How to Unlock Skins in Call of Duty Mobile (COD Mobile)

Call of Duty Mobile is a heavily customizable game, offering a lot of ways to make your character unique and stand out. Most of these it takes directly from its console/PC counterparts, namely, the various weapon skins you can unlock by playing the game.

There are different ways to unlock skins in Call of Duty Mobile, some of which are premium locked, while others you can unlock by playing the game.

How to Unlock Skins in Call of Duty Mobile

How to Unlock Skins in Call of Duty Mobile

Playing the Game

The easiest way is to just play the game. No jokes. By completing various challenges and tasks in the game, you can unlock free skins. Free! Yes, these are free skins that come with different perks that can help you in the game, alongside making you look badass.

Logging in Daily

Another method is just by logging in daily. Logging daily gives you various rewards, including crates and free skins. You can get free skins easily only by logging into the game on a daily basis. You would need to play a match for the game to register it though, but how hard can that be? Simply play a match and then redeem your beautiful crate for good loot.

Weekly Challenges

Weekly challenges net you Crates and C Currency. Crates can give you weapon skins upon opening them, and C Currency can be used in the store to purchase skins. Also, while you’re here, participate in all the weekly events to get the most out of them.

Battle Pass

The Battle Pass has multiple tiers, one of which is entirely free and allows you to earn free skins with each level progressed. Just make sure to complete the Battle Pass challenges, and you’re gold to go.

There are also Premium skins (of course) that you can spend your money on. They can be purchased with Call of Duty Points. You can also purchase skins with credits, so try that if you’re not really into spending your money on a game.

Alternatively, spend Call of Duty Points on Weapon themed Crates, which will give you random skins, alongside other goodies. So there you have it, multiple ways to get skins, make sure you look dandy, good soldier.


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