How to Remove Flaws in The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds is an excellent game with a lot of innovations and exciting gameplay choices. Being an RPG from the great minds behind Fallout: New Vegas, you can see the boundless creativity extended into each nook and cranny of this game. Whether it be good or not. One such example is the eccentric gameplay mechanic aptly titled “Flaws.”

Flaws are permanent negative attributes that can be applied to the player. There are almost two dozen of these available, but rest assured you can only get as many as three flaws (on normal difficulty anyway, four on hard, five on supernova). Each Flaw negatively affects the Stranger (the main character), while also granting a Perk point.

How to Remove Flaws in The Outer Worlds

How to Remove Flaws in The Outer Worlds

However, can you remove Flaws? The answer is simple: no. Or at least to our knowledge, that is. To give you an idea for how this feels, imagine your character actually experiencing these events and then these events traumatizing him as he continues on.

You can’t really get the trauma out; however, you learn something from experience nonetheless (the perk point that you receive). This may seem like a terrible gameplay mechanic, but personally, I feel it is not only unique but also incorporates itself well into the game.

To give you an example, one flaw is titled “Acrophobia,” which lowers some of your stats. The cause? You jump off of great heights, causing your character to feel great pain from them. At the same time, there is also a trophy/achievement linked to it, titled “Flawed Hero,” which tasks you to get 3 Flaws.

But don’t think too negatively of this even if it’s permanent, consider it a way to further immersion into an RPG game, and if nothing else, think of the perk point that you receive in return for it!


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