How to Tame and Breed Horses in Black Desert Online (BDO)

Have you ever being stuck and wondered how to tame and breed horses in Black Desert Online? Well look no further in this article we will explain you how to do that!

Traveling in Black Desert Online can become much easier if you have a horse. In the game, horses can be used as mounts, and they can help you travel from one place to another quickly. There are many types of horses available, and all of them belong to a different tier. However, you can buy one from the horse marketplace, it will be wise to tame and breed one yourself if you want the best horse. The ones available at the stable belong to the lowest tier, something which you don’t want at all.

Thankfully, the game allows you to tame and breed horses. Although it is not a really difficult process, you still need to understand how it works in order to get the best results. So, without wasting more time, here is how you can tame and breed horses in Black Desert Online.

How to Tame and Breed Horses in Black Desert Online

Before we getting to breeding, you first need to learn how to tame horses. In order to do that, you must be at level 20 in terms of character and level 5 in terms of beginner training. For those who don’t know, training level increases whenever you ride a donkey or a horse. So, if you’re looking for a quick way to increase it, just sit on any one of them and wander around the map for some time. It is best to use auto-run for this process as you can get tired quickly if you ride it manually.

What will you need to tame horses in Black Desert Online

Once you reach these two levels, its time to get the things you will need to tame and capture a horse. For this, you will need a Capturing Rope and Lump of Raw Sugar. As for the Capturing Rope, you can simply buy it from any stable keeper located in various towns. The Lump of Raw Sugar, on the other hand, needs to be made.

There will be a stable keeper who will offer a quest through which you will be able to learn how to make Lump of Raw Sugar by using 10 Raw Sugar and 1 Mineral water. Although you will need only one Capturing Rope and one Lump of Sugar for the taming process, it will be wise to bring extra materials with you as you might fail for the first time.

Where to find wild horses in Black Desert Online

Now that you’ve gathered the required materials, it’s time to find a wild horse that you can capture. Although wild horses can be found in multiple areas in the game, it can be somewhat difficult to locate one in some popular areas. The worst thing about them is that if you accidentally kill a horse after locating it, it can take around two hours for it to respawn in that area again. But this can be easily avoided by switching channels.

In this video Violet Astray shows us some spots to tame horses and gives tips on how to tame horses

It will be wise to approach a horse after making sure that the area is clear of enemies because if they attack you during the process, you will have to do it all over again.

How to tame and capture a horse

Now we get to the fun part. After locating a horse, its time to capture it. For this, you will need to first use the Capturing Rope. Basically, you will have to aim the Capturing Rope at the horse and then click the left mouse button to throw it. Then, press the spacebar as soon as the horse raises its front hooves. You don’t want to press space immediately after throwing the Capturing Rope as you might fail if you do that.

How to tame Horses in Black Desert Online

Once you’re close enough to the horse, use the Lump of Sugar. After you use the Lump of Sugar, the horse will either let you ride it easily or will simply kick you off. If it shows no anger after you mount it, simply take it to the stable to register it. However, if the horse kicks you off, you will have to do all the process over again.

How to Breed Horses in Black Desert Online

After the above process, you will have a horse which you will be able to breed. Remember to check the gender of the horse when you take it to the stable for registration as it will be important for breeding.

If you’re wondering what breeding actually does, well it’s your best chance of getting higher-tiered horses in Black Desert Online. You can either breed your female horse, if you have one, with another player’s male horse. But if you don’t like this idea, then you can simply breed your own horses.

How to Breed Horses in Black Desert Online

Before you begin with the breeding process, make sure you have both horses at the same stable. Also, you need to keep a slot available for the new horse. Once you’ve taken care of this, simply choose the male horse and select Register at Breeding. Afterward, choose the female horse and apply for mating.

How much will it take to breed a horse?

It will take around 2 and a half hours for the breeding process to get completed. If you want to make sure that no one else breeds with your male horse, you will need to pay 35,000 to keep it to yourself. In addition to this, keep in mind that the male horses are capable of breeding twice while the females can only breed once. (Unless you buy the Breeding Reset Coupon in the Pearl Store)

The Exchange breed option

The Exchange breed option in black desert online

There is an option called Exchange Breeding, something which will give you the a new horse immediately but will wipe out both the male and female horse. This option is perfect for the time when both male and female horses have reached their maximum breeding capacity and are no longer of any use for you.

This was how you can tame and breed horses in Black Desert Online. We hope that our guide will help you understand the process.


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