Top 10 Best Weapons in Fallout 3

Having a good weapon at your disposal is essential in any playthrough as you need to dish out damage to deal with your enemies, which is inevitable if you want to progress through the game. If you are looking for the best weapons in Fallout 3 that are compatible with your playstyle, or just a great weapon in general, read on to know more.

Today we will be going over the best guns in Fallout 3 in our opinion. Note that we will try to include various types of guns so that one category or type of gun does not make up the majority of this list. With that being said, let’s get right into the list.

10. Dart Gun

dart gun top 10 best weapons in fallout 3

The Dart Gun may not be able to pack a punch when it comes to power, but it has other uses, which makes it a great gun. The Dart Gun is classified as a silenced weapon, which is an excellent option for stealth players. Also, it has 0 spread making it have perfect accuracy.

The Dart Gun is more of a tactical weapon, as it can be used to cripple the limbs of enemies in the game, reducing their mobility, which makes them much less of a threat. When it comes to their poison effect, it is not a significant amount, but it is stackable.

The Dart Gun is best used as a debuff to enemies by crippling them and then taking them out with another weapon.

9. Victory Rifle

victory rifle top 10 best weapons in fallout 3

Despite its drawbacks, the Victory Rifle is one of the best snipers. It is around three times more durable than most conventional sniper rifles and is able to knock down enemies on critical hits. This gun is easily repairable with any traditional rifle.

As I mentioned before, this weapon does have a few drawbacks. It lacks the critical chance of most sniper rifles, and it requires 38 action points per charge, which is higher than all shotguns, SMGs, and most other rifles and pistols.

Overall, this is an excellent gun and while it may not deal as much damage or have a higher critical chance like other rifles, its durability and ability to knock down enemies on critical hit makes it a good gun.

8. DeathClaw Gauntlet

deathclaw gauntlet top 10 best weapons in fallout 3

This weapon is the best unarmed weapon in Fallout 3 due to its high base damage, durability and a high critical hit chance multiplier with all of those abilities on par with some of the best weapons in each aspect.

The Deathclaw Gauntlet does not pay any heed to damage resistance, which makes this weapon even better. So if you are up against a heavily armored enemy, this weapon can prove to be very useful. Overall, this weapon is mighty and a force to be reckoned with.

7. A3-21’s Plasma Rifle

a3 21 plasma rifle top 10 best weapons in fallout 3

A3-21’s Plasma Rifle is superior to the regular Plasma Rifle in every aspect. It deals more damage, is more durable, and has a higher critical chance. These reasons make the A3-21’s Plasma Rifle a better choice.

Other essential traits such as fire rate, action point cost, and magazine size are pretty much the same for both Plasma Rifles. Acquiring this weapon is a better choice as it has no drawbacks of the regular one which cannot be said about many other weapons on this list.

6. Callahan’s Magnum

callahan magnum top 10 best weapons in fallout 3

Callahan’s Magnum is one of, if not the most powerful ballistic handguns available in the game. Not only does it have the highest damage per shot and highest damage per second, while having a durability of 205 shots before breaking; which is pretty close to a conventional scoped 44 magnum which has a durability of 229 shots before breaking.

The Callahan’s Magnum also dishes out almost double the base damage of that of a conventional scoped 44. The only downside to this gun is its difficulty to be obtained.

Due to this, a good alternative can be the Blackhawk which looks very similar to this gun. The Blackhawk doesn’t require the DLC, unlike Callahan’s Magnum. It is also more durable than Callahan’s Magnum, but also slightly weaker.

5. MPLX Novasurge

mplx novasurge top 10 best weapons in fallout 3

This gun is one of the best energy pistols in its class. It may not be as powerful as many other weapons but its more practical as it doesn’t require the limited alien power cell ammo.

The Novasurge is just a more powerful version of the Plasma Pistol that requires two ammo per shot instead of one. But even though it needs more ammo per shot, it can dish out more than triple the damage of a Plasma Pistol’s 25 to a Novasurge’s 80. It is more ammo efficient, and it also has a higher critical chance.

The only problem with this gun is its durability. You can get around 400 shots from a Plasma Pistol, whereas the Novasurge will only get you 188.

4. Terrible Shotgun

terrible shotgun top 10 best weapons in fallout 3

The best shotgun in Fallout 3 without a doubt is the Terrible Shotgun. This gun, unlike its name, isn’t terrible at all, it’s a great gun. It has higher base damage than the conventional combat shotgun while remaining more ammo efficient than the double-barrel shotgun.

The Terrible shotgun is more durable and has more significant critical hit damage than the combat shotgun with 360 without perks and 540 with perks.

3. Tesla Cannon

tesla cannon top 10 best weapons in fallout 3

Picking between this gun and the Vengeance Gatling Laser was difficult, but in the end, the Tesla Cannon won due to its ammo efficiency. The Tesla Cannon can deal around 50-60 plus damage with just one ECP ammo whereas the Gatling Laser drains your ammo.

Another positive of this gun is its lingering shock damage over time. It isn’t immediate as it is 20 damage over two seconds. Overall, Tesla Cannon’s high damage, high accuracy, and low ammo cost make it a problematic gun to beat.

2. Shishkebab

shishkebab top 10 best weapons in fallout 3

The Shishkebab is one of the best melee weapons in Fallout 3. It may not be the most potent melee weapon (are you starting to notice a trend here?), but it makes up for this in durability, higher attack speed, and its critical hit chance.

What makes the Shishkebab even more deadly is that with the right perks, its melee damage and fire damage over time can be increased. The only negative of the Shishkebab is that it needs another Shishkebab to repair itself. But given that this is one of the most powerful melee weapons, I guess that condition is pretty reasonable.

1. Fat Man

fat man top 10 best weapons in fallout 3

The Experimental MIRV is insanely powerful because it is like firing eight mini-nukes at once; in my opinion, the Fat Man is still a better choice as it is more practical. The Fat Man, even though not as deadly as the Experimental MIRV, it is powerful enough to get the job done.

Also, a significant disadvantage of the Experimental MIRV is that it can easily kill the player due to its projectile spread. But the Fat Man always fires in an arc consistently. This ability is better as the player can dispose of the enemy without worrying about hurting themselves. The Fat Man also has higher durability and lower ammo consumption compared to the Experimental MIRV.

These reasons are evident as firing eight mini-nukes at once will drain out your ammo at a much rapid rate than just firing one at a time. Although the Experimental MIRV is the most powerful weapon in Fallout 3 when it comes to damage dealt, I say that you will be much better off with the Fat Man.

That is it for our list on the top 10 weapons of different types to use in Fallout 3. Tell us if you agree with our picks, and also, do not forget to tell us which your favorite weapon in the game is and why.


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