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Top 10 Best Adult Games on Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality is a soon-to-be necessity as the gaming industry moves on forward with new titles coloring it every so often. While still an idea that has yet to realize its full potential, it does boast a lot of untapped prospective. Sony’s PSVR and the Oculus Rift are the leading ones in the market, hoping to capitalize on a system that is bound to become a hit in the near future. This article covers some of the Best Adult Games on Virtual Reality to bless the VR world.

However, with that being said, there is no denying that VR as a gaming tool has still not reached great lengths as other consoles or media, making it a comparatively inferior investment considering how much it costs.

But, if you’re a fan of anything related to adult content and/or pornography, then you might as well book a VR set as soon as possible. Because where the mainstream market lays dormant, lies the behemoth that is the Adult industry.

10. VR Titties

At number 10, is “VR Titties.” The title is absolutely on-point. Like, if I had to pick the most self-explanatory title, this is where the award would go. VR Titties is still in development, similar to a lot of other VR titles; whether or not it ever escapes development hell is up to you though.

There is even a Patreon if you really feel like helping them. But back to the subject, VR Titties has a playable version akin to a demo, and its praised highly due to the high amount of interaction options available. Customization is on-point as you can customize practically everything including, of course, the female, in question.

You can control a dildo, change camera angles, insert more people in the mix to create a threesome (or more); the sky’s the limit with the creativity this game allows. Definitely for someone looking forward to a semi-realistic Virtual Reality title full of hot segments.

9. Pornflix and Chill

Moving on, we have Pornflix and Chill. Which, admittedly, is a terrible pun. But that’s the porn industry for ya. Pornflix and Chill aims to deliver a far more realistic experience, in contrast to most of the other titles in this genre.

So what does Pornflix and Chill offer that is unique? Well if the name was any indication then Pornflix, basically. In layman terms, the ability to watch porn (using real sites like Pornhub or Reddit) while simultaneously engaging in the act of procreation with a virtual buddy.

Said virtual buddy is not only customizable but follows the whims of the player. You can teleport around, allowing for different angles with which to ogle at your newfound partner. And of course, who can forget, Fruits and vegetables. “Good for the body.”

8. Gal Gun VR

gal gun vr is a good adult game on virtual reality

Coming up next is Gal Gun VR. Gal Gun is easily the most famous amongst this list, due to the popular Pewdiepie (among many others) playing it. Its fame reaches far and beyond, becoming a sort of mix between cult classic to a meme. And now you get to experience it all in VR.

For those not in the know, Gal Gun pits you as the most popular guy in, perhaps, the universe. Your goal? To stop the flock of girls who are ready to confess their love and much, much more to you. Shoot them with Pheromone Shots to make them get weird reactions as you then cool-ly walk away from them, anime-style and all. Ok, not really.

But it does offer a plethora of different responses depending on which girl you shoot, and what weak spot you target. If you’re a fan of anime girls, then this is the game for you.

7. Femdomination

Next up is Femdomination. This is also one of those self-explanatory titles. To be blunter, this refers to the fetish known as “femdom,” which is short for “Female Domination.” I’m sure you get the gist by now, but if you still don’t, let’s just say you lack the necessary masochist points to understand such a fetish.

While personally, I’m not a big fan of femdom, for those of you who are, this is the best S&M VR deal you’ll get. The game is built to immerse you in as much as possible, with astounding sound design. Unlike the other titles where you are the master to your virtual erotica world, this journey is one where you lack control and are on the whims of your female dominatrix.

6. Custom Maid 3D 2

Custom Maid 3D 2 is a good adult game on virtual reality vr

And then there’s Custom Maid 3D 2. Yes, there is a sequel to it. Again, pretty self-explanatory. You get to customize a maid, and then you get to bang said, customized maid. Already the stuff of dreams, no? There’s more to it, of course.

With anime-esque visuals, you get to live out your fantasies as you make the maids do more and more daring things. Reaching arousal levels over 9000, if you’re into realistic (in essence, not depiction) and interactive VRs then this is the one for you. And maids. Bro, maids.

As for the customization, have you ever wanted to bang Rem? Or take an anime character and dress her up as a maid? Well, now you can. Alongside the DLC, and the decent progress it has made, Custom Maid 3D 2 stands tall as one of the most exquisite Adult VRs to exist.

5. Dead or Alive Xtreme 3

Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 is an excellent adult game on virtual reality vr

Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 is next. While not as much erotica as the other games on this list (save for Gal Gun), Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 is in its own league of arousal. Capitalizing on what makes fanservice so appealing, this fighting game spin-off exists for only one thing: making you hard.

It takes the popular girls from the Dead or Alive series and puts them in sometimes hilarious, other times arousing situations. While initially a Playstation exclusive, it has since then reached Windows as well. The only issue being it’s Japan and Asia exclusive, so good luck getting it otherwise.

4. Honey Select VR

honey select vr is a good adult game in virtual reality vr

At number 4, we have Honey Select VR. Honey Select is remarkably simple. In it, you create a female character, and then you interact with her sexually. That’s almost a no-brainer at this point. What sets this title aside, however, is the fact of how robust it can get. Y

ou can easily get lost in the dynamic created by your character and the story. It has everything you’d want from a hentai VR game; from realistic graphics to appealing sound design. Customization is pretty decent, and you can interact with your virtual partner in a lot of sexual poses.

There is even emphasis on accessories that bring them into more light. Oh, and players created favorites like Street Fighter’s Cammy and Overwatch’s D.Va.

3. SinVR

sinvr is a nice adult game in virtual reality vr

At number 3 is SinVR. Finally! A porn game with a name that makes no sense! Well, not really. Referring to the sexual acts as “Sin,” SinVR is a game that capitalizes on fetishes and alike. There is a group of models with whom you can interact with.

You can also move them to particular positions to inspect or spank. They all react to your input, as well. The game offers excellent audio as well, and you can view it in full 360 degrees. It boasts highly-developed CGI environments and a lot of interactivity with fetishes.

2. VR Kanojo

vr kanojo is one of the top best adult games on virtual reality vr

Then we have VR Kanojo, which possibly ties with the number 1, in terms of how much of a wondrous Adult VR it is. This game is developed by Illusion, which also made Honey Select VR. VR Kanojo is unique in the sense that it goes above and beyond the perverse alone. In simpler terms, it is a girlfriend simulator.

You hang out with a girl until things get touchy enough for you to progress to the next stage. And oh boy, what an enjoyable stage that is. While not overtly sexual, there are some instances such as coping a feel and taking a peek as she changes. VR Kanojo is a must for anyone wanting that adult girlfriend experience.

1. Fallen Doll

fallen doll adult virtual reality game vr

And finally, we have Fallen Doll. The undeniable masterpiece, Fallen Doll is avant-garde with next-gen graphics, and unreal engine 4 support. The game is incredibly beautiful and boasts the most enjoyment to be derived from any adult VR game.

This is still a work in progress, so be prepared for more updates as this game explodes into something more wondrous. This game has you witnessing the grand opening of a nightclub, as a female character called Ericka helps make your dreams come true. Ericka is very interactable and responsive to your desires, so go nuts with it (pun intended).

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