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Top 10 Best Destruction Spells in Skyrim

In Skyrim, you will come across various enemies. To take them down, you should always have some weapons at your disposal. However, there can be times when even your weapons won’t be enough to defeat them, and this is where Destruction Spells come in. We are going to list the Top 10 Best Destruction Spells in Skyrim

Magic is yet another element in Skyrim. Even your enemies are going to use it against you. However, your character is capable of using magic too, and he’s pretty good at it. You can use various spells to take down your enemies, but not all of them are going to work flawlessly. The Destruction spells, on the other hand, are one of the most powerful spells in the game. So, we are going to list some of the best ones for you to use in the game.

Top 10 Best Destruction Spells in Skyrim

Disclaimer: Every individual has a different opinion. This list is solely based on mine. This post is just to suggest the best destruction spells to use in The Elder Scrolls Skyrim. You may not find this list similar to yours, so let us know about your list down in the comments below. Remember that some destruction spells can perform better in certain situations while others won’t.

10. Chain Lightning

chain Lightning - skyrim spell

The Chain Lightning is one of the top destruction spells in Skyrim. This spell can prove to be really useful as it can help you take down a large group of enemies at once. As its name suggests, it will basically electrify its target and will take down nearby opponents during the process. If you’re interested in using this spell, then you can simply purchase it from Faralda or Court Wizards. However, if you don’t want to spend any money on it, then you can try your luck to find it in chests and enemy mages.

9. Flame Cloak

Flame Cloak - skyrim spell

Flame Cloak is another amazing spell that can be really useful during combat. When you use it, your character will get surrounded by a layer of fire which will start damaging nearby enemies. Although the damage it deals per second is low, the spell itself lasts for a good one minute. Don’t worry about your followers getting damaged by this spell as it won’t have any effect on them.

Those interested in getting this spell can simply purchase it from Faralda or from a Court Wizard. Keep in mind that you have to be at least level 40 in Destruction before you buy this spell.

8. Whirlwind Cloak

Whirlwind Cloak - skyrim spell

Introduced with the Dragonborn DLC, the Whirlwind Cloak is a spell that can keep melee attackers away. Upon using it, your character will get surrounding by a Whirlwind and no full mage will dare to come near you. Just like the Flame Cloak spell, this one will also last for around 60 seconds. In order to start using this spell, you first need to complete the Wind and Sand quest. Afterward, you can head over to Tel Mithryn where you can buy this spell from Talvas Fathryon.

7. Ignite

Ignite - skyrim spell

Ignite is a powerful spell through which you can shoot a bolt of flame at your enemy. Although it won’t do a lot of damage, it will still last for a good amount of time. Many players claim that combining this spell with Flame Cloak can help give a boost to the amount of damage it deals. Before you start using this spell, you need to be at level 25 in Destruction. This means that you will be able to use it during the early stages of your journey.

6. Flames

Flames - skyrim spell

Flames is one of the starting spells in Skyrim. While it doesn’t deal a lot of damage, it is still one of the top destruction spells in Skyrim. If you ask why, then for starters the magicka consumption of this spell is really low, which means that you can keep on firing flames at your enemies. Many players claim that Flames is the kind of spell that can help you progress in your Destruction level. During the early stages of your journey, this spell is going to save you from a lot of trouble.

5. Wall of Flames

Wall of Flames - skyrim spell

As its name suggests, this spell creates a wall of flames on the ground when you use it. The best thing about this wall is that it deals heavy damage to any enemy that tries to walk through it. When combined with Chain Lightning, you will be able to take down even more enemies quickly. While this spell might sound amazing, you need to be at level 70 of Destruction before you can start using it. Once you reach this level, you can go to Faralda or Drevis Neloren who will be happy to sell this spell to you.

4. Thunderbolt

Thunderbolt - skyrim spell

Another spell in our list of top destruction spells in Skyrim is Thunderbolt. This spell will basically shoot a thunderbolt at your enemy whenever you use it. So, if you’re looking for something that can make you feel like Zeus, then the Thunderbolt spell is the perfect option for you. Available at Destruction level 75, this spell can be purchased from Faralda. The Thunderbolt spell is worth getting, considering it deals 60 points of shock damage with every hit.

3. Ice Spear

Ice Spear - skyrim spell

The Ice Spear spell is regarded as one of the most useful spells during combat. It will shoot an ice spear at your target, dealing a decent amount of damage to both Health and Stamina. You need to be at level 65 in Destruction before you can use this spell, and it can be bought from Faralda. If you’re lucky enough, you will even find this spell in boss chests. The only downside about this spell is that it can be somewhat difficult to land the spears on the target, especially if you’re trying to target someone small or fast.

2. Blizzard

Blizzard - skyrim spell

Blizzard is one of the most powerful spells in Skyrim and is considered as a master level spell. This spell basically creates an ice storm that deals damage to anyone within its radius, even your followers. So, you will have to be really careful while using this spell. And oh, you will need to use both hands to cast this spell, and it will also take some time to charge it.

As this is a master level spell, you will need to reach level 100 in Destruction before you can properly use it. Once you’ve reached this level, you will need to complete the Destruction Ritual Spell quest in order to obtain it.

1. Lightning Storm

Lightning Storm - skyrim spell

The Lightning Storm is possibly the strongest spell in Skyrim. The spell is so powerful that you can use it to take down powerful Dragons. When used, the spell creates a constant stream of Lightning, targeting anyone within its radius. The best thing about it is that it deals around 75 points of shock damage per second. Just like Blizzard, this spell will also require you to use both hands.

The Lightning Storm spell becomes available after you learn more about destruction from Faralda. The Destruction Ritual Spell quest will again start and once you complete it, you will be able to purchase this spell.

These were some of the top destruction spells in Skyrim. Don’t forget to learn how to use a spell properly after you acquire it.


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