Sniper Strike Special Ops: Guide, Tips and Cheats on How to Play the Game

Sniper Strike: Special Ops Tips, Tricks and Guide on how to play the game to be the world’s best sniper. Win sniper matches and get more cash easily. Without wasting any more time lets get to business.

Sniper Strike Special Ops: Guide, Tips and Cheats

Always Aim for the Head

Sniper Strike - Always Aim for the Head

It would not be a sniping game if you didn’t require to aim for headshots. As with any shooting game, you want to eliminate your opponent with a single shot. The only approach to do this is to try to aim for the head. Hitting the enemy’s shielded torso will, of course, deal less damage. You will only end up giving your position to the enemy, making it more challenging to hit your next shot.

Reload Always

The saddest thing that could happen to you is running out of ammo in the midst of a fiery fight. Make sure you reload regularly, even if the magazine hasn’t been used up. This will guarantee that you will have sufficient ammo to fight with any opponent you come against. If you get surprised by the enemy, standing to reload means that you will probably be dead.

A good habit to have is to view your surroundings if there are any opponents nearby continually. The game’s audio can assist you with recognizing nearby opponents, so always make sure to listen carefully. When you know that the area is clear from enemies, feel free to reload your gun quickly.

Pick a Target Quickly

Most of your matches will have multiple enemies. When deciding who to prioritize in killing, consider your main objective first. Some enemies will run continuously rather than fighting. When that happens, you could fail the mission. So, if you are on an assassination mission, make sure you prioritize the main objective first. This will help in securing that you will complete the task before the chaos follows.

Select a Suitable Weapon

There are numerous guns to pick from in Sniper Striker. The best one is the gun that fits your play style. That doesn’t mean you just have to use only one gun and everything will be okay. You need to enhance your weapon to stay competitive in the game continuously. It costs Cash to improve your guns, but every slight improvement is worth the investment in the long run.

Sniper Strike - Select a Suitable Weapon

Consider Your Objective When Choosing Your Gear

Different tasks need different types of equipment. Make sure you examine the information of all the gear that you possess. It is not just about placing the best weapons and gear. Consider reading your mission’s objective and tasks before you put on any equipment. Do you require stability? Defence? Or agility? These things all depend on what your task is, and the kind of combat situation you will get in.

Aim to Complete all the Tasks

Every mission in Sniper Strike has its own set of tasks. It is possible to complete a mission without completing all of the goals that are listed. However, you should still try to achieve all the tasks in each mission. Achieving all the objects will reward you with bonuses that in the long run will undoubtedly increase the strength of your character. If you failed a task or two, you could always repeat a mission to complete objectives that you were unable to achieve in the first run.

Sniper Strike - Aim to Complete all the Tasks

Compete Against Other Player

The “Arena” is where you can compete in player vs. player fights. Winning games versus opponents will compensate you with money and other prizes. Once you have practised enough with your skills, go into the Arena and test your abilities with other players. You need to be ready and reactive as the PvP in Sniper Striker is fast-paced. Outperform your opponents and you will get large prizes. You might eventually be able to get some rifle upgrades that you needed badly.

Remember to Upgrade Your Weapons

Once you have accumulated a good amount of Cash, make sure you consume it carefully by financing them in your guns. Having some light enhancement in your guns can mean a huge difference when you are in the middle of a fight. A lightly quicker reload time can say a lot if you are being surprised by the enemy. Enhance your guns as much as you can to secure that you stay in a top condition for any fight. The types of enhancement you should choose depends on your play technique. Consider your flaws in combat and enhance your guns to make up for them. You could also decide to improve a weapon according to your strengths.

Sniper Strike - Upgrade your weapon

Don’t Get Stuck! Switch Between Missions

There are several mission varieties in the campaign mode. Each type will need you to use various kind of weapons. Make sure you shift between the various types of weapon, rather of just holding to the standard one. This will improve your training in using different guns types, making you a more effective sniper overall. As well, you will also earn entrance to particular boss fights by completing alternative missions. Eliminate these special bosses to receive more prizes!


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