Top 10 Best Memorable Quests in Fallout 3

The Fallout series has been around for a long time, and it’s quite interesting, to say the least. Stemming from the original two Fallout games, which have long since amassed a cult following; to the apex of popularity, Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas; followed by the mediocre Fallout 4, and finally ending with the controversial Fallout 76. Today we will talk about Top 10 Best Memorable Quests in Fallout 3

Admittedly, Bethesda gaining rights to the Fallout series was a godsend as they created the masterpieces that are 3 and New Vegas. However, since then they’ve strayed off the path and created mess’s that betray the original essence of the series. This post only focuses on, in my opinion, the best Fallout game: Fallout 3, and the Top 10 Quests in it.

Best Memorable Quests in Fallout 3

10. Blood Ties

Fallout 3 quest blood ties

Starting off at number 10, with “Blood Ties.” Blood Ties is a fun side-quest that originates at Megaton, where a female character called Lucy tasks you to deliver a letter to Ian West. You reach Arefu, where you find his family dead and with bite marks on their necks. At this point, it becomes pretty clear what the direction of this quest is.

Not only that, but the Arefu community also tasks you to find these hoodlums and put a stop to them as they kill the cows. Proceeding more into it, you discover “The Family.” A group of people who sustain themselves by drinking blood and enforcing rules on themselves like going out only at night and never lockpicking (as in not entering without permission). This is particularly interesting once you realize that they feel offended when referred to as “Vampires,” the explicit inspiration for their actions.

There is petty pride in this quest, and that only makes it shine more. Amusingly, if you break into Vance’s room, you’ll find a lot of material on vampires. This is also a quest that can be resolved peacefully and with minimum gun fighting, making it quite unique in the context of Fallout 3 Quests. Of course, my initial run-in with this quest was murdering everyone anyway.

9. Our Little Secret

Fallout 3 quest Our Little Secret

Moving on, we have Our Little Secret at number 9. The world of Fallout is depraved and mad. There is chaos everywhere, and yet people hold onto hope. They are driven by the desire to survive no matter what the means.

This is the essence of this quest, as it revolves entirely around cannibals. Yes, you heard that right. The town of Andale holds a terrifying secret when you first enter it; one very noticeable when you realize how the inhabitants act. They play dumb though, operating as if the whole town is the pinnacle of American values. And apparently, these values contain the act of eating humans.

You can end this quest in two ways, either play dumb after the revelation and get free “meat” pies from them. Or, murder them all, and task the one sane person there to lead the children into not becoming cannibals.

8. Baby Steps

Fallout 3 quest baby steps

At Number 8, we have “Baby Steps.” Now, you might be curious as to why the very first quest is on this list. Well, its simply because the game does a remarkably good job of beginning the game. The lullaby that plays as you crawl around. The crib that you are in.

The book that lets you allocate your points. And, of course, the Alpha and Omega Bible verse, that sets the tone for the game’s direction to come. It’s an astounding start to an excellent game, as you witness your growth, ultimately culminating in you leaving the Vault behind.

7. The Superhuman Gambit

Fallout 3 quest the superhuman gambit

Moving on is a very unique quest: The Superhuman Gambit. As aforementioned, insanity runs rampant in the world of Fallout, as degeneracy is proportionate to one’s suffering. And here, in this quest, we witness two people, so deluded in their own fantasies, that they create one of the best Quests in the series.

The Mechanist versus The AntAgonizer. Two grown men in suits, alongside their armies of robots and ants, respectively. It’s pretty weird when you first see it. And it remains that way, if not more amusing now, upon repeat playthroughs. You can choose to side with whichever, or kill one after the other.

6. Oasis

Fallout 3 quest oasis

The next is a fan-favorite one: Oasis. Oasis is one of those quests that let you genuinely marvel at the developer’s efforts. There is a definite novelty to discovering nature in a world devoid of it. Oasis can be hard to find, but its a sight to behold if you do. In the middle of this “paradise,” you discover a man who has fused with the tree.

The theme of Fallout is hope; one that the father of the protagonist inhabits as he chooses to bring clean water back. This quest runs parallel to that by offering a side of beauty in a world of despair. There are a lot of people worshipping Harold (the man inside the tree), and you are to decide the ultimate fate of Harold.

Condemn him into a life of immortality doomed to one spot forever, while furthering mutating him on the behest of the worshippers; or end his suffering. It’s a great quest that genuinely makes you think of human mortality, and the irony of Harold being a traveler now stuck in a single place.

5. Future Imperfect

Fallout 3 quest future imperfect

Number 5 is Future Imperfect. Future Imperfect is, in a way, step up from “Baby Steps,” hosting the iconic G.O.A.T. test and your eventual escape from the Vault, it’s a quest memorable to many. Bethesda has a knack for starting off a game well, as proven by Dishonored and the Elder Scrolls series.

Fallout 3’s second quest tasks you with fighting what you had lived in for so long. It tasks you with leaving the Vault, a fantasy before, in search of your father who has escaped. And above all, it sets the game into motion. The instant when you get out of the Vault and the sun hits you is one of gaming’s most excellent moments.

4. Tempenny Tower

Fallout 3 quest tempenny tower

Moving on is, yet another, marvelous quest known as “Tenpenny Tower.” In the world of Fallout 3, racism and discrimination still runs amok. Especially against the ghouls. This is one of those quests that really make you think about the consequences of your actions and the morally superior choice.

You witness a ghoul being denied access in, as a sense of superiority is displayed. The ghouls, tired of the discrimination, enlist you to help them get in. Being the good man that you are, you decide to fix the relation between them.

Ultimately, resulting in you ending the racism and creating a bond between the ghouls and the humans. It’s a very touching quest. Really lovely. When you return, the ghouls have killed every single human.

Wait, what? That’s right, while this quest aligns you towards “Good Karma,” the consequences of your actions are really astounding. The game throws you off balance as it reveals the despicable reality of this cruel, desolate wasteland.

3. Take It Back

Fallout 3 quest take it back

Number 3 is “Take It Back.” Story Telling in Video Games can be very hard to perfect. The essence needs to remain from beginning to end, but usually, most games only decline in quality as it proceeds further and further. However, Fallout 3 proves to be above and beyond.

“Take It Back” is the final quest in Fallout 3, and holy shit is it also a sight to behold. Going alongside the badass Liberty Prime, as you destroy everything in your path to victory. It’s a glorious end to such an astounding game.

2. Tranquility Lane

Fallout 3 quest tranquility lane

Next up is perhaps the most popular Fallout 3 quest: Tranquility Lane. Much like “Oasis,” and its ability to surprise you by your own confines. By revealing something that doesn’t “fit” this world, and yet somehow manages to.

Similarly, Tranquility Lane sends you into a unique experience, as you step into a VR Pod and enter a virtual world. It starts off relatively innocent. The color of the game reverts to a sepia-toned world.

There is happy music playing. You become a child. Confused, but interested, you decide to check your Pip-Boy, but oh no, it’s been replaced by a watch! There is weirdness in the air, as you are unsure what to do now. But you go around, talking to Betty, and slowly but surely becoming mad yourself.

Tranquility Lane starts to discard its facade as it revels in being a cruel place. You are tasked to murder everyone by Betty. You act as the serial killer from Pre-War. There is much to this quest, and it’s incredible.

1. Power Of Atom

Fallout 3 quest power of atom

And at number 1 is my personal favorite quest, “Power of Atom.” For most players, including Yours Truly, Megaton is the first establishment you chance upon. It is a city built, literally, around a nuclear bomb. Some people worship it, while others (of taste) despise the idea.

One such person asks you to rig the bomb and join him for a nice cup of tea and an afternoon of genocide. See, the beauty of the Power of Atom is how surreal it all feels, even when writing it. In a game, the ability to massacre a whole town on the whims of a wealthy individual. You get to witness something other games fail to recreate: A pure, raw nuclear bomb explosion.

The establishment is, of course, destroyed, alongside its many dwellers. However, the concept of destruction in contrast to creation is rather interesting, and this is why Fallout 3 stands all as one of my favorite games.


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