitpoint can go up to 15000, and without the add on, he has a respectable 500. Dogmeat’s strength stat is 7, which allows him to be able to carry up to 220 lbs.

Whether you should have Dogmeat as a companion or not is a no-brainer as he does not take up a companion slot and he comes with a lot of abilities that will assist you in the game. He is good in combat and can carry a lot of weight, making him a very viable companion.

1. Fawkes

fawkes is one of Top 5 Best Companions in Fallout 3

There was no doubt about who would take up the number one slot. It has to be Fawkes without a doubt. Fawkes is the most effective companion in all of Fallout 3 reigning supreme and excelling over all the other companions in pretty much every aspect.

Putting Fawkes as the best companion is evident and overdone, but there is a reason for this. Fawkes is a monstrous killer in battle who wields the perilous Gatling laser. It can completely eradicate hordes of enemies with its non-stop laser. He also excels in melee combat with his super sledge.

Similar to Dogmeat, because of the health glitch, Fawkes’s hit points can get up to a maximum of 15000 with the Broken Steel add on, and 500 without it. Fawkes is efficient in every combat skill, which makes him able to wield any weapon. Fawkes is in every sense of the word, overpowered.

Many players dislike this imbalance as bringing him along can take out all the challenges in progressing through the game. One con of Fawkes is that he frequently gets stuck in doorways, making it hard for him to move.

Also, his combat skills are almost entirely useless as he can only wield 11 weapons in the game. On to his functionality, Fawkes can carry 250 lbs of equipment and can also enter the purifier at the end of the game.

This is it for our list on the best companions to have tagged along with you in Fallout 3. Tell us if you agree with our list and drop your favorite companion’s name down in the comments below and tell us why.


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