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Top 10 Best Racing Games on Virtual Reality (VR)

Ever wondered what are the Top 10 Best Racing Games on Virtual Reality (VR)? Check out this list on the Top Racing Games that can be played on virtual reality. Virtual Reality took the digital world by storm when it was initially released.

And when games that people loved began venturing onto the world of VR, gamers all over, began going wild. Today, we are here to present you guys with a few great virtual reality racing games. With that being said, let’s get right into the list.

Top 10 Best Racing Games on Virtual Reality (VR)

10. Live for Speed

live for speed racing games is one of the top games on the Top 10 Best Racing Games on Virtual Reality

This game may not be as visually spectacular as the other VR racing games on this list, but it still is a good option. The vehicles in this game are a bit fictional, so if you like stuff like that, give this game a go.

Also, this game has a very interesting feature which lets the player take a detailed look at the tracks by walking! You don’t see that in every racing game. Besides that, this games you an enjoyable experience which will keep you on your couch or gaming chair or whatever for hours at a stretch.

Gameplay by Dan DiMaggio

9. Need for Speed – No Limits

need for speep no limits racing game virtual reality vr

The Need for Speed series is the OG racing game series, a classic if you will. It has been beast since way back, and for good reason. The VR version of this game excels in its presentation of the game and has a supreme control scheme, an aspect that many games fail to get right.

There is not much to be said about this game, I doubt if we have to. This game is just a lot of fun and you will not regret trying it out…..I hope.

Gameplay by BlackPanthaa

8. iRacing

iracing is a racing game on virtual reality vr

Though this game is not as popular as some of the other titles on this list, it nevertheless delivers an experience just as good as the others. iRacing is one of those undervalued and underestimated games that deserve a lot more popularity. Everything from its visuals to its realism all contributes to the fact that this is an excellent game.

However, this game is not beginner-friendly and newbies are not recommended to try this game as they will be very confused as they drown in the huge amount of features that this game has to offer. This game is a must-try for all the diehard racing fans out there who love something complex.

Gameplay by Jimmy Broadbent

7. Raceroom Racing Experience

Raceroom Racing Experience racing game in virtual reality vr

One feature that was outstanding about this game that you rarely hear about other racing games is its sound quality. Yes, that is correct. This game is well-known for its sound quality.

And let’s be honest, audio definitely adds to a more realistic experience even though it is an essential trait that is overlooked by many. Apart from the audio prowess of the game, it showcases great quality racing and sim experience.

Gameplay by ColeusRattus

6. Driveclub

driveclub is a racing game in virtual reality vr

Driveclub’s VR version is pretty popular among racing game lovers for different reasons. Though this game has received a lot of mixed feedback regarding its visual quality (many people love it while others are not a big fan of it), this game still remains a great VR experience.

This game is very easy to get into allowing newbies to the world of racing games, have a great introduction to the genre. It features a few modes from which you can select and enjoy. Overall, this is a really good game to play, especially for beginners.

Gameplay by GameRiot

5. Dirt Rally

dirt rally is a racing game on virtual reality vr

For those who prefer going off-road over a well-tarred road but still want to have a great and enjoyable experience, this is just the game for you. Dirt Rally takes you away from the well-made roads and gives you the thrill of racing off-road where the ride is not going to be as smooth.

Many players love this aspect of Dirt Rally making it a game that does not lack popularity. This game will test your driving skills, quick decision making, your knack for speed, etc., if you are looking for any of those, definitely try out this game.

This game is difficult not only to master but also to get used to; so for all those racers who are looking for a challenge, here you go.

Gameplay by Jimmy Broadbent

4. Project Cars Series

Project Cars Series is a racing game on virtual reality vr

Both the entries in the Project Cars series have been a great hit across many different platforms that it is available on. This game is known for its remarkable quality and stunning visuals.

It is often difficult to produce the next edition of a game that was fantastic, but Project Cars 2 outdid the first one and surpassed it in almost all aspects. Don’t mistake the first one to be a poor experience, both the games are really good in terms of good quality experience.

Gameplay by Jimmy Broadbent

3. WipEout

WipEout is a racing game in virtual reality vr

Great racing games are not limited to non-fiction, in fact, this is one such game to prove that. This game is considered by many as one of the best racing games ever. With its great visuals, smooth performance, engaging soundtrack, and a sci-fi setting to top it all off.

This game truly is a masterpiece and is definitely a must-try for all fans of racing games. This game has a lot of modes, a large selection of locations for you to race on and lots of fun and interesting features that will pique your interest.

Gameplay by Spawn Wave

2. Gran Turismo Sport

gran turismo sport is one of the top best racing games in virtual reality vr

The huge popularity of this game on the PS4 finally led it into getting a VR version of the game. The game on the PS4 had great quality and the VR version surpassed its previous graphical capabilities. The game has received a lot of attention to detail.

The overall experience is fantastic just like the game’s console version. The game features a variety of modes and a large selection of tracks for the player to choose. If you are looking for a good VR racing game, give this one a try.

Gameplay by TheApexHound

1. Assetto Corsa

assetto corsa in one of the Top 10 Best Racing Games on Virtual Reality (VR)

Assetto Corsa is available on a multitude of platforms including the VR version. It has managed to attract hardcore racing fans ever since its debut as a racing game, and it has only grown in popularity ever since.

Assetto Corsa is regarded as one of the most realistic racing games by a vast number of people. It brings the game alive allowing you to have the greatest experience. This game’s visuals and handling are top tier and its a great game to try out overall.

Gameplay by Kajot2111


That is it for our list guys, hope you guys enjoyed it and will consider trying out the games we suggested above. Also, do not forget to tell us your favorite virtual reality racing down in the comments section below and also tell us why it is your favorite.


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