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Top 10 Best Shooters Games on Virtual Reality (VR)

Today in this article we are going to talk about the Top 10 Best Shooters Games on Virtual Reality. The Virtual Reality world is small still, however, with more games coming out and a future that seems very bright, it’s an investment that will soon be worth it.

One of the most popular genres, Shooting or FPS in this case, is now possible in VR allowing for one of the most immersive experiences, as you take down hordes of enemies.

Its made even better when you realize the number of games surrounding it. Anyway, this list dives into some of the best VR shooting games to bless this Earth. So if you have an Oculus Rift or a PSVR, then consider investing in some of these titles.

Top 10 Best Shooters Games on Virtual Reality

10. Island 359™

island 359 is one of the Top 10 Best Shooters Games on Virtual Reality

If there’s one thing that I’m a diehard fan of, its dinosaurs. Dinosaurs had colored my child since time immemorial when the first Jurassic Park dropped, and I’m sure the same holds true for many people. This is what makes Island 359 so endearing, as its a dream come true.

Consider it as a survival shooter that drops you into a jungle expecting you to survive against the countless beasts that await. Don different gear and weapon as you trek the landscape hunting different dinosaurs.

It’s a VR adventure anyone, dinosaur fan or not, would want to experience at least once. And unlike most of the entries in this list, you can actually see your digital avatar.

9. Space Pirate Trainer

Space Pirate Trainer is one of the top best shooting games on virtual reality vr

In contrast to the story-driven gameplay offered by Arizona Sunshine; Space Pirate Trainer is a call back to all the arcade shooters, where the goal is surviving for as long as possible while getting as many points as you can. It captures that feeling well, as you fight off countless hordes of droids with innovative futuristic weaponry.

Alongside, of course, the obligatory laser battles which are a must for any game about space now. This game is very immersive once you get to it, and the feeling of destroying droids and being a total space badass is unprecedented.

8. Farpoint VR

farpoint is one of the top best shooting games on virtual reality vr

Farpoint VR is a PSVR exclusive, and the flagship title for its Aim Controller. This can be considered a flaw as it isn’t recommended to play without that, however, on the flip side, it makes the best use of that controller giving a truly marvelous experience.

It offers a great campaign, and co-op maps to play with your friends. There is quite the intensity to the encounters, and you’ll soon feel immersed in its great gameplay. Truly, Farpoint stands as one of the top-tier shooting VR games.

7. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

until dawn rush of blood is one of the top best shooting games on virtual reality vr

Until Dawn is one of those games that really make a PC player jealous of a PS4 owner. One of the finest, immersive story-based games to date, Until Dawn is a horror-survival which aims to really capitalize on the player decision.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is a sort of spin-off to that, being a rail shooter. Released initially as a flagship title for the PSVR, it remains as one of the best PSVR games still.

The game isn’t very long, as it’s just a 3-4 hour long roller coaster ride full of jump scares and bad guys waiting to be killed. It also features a killer soundtrack and introduces players to the marvelous game that is Until Dawn.

6. Doom VFR

doom vfr is one of the top best shooting games on virtual reality vr

AND SPEAKING OF DOOM, on Number 5 is Doom itself. You really think a list of shooters could exist without Doom? Haha, think again. While a potential candidate on the list of how much Bethesda milks its IPs, Doom VFR still deserves mention here for just how much fun it is. Taking the fast-paced action which made the recent Doom so attractive, and converting it into VR for a fantastic fun-filled massacre spree.

5. Arizona Sunshine

arizona sunshine is one of the top best shooting games on virtual reality vr

Arizona Sunshine is a game about hordes of zombies and one man that stands between them. This man is, of course, you as you obliterate this menace. The game does a great job of pitting you as this desolate survivor who, upon hearing the contact of other survivors, dares to rise and get to their aid.

For those of you thinking that this is probably a run-of-the-mill zombie shooter and that’s it, you’re wrong.

This game boasts a full-size campaign, with a fun narrative to explore. Plus with free movement, you get the grand scale of how big Arizona is. Also included in this game is co-op so if you have a friend who also possesses a VR, then you get double the fun. The game also has very realistic graphics making it a cornerstone for VR technology.

4. Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope

serious sam the last hope is one of the top best shooting games on virtual reality vr

One of my most favorite FPS is the Serious Sam series. Being mindless fun similar to how the classic shooters were a la Doom, Duke Nukem, Blood, etc. Serious Sam VR attempts to recapture that magic and does a great job at it. There’s really one thing to do in this game: Shoot. A lot of that.

With backtracking, and large areas, you’ll be spending a lot of time just going absolutely ballistics at every single enemy you come across. It’s just amazingly fun and a grand entry in a long-running series. Oh, and you can also play online in the multiplayer mode.

3. Resident Evil 7

resident evil 7 is one of the top best shooting games on virtual reality vr

Resident Evil 7 took the series from the mess 6 left behind and created a game that saved it entirely. Taking great inspiration from the canceled PT, Resident Evil 7 is a first-person survival horror shooter.

Resident Evil 7 is a marvelous game and its something that is recommended to everyone to try out, at least once. And then it was released for the VR and holy shit, it goes up 100 times more. It’s almost as if the VR was built for Resident Evil 7, making the whole experience even more damning and immersive.

With iconic jump scares and a wondrous story, you’ll be coming for second rounds. Oh, and the DLC is absolutely rocking as well.

2. Superhot VR

superhot is one of the top best shooting games on virtual reality vr

Superhot is a surprise game for me, admittedly. I didn’t think I’d get so hooked to it, as much as I did. Superhot utilizes a unique mechanic, where time moves VERY slowly. It starts flowing normally, as long as you are also in motion. In laymen’s terms, it’s basically The Matrix: The Game.

Now apply this concept in VR, and you have an amazingly hot title at your hands. The story mode is quite impressive but face it, you’re really here for the gameplay, and it really delivers on that.

1. Robo Recall

robo recall is one of the top best shooting games on virtual reality vr

Taking inspiration from games like Doom, which are all about heart-pounding action filled to the brim with adrenaline, then Robo Recall is the game for you. In wave-based combat, you take out enemies after enemies while being a “Recaller” whose duty is to use your reflexes to massacre a lot of malfunctioning robots.

Quite similar to many robot-themed games, in which homicidal robots start a life-threatening riot. Besides, the standard combat, you’ll also be relying on teleportation to dart around the area with more expertise.

Well, that is it for our list on the top 10 best shooting games to play on vr, I hope you found it helpful and enjoyed it. Tell us which shooting virtual reality game you have played and what you thought about it. Also, tell us what is your favorite virtual reality shooting game and for what reason.


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