Top 10 Best Auto Rifles to Use in Destiny 2

One of the best things about Destiny 2 is the array of weapons available to players. Bungie recently gave the Auto Rifle class a series of buffs. If you’re looking to play the game with FPS’s most traditional weapons, today we are presenting the Best Auto Rifles to Use in Destiny 2

When Destiny first came out, it blew everyone’s mind. The online experience had gamers clamoring to stores. Destiny 2 was no different. People all over the world love experiencing Bungie’s brilliant world.

Top 10 Best Auto Rifles to Use in Destiny 2

10. Misfit

Destiny 2 - Misfit

Misfit is currently one of the most popular weapons in the game. The high fire rate and manageable recoil will allow you to shred through certain enemies. In PVE it can take down hordes of low shield enemies to make you feel like Thor.

In PVP the weapon is useful. If you can combine decent aim with movement, no player will be able to stand in your way. The high rate of fire will put enemies under pressure.

The weapon is available as a random drop from decrypting legendary engrams.

9. Valakadyn

Destiny 2 - Valakadyn

In spite of its low PVP rank, the Valakadyn is an auto rifle that everyone appreciates. The weapon has a very high rate of fire. With 720 RPM it can decimate through many enemies.

If you get the recoil down, you’ll become deadly with this weapon. A combination of certain perks will give you the best output with the Valakadyn. These perks are Corkscrew Rifling, Flared Magwell, and Under Pressure.

The weapon is available through Legendary Engram drops. Or, players can also check with Io, the gunsmith at the tower.

8. Origin Story

Destiny 2 - Origin Story

Origin Story is a year 1 Legendary Auto Rifle. Due to their being newer weapons in the game, people may be forgetting about Origin Story. Yet, it’s still a very decent auto rifle.

It has 450 RPM, which is very friendly to beginners. Furthermore, the auto rifle has the precision frame perk. It allows for much easier recoil control, allowing you to get more shots off.

In PvP, a combination of the Flared Magwell and Rampage perks, make this weapon deadly. You will shred through enemies using this weapon. It’s equally useful in PvE as well.

The weapon is obtainable through Vanguard Tactician Strike engrams.

7. Sweet Business

Destiny 2 - Sweet Business

One of the best troll weapons in the game. Sweet Business is super useful in PvE and can cause enemy players to rage in PVP. Classifying it as an auto rifle is a bit of a stretch. In reality, it is a full-fledge mini-gun.

The weapon has decent stability and ability that makes it more accurate when hip firing. You can also combine this weapon with certain perks to automatically reload the magazine.

In PvE, it’s easily one of the most effective and fun auto rifles to use. Yet, in PvP, be sure to master spinning before you fire shots.

The weapon is obtainable through Exotic engram drops although you can try your luck with Xur as well.

6. Tigerspite

Destiny 2 - Tigerspite

The Tigerspite feels excellent to use. Yet, the effectiveness of this weapon wholly depends on the perks. if you don’t get the right ones, this weapon won’t be as effective.

A combination of Arrowhead Brake, High-Impact Reserves and Kill Clip, will give you a destructive gun. With a combination of damage, range, and stability, you’ll burn through multiple enemies. The weapon also encourages you to empty your clips into enemies.

However, the gun has a low ranking in this list due to the dependence on certain perks. The weapon is obtainable through Dreaming City drops. It drops reasonably often, which makes farming easy.

5. Age-Old Bond

Destiny 2 - Age-Old Bond

Age-Old Bond is the best long-range auto rifle in the game. You can easily take on sniper or scout rifles with this bad boy! The best possible perks you want to roll with this weapon are; ricochet rounds, tap the trigger, and kill clip.

With this combination of perks, the weapon becomes lethal at long-range. Each shot will also cause a lot of flinching. It’s also reasonably easy to get headshots with this weapon. Yet, the only drawback to this weapon is the low rate of fire. If someone with a potent short-range weapon comes in close, it’ll be tough.

The weapon is obtainable through the Last Wish raid.

4. Hazard of the Cast

Destiny 2 - Hazard of the Cast

In comparison to the outlandish Auto Rifles, this one has a very tame design. It’s a very traditional looking Auto Rifle. The gun also accurately mimics the feel of a standard fps Auto Rifle.

The weapon has a very decent range and is very stable. It’s laser-accurate, and you can get plenty of headshots with the Hazard. The perks you want are Zen Moment and Kill Clip. These two perks will allow you to absolutely pile on the damage.

The weapon is available as random drop after the end of a Gambit game.

3. Cerberus +1

Destiny 2 - Cerberus +1

The Cerberus traditionally has three heads. Add in another, and you get absolute carnage. This Auto Rifle has an incredible design and causes massive flinching. It’s easily one of the most effective guns in close range.

The weapon in combination with the Spread Shot perk become effective at mid-range as well. In conjunction with the inverse bullet drop off, you can do some real damage with this gun. Yet, the weapon isn’t as effective at long range.

The weapon is available as a random drop from an Exotic Engram.

2. Suros Regime

Destiny 2 - Suros Regime

Suros Regime is another weapon brought over from the original Destiny. It may not have the biggest fanbase in the original game; but, its return has been magnificent. Suros Regime fires at a rate of 600 RPM, meaning you have the capability of dealing insane amounts of damage.

The weapon has helpful perks as well. The exotic perk Suros Legacy gives the gun a great ability. Bullets in the bottom half of each magazine will deal extra damage. Additionally, other perks like Hammer-Forged Rifling make this weapon more natural to use. This weapon is easily among the best PVP guns in Destiny.

The weapon is available through Exotic Engram drops. Players can arom Xur occasionally.

1. Breakneck

Destiny 2 - Breakneck

The number one spot on this list goes to Breakneck. Bungie gave us a masterpiece with this weapon. It is easily the best Auto Rifle in the game.

A combination of a high rate of fire and stability, make this gun perfect for both long and short-range battles. Furthermore, a perk roll of Precision frame is useful. Rampage/Onslaught combo make this weapon unique. It can dole out insane amounts of damage tively easy to use. The gun doesn’t have any significant weaknesses. It will get you many kills in both PvP and PvE.

To get this masterpiece, players must complete the Breakneck Questline. Yes, Bungie gave this weapon an entire questline.

There you have it. These are currently the best Auto Rifles players can use in Destiny 2.


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