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PUBG Mobile Tier List Best Guns To Use In The Game

Having set a PUBG Mobile Tier List is nos an easy task. PUBG mobile also well known as PlayerUnknown BattleGround has a variety of weapons that could be used to win your chicken dinner. But you have to know that there are weapons that perform much better than others. In this article, we will have a tier list and we will rank them from best weapons to the worst weapons to use in Pubg mobile.

PUBG Mobile Tier List

S Rank Guns – God Tier List

the groza is the best tier gun on PUBG Mobile Tier List

Groza: The Groza can only be found in the supply drop. At a very close range, it can melt enemies quickly like butter. The Groza has a damage per second (DPS) of 613. This is the highest between all the assault rifle in the game.

AMW: This is a sniper that can only be found in a supply drop. It is the most powerful sniper rifle in the game. It’s the only rifle that can break a level 3 helmet with only a bullet. Just by hearing the sound of it you should be scared as probably the next bullet might be coming for you.

M416: I know the M416 can be found easily as ground loot. But in my honest opinion, i do think it deserves a spot in the god tier list. When full attached it has a stable balance and recoil making this gun useful in close and long range fights.

AUG A3: Personally this is my favorite weapon. The AUG A3 has the highest bullet speed between all assault rifles. The AUG A3 requires fewer attachments than the M416 but it’s still a God for close and medium combat fights.

Mk14: The MK14 is the God of DMRs. A single bullet will deal 60 of damage to an enemy. The best thing about this designated marksman rifle is that it has a single and an automatic mode. By having the automatic mode featured into the MK14 it is pretty obvious to say that this gun has the top damage per second in the game.

A Rank Guns – Strong Tier List

AKM: The AKM is a really good weapon that can be easily found around all maps. The AKM is the weapon with the highest damage per bullet between all assault rifle. Shouldn’t the AKM be a God tier weapon then? No. The AKM has a crazy recoil hard to master.

M24: At the launch of the game the M24 had the same bullet damage as the AMW. But then the M24 was nerfed. In the current state, the M24 can’t eliminate an opponent with a level 3 helmet with just a bullet. Anyway, it will still perform better than the Kar98K. The M24 can be found easily as a floor loot.

Vector: The Vector is the big sister of the Groza. With the highest damage per second between all the SMGs. To truly unlock the full power of this submachine gun you need his attachments. Or else you’ll find yourself reloading after shooting 13 bullets. Once modded no enemy could stand a chance against this beauty. Has it has a high hip-fire accuracy and rate of fire. Although it will lose his power once the fight will be moved to a medium/long range.

M249: The M249 it’s also known as the chainsaw you can melt enemies and vehicles easily with this light machine gun. The only reason why it is not ranked as a God tier gun is for the fact that it requires a lot of time to reload and you could be caught by an enemy in the mean time!

B Rank Guns – Good Tier List

Kar98K: The Kar98K has been shifted from being one of the most used sniper rifles to a position where players would prefer using a DMR such as the SKS, MK14 or the SLR.

L1A1 SLR: A deadly DMR that come after the might power of the MK14. It has a strange recoil and it less stable than a SKS full attached.

Scar-L: Even though this weapon gets overwhelmed by the M416 and the AUG. In my opinion it still a valid option has it is a versatile gun for medium/long range fights.

UMP9: Probably the most used gun in the game. When fully equipped with attachments it shoots like a laser with a very good accuracy. It is safe to say that it is the most powerful submachine gun when it comes to medium range battles.

Mini14: The Mini14 should not be left out. Even though it deals less damage than an MK14 or of an SLR, the recoil is pretty easy to control and it has a fast fire rate. Making this beauty a versatile weapon for medium and long range fights.

C Rank Guns – Average Tier List

DP-28: The DP-28 is a light machine gun with only 47 bullets in his magazine and it does more damage than an AKM. So why this weapon is not ranked above the AKM? As being an LMG the DP-28 has a crazy recoil and a very low accuracy. Using this gun in a medium or long combat fight would most of the time mean your death sentence. Although using this gun while being prone will stabilize his recoil a bit.

M16A4: The M16 is a beast of AR but it is not as effective as it used to be. The only reason why I ranked it in this tier list is for the for the fact that this gun has a single and a semi-auto fire mode. With this being said if you are a common player you might want to switch the M16 with an assault rifle that has the automatic fire mode.

Simonov SKS: The SKS is a beast of a DMR. The only downside it requires a lot of attachments to be able to control his recoil. With this being said the SKS damage is still at top notch so don’t throw it away if you manage to find one.

Micro-UZI: The Uzi is the gun with the highest rate of fire. Some player loves the UZI as it melts people quickly. Although you can’t use a scope with it, i would only suggest you to use this weapon in a very closed combat fight or in hot drop zone.

D Rank Guns – Awful Tier List

Tommy Gun: The Tommy Gun is considered an average gun. It is the submachine gun with the highest damage per bullet. But the Tommy Gun has a very low damage per second compared to an UZI or Vector. When using this gun you might have to take care about the high recoil as it is hard to control as the Tommy Gun can’t be equipped with a scope.

Vss: In my opinion, this sniper should be removed from the game as it has a very low damage compared to the other snipers. It has a high bullet drop and slow travel speed I would not recommend you to use this sniper in a long range fight. Although it’s quite effective in a close/medium range fight.

Win94: The Win94 is a lever action sniper with the highest fire rate compared to the other bolt-action snipers. The only negative side about this gun is the fact that you can’t mount a scope on this rifle. Without a scope, it would be so hard to kill players that are at a long distance as you probably won’t even see them with your iron-sight scope.


Don’t worry I have not forgotten about the shotguns. In my honest opinion in a mid/late game, i would never carry a shotgun with me as their ineffective on a medium/long distance. Although they are quite useful in case you land in hot spots such as Pochinki, School or Pecado.


I don’t even think that it is required to say anything about pistols. Pistols in PUBG mobile are pretty useless as they will consume one of your primaries slot. Use a pistol only if you have nothing better to use.


Always make sure you have a pan on your back, it has saved me from some bullets. There is no melee weapon that could replace the emblem of PUBG.


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