How to get Nook Miles Faster in Animal Crossing New Horizons

One of the innovations that New Horizons brings to the Animal Crossing saga is the Nook Miles system. This is one of the options available in the Nookophone that records a series of missions to be completed, such as catching certain species of fish, selling a certain number of shells, or reaching a certain number of stored berries, for example. In this tutorial you will learnHow to get Nook Miles Faster in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Below, as part of this comprehensive guide, we will explain how to complete these missions easily, get Nook miles quickly, and what rewards you can earn with them.

How to get Nook Miles faster

How to get Nook Miles Faster in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

To find out what kind of Nook Miles missions you will have available, we recommend you to check the corresponding section on the Nookofono on a regular basis. Even so, there are many of them that are hidden so you will have to discover them as you carry out daily actions and advance in your life on the island.

The missions that you can see directly are the Nook+ Miles, which you get the first time you pay the mortgage on your island. These are constantly changing as soon as you complete them and there is always one available, so the fastest way to get Nook Miles is to carry out these tasks.

Rewards to redeem for Nook Miles

How to get Nook Miles Faster in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

In the catalogue in the lower right corner of the shop where Tom Nook is located you can find a reasonably complete list of items to get in exchange for Nook Miles you have earned.

Nook miles can be used to visit islands in the game. These islands sometimes include Bamboo. Here i have a detailed guide on How to Get Bamboo in Animal Crossing faster while visiting new islands.

There you can find useful items such as the extension for your inventory, items to get the tools more effectively, more hairstyles, in short, all those facilities that you won’t have when you’ll arrive at the island.

In addition, you will also have available a list of furniture, clothes and other interesting objects that will be changing day by day in the catalogue.


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