How to Unlock All Characters on Subway Surfers

How to Unlock All Characters on Subway Surfers


How to unlock jake? check out on this guide on How to Unlock All Characters on Subway Surfers

Jake is the first character you’ll be using in Subway Surfers. You can say that he is the default character in this endless runner game. When you’re playing the game after the initial install (i.e. playing it for the first time), this is the first playable character that you can use – that means the other characters in this game will be locked. He will be the guy who causes trouble (he’s the guy with the spray paint who gets caught red handed) which of course initiates the chase.

Jake’s Outfits

There are several outfits that Jake wears. He is that light skinned boy with a can of spray paint on hand. He wears a light blue colored jacket with a red shirt inside. He’s got a hoodie sweater, which kind of gives him a slightly punk look. His sleeves reach all the way to his wrists and his jacket is complemented by a pair of blue pants. He also has a pair of sneakers on his feet, which is perfect for running, jumping, skateboarding and what not.

Jake’s Dark Outfit

His second outfit is also called the “dark outfit.” The color of his jacket and hoodie changes to a rather darker color, which you can say is rather cool looking. His pair of shoes turn into a nice dark red and white. The dark outfit also features a pair of gloves, which kind of completes his skater boy look. One good thing about this set of clothes that Jake can put on is that it is free. You don’t need to spend a single game coin to switch to it.

Jake’s Star Outfit

The third outfit that Jake can wear is called the star outfit. It is that kind of thing you wear when you want to sport some bling on. The hoodie he has on is slightly pulled back revealing a bit more of the hat he has on. He’s also wearing a pair of headphones to match the outfit. It is mostly red from the sweater he’s wearing all the way to the pants he has on. This outfit features gold trims as highlights. Notice that he has a wristwatch on his left hand. They call this the star outfit because of the huge gold star necklace he’s got around his neck. Although the star outfit isn’t free! This outfit was introduced to the game during the Miami update and it will cost you 30 keys. Well, Jake does look pretty cool in this outfit so if you think that way too then it is definitely worth it.


Fresh is another interesting character in Subway Surfers. Yes, he’s the guy with the huge stereo. To unlock Fresh in the game you need to collect up to 50 stereos (aka tokens) while running around and surfing in the subways. Fresh is the kid with slightly dark brown skin, green sleeveless shirt, a high cut hairstyle that you may categorize into a military sort of haircut. He also wears thick glasses to complete his looks. He puts on a pair of grey sneakers and striped socks. The biggest takeaway or his trademark of course is the huge boom box on his shoulders.

During the Beijing update, Fresh was furnished by the game makers with two new outfits. The first one is a sporty looking outfit which would cost you 40 keys and the second one is a funky looking outfit which would cost you only 25 keys.


Frank looks like an FBI agent. To some folks that bunny mask he has on will look kind of creepy.

Frank wears black all over from his suit and tie, pants, shoes, and that briefcase he is holding in his left hand. The mask, of course, is meant to hide his true identity. He is one of the few characters in this game to actually hold something in his hand while running and jumping around the place. During the World Tour New Orleans update Frank got a new costumes the clown outfit (which of course makes him look creepier than he already is). Although he would still be wearing his suit and tie, he will be wearing a clown mask. And instead of a suitcase, he will have a flower in the clown outfit.


Spike is the character with a tall red colored Mohawk hairstyle. You can unlock this Subway Surfers character by collecting 200 guitar tokens. He has a black jacket on with a matching white tank top to complete the look. To complete the outfit, Spike wears light blue colored jeans and a pair black boots with red laces.

Through updates, he was given new outfits. His second outfit is called the Rock Outfit which features spiked armlets and face paint around his eyes. His Mohawk disappears in this second more rocker outfit. This outfit costs 25 keys. The third outfit for Spike is called the Punk Outfit which features spiked hair and a blue striped necktie. This outfit will cost you 40 keys. Note that both these outfits change Spike’s hairstyle. Both outfits, of course, are based on the outfits of heavy metal music artists. The rock outfit is taken from the familiar black metal music genre and the punk outfit is of course from the usual looks of punk music artists.


You can already tell who he is by the look of his outfit. You can unlock Ninja by spending 20,000 coins. This game character looks every bit like a ninja, except for the color of his clothes, which are kind of dark brown unlike other regular ninjas that have black suits on. On top of that, he even wears wooden sandals and a belt, which are both red.

This character also has alternate outfits. The first one is the Yang outfit, which is pretty much all white except for the socks and sleeves, which remain a dark color. His sandals turn into black too but his socks go white. The Yang outfit is yours for 15 keys. The other outfit for this game character is called the Flame outfit. This outfit has short sleeves and it is colored black. Ninja also has a white belt on matched with blue shorts that have flame prints at the hem. In this outfit, Ninja wears shoes that are red and white in color. This outfit will cost you 30 keys.


Brody is a lifeguard on the beach or he’s a beach hobo ready to surf. You can unlock Brody by purchasing with a total of 350,000 coins. If you’ve been counting, yes, he is the second most expensive character that you can unlock in Subway Surfers. This guy looks like someone who has been on the beach for quite a while. The deep blue colored swim shirt, shark tooth necklace, and his blond long flowing hair suits the look.

Brody was updated with a second outfit when the Seoul edition of the game came out and it is called the Posh Outfit. Now, Brody has his eyeglasses on, his shirt and pants have taken on a darker tone. This outfit is worth 35 keys. His second outfit is called Chill. This outfit includes a red headband with the pair of V-shaped lines at the forehead. Brody will also sport pink colored eyeglasses. His shark tooth necklace is gone but it is replaced by a hippie looking peace sign necklace.


To unlock King you need to spend 80,000 coins. He is the character that runs around like a king despite his weight issues. His default outfit has him wearing a paper crown. He also has on a blue shirt with “I’m #1” printed on it. He has red and white shoes plus a red pair of shorts.

Just like the other characters in Subway Surfers King also gets other outfits with the updates that came along. One of them is called the Count Outfit, which dresses up King as the Count Dracula. As you might have guessed, the count outfit has a Halloween theme and it was released during the New Orleans update, which does have a Halloween theme too. The count outfit features a black cape to match King’s new black colored shirt. Instead of a paper crown on his head King will have a pair of vampire fangs on. This outfit will cost you 30 keys. Another outfit that was released for this character is called the Royal Outfit, which was released during the 2014 New York edition of the game. His paper crown is now replaced by a real crown made of gold. King will then have green sleeves and leggings. He also wears a dark red shirt. This outfit costs 30 keys.

Prince K.

If you thought Cody was expensive, wait till you hear the price for buying Prince K. In order to unlock this character you need to spend a huge total of 980,000 coins. Yes, Prince K is the most expensive of all the characters that you can unlock in the game. Prince K looks like an Arabian prince. He comes complete with a brown robe with the head piece wrapped around his head. He even has a pair of nice shades on. On top of that he also has the usual chocolate brownish skin as if he’s been out in the desert too long.

When the Vancouver edition of the game was launched, Prince K was given a second outfit that you can unlock for 100 keys. The second outfit was released during the Paris edition of the game and it’s called the Shine Outfit.  Now this second one costs 280 keys. The jag outfit is kind of a cool relaxed look complete with jaguar spots. It kind of gives Prince K some sort of camouflage. He’s still wearing his golden sneakers, his golden watch, and this time a pair of golden colored sunglasses. On the second outfit (i.e. the Shine Outfit), he actually looks like a hip hop producer. His clothes turn white and he actually really looks shiny in this second one. Other than the change in the overall color of his clothes he also gets a golden length of a necklace which adds a nice bing to his good looks.


Tricky is one of the earliest characters in this game. You unlock her by collecting her tokens – i.e. 3 Tricky hats. She is also the second main character in this game. She wears a white tank top, square shaped specs, a red hat, loose blue jeans, and blonde hair. She even matches Jake’s shoes. The game even featured a limited version of Tricky called Elf Tricky.

Tricky also comes with two alternative outfits. The first one costs 25 keys, which is called the Camo outfit, where she sports a camouflage patterned pair of pants. She wears a pair of shades and a dark colored hat in this outfit. The second outfit is called the Heart Outfit and it costs 40 keys. She’s back to the white tank top but this time it has a purple heart in the middle. She wears the same sneakers as the original but this time she wears a baseball hat (just like Jake’s). She also wears a pair of purple pants. Note that you only see Jake and Tricky on the opening screen of Subway Surfers. She is also the cheapest character to unlock.


You can unlock this character with a 150,000 coin purchase. That is a lot of coins, yes, which makes her the most expensive female character in this game. Her signature look is that afro on her head. She even has a pair of hoop earrings to match the look. She’s got a sporty original outfit with a red jacket with white stripes on the sleeves. She even has red pants and red shoes.

Like every character in this game, Frizzy has been given two other outfits that you can unlock as well. The first one is called the Rasta outfit which costs you 15 keys and the second one is called the Gold outfit which costs 30 keys. Her Rasta outfit includes a hat over her signature afro and she wears glasses in this one too. She wears a pair of green socks and there are yellow lines on her jacket sleeves in this look. The Gold outfit, on the other hand, parts her hair into three buns using lines of gold holder her hair in place. The color of her clothes also changes to dark brown but she would still be wearing her old pair of sneakers.


Lucy is a game character that sports a rather punk look. She even has a nose ring to boot. You can unlock Lucy by purchasing her with 7,000 coins. She has shoulder length hair and she has a pair of green eyes. Lucy also has a bracelet on, which is spiky by the way. She has a red corset with her white dress well, she’s pretty much in all white. Note that the side of her head is also shaved, which completes the punk slash alternative rebellious genre she’s putting on.

Lucy also has two alternative outfits that you can purchase. The first one is called the Goth outfit, which costs 15 keys while the second one is called the Steam outfit, which costs 30 keys. The Goth outfit switches Lucy to the Goth subculture while the Steam outfit turns her into the steampunk subculture. Lucy’s Goth outfit is in the traditional blend of black and red colors. This, of course, follows suit with the punk culture. When Lucy’s in her Steam outfit her all-white dress turns into a blend of green plus white. She also puts on a top hat, brown color. And to match all of that she also puts on green colored goggles.


The Subway Surfers team won’t be complete without a cheerleader. You can unlock Tasha with a 30,000 coin purchase. Among the girls in this game, Tasha is the one that looks really athletic. Her original getup includes a short white tank top that reveals her tummy. Her blonde hair is also tied into a nice looking ponytail. She also has black leggings on and a pair of red shoes.

Tasha has a pair of alternative outfits that you can purchase as well. The first one is called Cheer outfit and it will cost you 15 keys. On the other hand, the second outfit is called the Gym outfit, which will cost 30 keys. When she’s in her Cheer outfit Tasha’s hair will go from ponytail to two piggy tails, which is kind of cute. Her short tank top will change color to a deep pink and she will be carrying a pompom on one hand. She will be wearing long knee socks which are colored pink but her leggings and her shoes will remain as they were.


Zoe is another expensive character in Subway Surfers. To unlock this character you need to pay 120,000 coins. Zoe is the 4th most expensive character that you will unlock in this endless running game. Among the girls, she is the second most expensive to unlock. She even dances the moves on Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” when you see her on the character selection page of the game. Aside from the green skin, another trademark of this character is her slightly messed up purple hair. Her face looks like it’s busted up or something or it could just be that someone messed with her makeup. She wears a pair of red boots and a red dress. Her overall attire would be like a cowgirl’s – only this time it’s like one that just came out of the grave.

Zoe’s first alternative outfit is going to cost you 15 keys and it is called the Curly outfit. This one came out of the second release of the Rome edition. The big changes of course are the glasses and the curly blonde hair plus the dark colored shirt. Her second outfit is called the Biker outfit and it will cost you 30 keys if you want to get this one. Zoe will be wearing a helmet in this costume and her clothes will look like that of a motorbike rider’s outfit. Her full visor helmet will also have flame highlights on each side.


You can say that Dino is one of the three mascot characters in Subway Surfers. He’s not a real dinosaur folks – check it out, he’s got a zipper at the front of that thing. Basically, he’s a guy in a blue dinosaur outfit. This character was introduced in the game during the Bangkok edition. If you want to get Dino on your game then you need to connect to Facebook. Pretty easy, right? Sorry guys, Dino has no other alternative outfit. He’s already in one. He is one of the two free characters in this game, the first one is Jake by the way, if fail to recall. He is one of two characters to wear a suit – the other one is Yutani (covered below). Dino is the very first non-limited character to be introduced after the updated called World Tour was introduced to the game. Since then there have been plenty of limited time characters (those that are only playable for a given period of time and then they expire) that have been featured in the game.


Yutani is the other kid in a costume character in this game (other than Dino of course). You can unlock this character by collecting 500 of his tokens: the “Yutani UFO” tokens. This is probably the toughest character to unlock since you need a lot more tokens to get this guy compared to the other characters in Subway Surfers. Yutani wears a green alien suit with four arms. There are also spots at the bottom of the costume, if you care to inspect it. His alien costume has a pair of bulgy eyes, two antennae, and the four arms. The two upper arms have real human arms under there while the two bottom ones are just props in the costume he’s wearing. Just like Dino, you won’t find any alternate costume for Yutani.


Tagbot is a robot, you can already tell by the way he looks. You can get this game character by paying 12,000 coins. That also makes him the second cheapest character you can buy in this endless running game. Note that Tagbot wears pretty much the same type of hat that Jake is wearing. It even has the words “sub surf” printed on it. During the Miami edition of the game, they decided to add eyebrows to this character but they later took it out of the design.

Tagbot has two alternative outfits. The first one is called the Space outfit, which will cost you 15 keys and the second one is called the Toy outfit, which costs you 30 keys. He is actually the first of the buyable characters in this game to get new outfits.

How to unlock limited edition characters

If you want to access special missions and limited characters then do this trick. However, please note that the scene on your game will not change. Here are the steps to do this cheat: Go to your device’s time and date settings Set the time to the designated release dates listed below.

  • June 26, 2014 – get Coco and Rose
  • June 4, 2014 – Get Banana and Edison
  • May 24, 2014 – get Fortune and Harumi
  • May 8, 2014 – get Moose and Olivia
  • April 5, 2014 – get Kick-Off and Roberto
  • April 1, 2014 – get Prickly and Rosa
  • February 20, 2014 – get Liberty and Tony
  • February 10, 2014 – get Bubblegum and Mina  
  • January 17, 2014 – get Nick and Flamingo
  • January 2, 2014 – get Bengal and Jay.
  • December 28, 2013 – get Snowflake and Jamie
  • October 31, 2013 – get Pumpkin and Eddy.

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