Tips, Guide and Cheats on How to Play in Rival Stars Horse Racing

The more money, effort and time you give to your horse the will help you out on how to play in Rival Stars Horse Racing. The equivalent can be said with racing cars if you vigorously work hard at it and regularly practice you will surely improve your performance.

Don’t presume to saddle up in the world of horse racing and make easy wins. You may win some beginner races in your first tries but that doesn’t imply anything. If you want to get big, you need to be as consistent as possible to make it to the higher leagues.

Guide and Tips on How to Play in Rival Stars Horse Racing

Look Out For your Horse Stamina

An essential element of horse racing is considering your horse’s strengths. If your horse is reliable out front, get the lead of the pack. If your horse prefers to be in the midst of the crowd of horses
to charge their sprint, make sure you are in the center for as long as possible.

Upgrade and Breed your Horse

One fundamental element of horse racing is continuously improving and training your horses. This is a typical tactic applied also in other sports like motor racing. If you have a horse that is wildly fast, you can breed this horse with one that has elevated strength. Their baby should get advanced stats from both parents and would need less training to beat your current horse.

Always Take Care of the Race Distance

How to Play in Rival Stars Horse Racing

Depending on how large a race track is it will influence your approach to the race track. If your horse is strong amid the pack in a 1,400m race, then stay in the pack for 1,200m. Only split from the crowd near the finish line where you restore stamina promptly in the final 200 meters. The toughest part of the game is perfecting your performance in the actual race. Keep training and improving your hosers and don’t be scared to jump back to a freshly reproduced horse. This is sure to raise your self-confidence as you will be facing newbies.

Sprinting at the End Might Give you an Easy Win

When you get onto the final meters of the track you want to measure your sprint as well as possible, you can play it safe and wait for the game system to tell you that the ultimate sprint is on, or you can do it yourself. Doing it yourself is unsafe if you sprint too early you will be out of stamina for the last few meters of the track.

Hiring Jockeys Might be a Good Choice

Once you get a bit further into the game, you’ll unlock the ability to choose an equestrian, which requires either gold or silver to be bought depending on how good the jockey is. They’ll allow you to skip the race and see the results immediately.

Be sure to improve your horse just as frequently as you race it. You can improve their acceleration, their sprint energy, and their speed. For every one race that you take part in, you’ll unfasten the capacity to improve your horse one more time in each of the three sections.

Training your Horses

You’ll also require two other things to improve your horse to the preferred level. Your training building necessitates to be improved to the proper tier, and you need to enhance your horse. Each level of tier adds more levels to the maximum training for your horse.

How to Play in Rival Stars Horse Racing

You have three buildings to upgrade, one for each class of training which are stamina, speed, and acceleration. For the horse level, simply race with your horse to raise their level. Each time you race with your horse, you earn experience whether you win the race or not, and for each level your horse gets, they will be capable of doing one training session for each of the three training classes (speed, acceleration, and stamina).

Upgrading Times, Homesteads and using Resources

The homestead permits you to gain cash passively, which means you don’t have to do anything. At timed periods, a window will show up with the money you made passively. You can obtain the available payouts whenever you desire, or just wait for these payout to max out.

How to Play in Rival Stars Horse Racing

Enhance your farm as often as you can. Of course, this needs resources and money to do, so win races and achieve quests until you have plenty of both that you can enhance it. Included in the farm is the storehouse. The goal of this is to save your supplies. If you are out of space, you can either enhance the storehouse or you could consume a chunk of your supplies to make space.

Each upgrade that you make needs minutes or hours to complete, but you don’t have to wait around the whole time. It will be free to improve buildings if the required time is 5 minutes or less.

If it takes longer than five minutes, then you will need to spend gold to boost the pace of your upgrade completion, or you can skip the upgrade time with an ad video. Or you can wait until it’s down to five minutes and it will be free.

Upgrading Stables

With the stables, you can breed horses and enhance the breeding building. Enhancing the breeding area allows you to breed horses quicker, increase your maximum horse level, and increases your probabilities of getting a higher grade of a horse. Adding more breeding zones permits you to produce more horses at a time. Upgrade your horse stables to be able to store more horses. The more horses you get, the more horse stalls and breeding stalls you’re going to require.

Youtube Intro and Walkthrough

Here is a funny and useful video we found that might help you in the first step of playing Rival Stars Horse Racing!


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