How to Make Coins and Keys in Subway Surfers

Ever wondered how to make coins and keys in Subway Surfers? Do anything to get more coins, anything that involves watching videos, doing daily missions and anything else to earn the shiny treasures. Daily challenges are completed by collecting all of the letters for a given word that can be found along the tracks. Make sure you are connected to the internet, otherwise you won’t get new daily challenges.

If you do these missions for five days straight, you’ll be presented with a super mystery box. You can also share Subway Surfers with your friends on Facebook to collect 5000 coins. Completing mission sets will also help increase your Multipliers. If you thought that an x2 multiplier was great, well in Subway Surfers you can take it up to x30, which means real big money.

Although the score is what makes you beat your friends, it’s important that you pick up as many coins as possible. Instead of choosing the easy way, choose the one that will get you more money. For example, if you go down the middle lane and move to the sides as fast as you can, you’ll get more coins.

How to Make Coins and Keys in Subway Surfers

How to Make Coins and Keys in Subway Surfers

Daily Challenges

Players are given challenges on a daily basis. Complete the daily challenge and you will get a prize. The prize you get will depend on how long you had to play to complete the challenge. You will see the current daily challenge on your screen when you open the game. The challenge usually consists of collecting letters along the way.

These letters will form a word like roll, jump, score, dash, etc. If you complete the task mentioned in the challenge during the normal amount of time expected then you get 500 coins as a reward. That is also the same amount of coins you will get if you haven’t played the challenge for several days. If you complete the daily challenge two days in a row then you get a total of 750 coins. Do that 3 days in a row you get 1,050 coins, complete it 4 days in a row you earn 1,500 coins, and if you complete the daily challenge 5 or more days in a row then you will get a Super Mystery Box.

Mistery Boxes

Besides coins, power-ups, and letters you will also come across multiple mystery boxes while running. These are large boxes in different colors that have question marks on each side and are full of prizes that will help you win items or coins in the game. Each time you pick up a mystery box it will have a different surprise waiting for you at the end of the run, all you must do is tap on the mystery box and wait for your prize!

As you keep collecting these mystery boxes, you will realize just how amazing they really are. Especially if you hit the jackpot, you will receive 100000 coins! In case you feel lucky you can also purchase mystery boxes from the store for 500 coins. Super mystery boxes have better prizes hidden in them but they can only be achieved by completing the daily challenge. While mystery boxes are scattered all around the subway world, all you have to do is run into them and enjoy the prizes that they have hidden in them.

The most common mystery box items include the stereo token, guitar token, Yutani’s alien costume token, and Tricky’s hat token. Special items included in these boxes include the Headstart, 1,500 coins, and hover boards (10 hover boards max). The rare items that can be found inside a mystery box include keys, 5,000 tokens, trophies, and the score booster. The jackpot is 100,000 coins. During the Mega Jackpot Event, you could win up to 900,000 coins.


At the start of your time with the game, the best powerup’s you need to equip is the Coin Magnet and the Jetpack. Getting as many coins as you can during the beginning portions of the game makes it easier for you to purchase more single-use items.

As for the Jetpack, this item is another useful tool that will get a bunch of coins and keep you away from danger. When you’re ready to get some extremely high scores, take advantage of the 2x Multiplier. Upgrade this powerup the most so you can eventually reach the x30 multiplier (which is possible through the use of all three items mentioned before). Upgrading the Jetpack and Super Sneakers makes your runs even more safer.

Ways To Collect Keys

Keys are arguably the most valuable items that you can pick up while running. As the name implies these keys are used to unlock many different things, the most important use of these keys is that it allows a player to revive themselves.

So, if you are on rampage mode and have covered a large distance and suddenly out of nowhere hit an oncom-ing train, instead of flinging your phone at the nearest wall you simply use a key to revive yourself. If you use a key once during one run then the second revival will require two keys and this amount keeps increasing in every run.

You will find keys floating around with the coins along the tracks in the game. Sometimes keys get awarded to you. Sometimes you get keys through mystery boxes. Keys are items in Subway Surfers which can be used to do a lot of different things. You can collect a certain number of keys to unlock characters.

You can also use them to upgrade boards and other stuff. You can also use keys to revive your character after a crash or when you get hit by a train or something that ends your run. You can also use these keys to upgrade your character’s outfit and style. You can also get keys via the Weekly Hunt. You can also use your hard earned money (not the coins during a run but real dollars) to buy these game keys via your credit card. They’re actually critical in the game so you need to spend them wisely.

Alternative Ways To Get Keys

You can get 5 keys during the introduction alert. You can buy them from the shop for $100 – you get 650 keys in return. You get 10 keys when you connect to Facebook. Winning the Weekly Hunt earns you 10 keys. A Super Mystery Box usually contains 3 keys. You usually get 1 key per run. A Mini Mystery Box on the other hand can contain 2 keys. Watch a sponsored video or a daily video to get 1 key. Watch the daily video for the first time during that day and you get 2 keys. You will be prompted on screen if you want to use a key or keys. Tap on the button and you use a key or keys for a certain event or item.

Weekly Hunt

The weekly hunt is an in game event which is just like the daily challenge except this event lasts for a week. Just like the daily challenge you will also have to collect certain items or tokens as you play the game. Note that sometimes the deadline can get extended for 2 weeks. Note that depending on the edition you are playing, the number of tokens you need to collect will also be different.

For instance, the New Orleans edition will require you to collect pumpkins while the Tokyo edition will require you to collect a certain number of key chains. Note that the items you need to collect for the Weekly Hunt is a lot harder to find compared to the ones you need to collect for the Daily Challenge. That means you won’t find them where you usually roam along the tracks like on the ground or on the trains. However, note that the higher amount of tokens you need to collect, the better the prize you will get.


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