How To Get A New Mount In Albion Online

In this guide on Albion Online, I will be going over how you can Get A New Mount In Albion Online. This is going to be a simple guide going over the different way you can get Mounts in Albion Online. Mounts are the animals that you ride in Albion Online. They are used for transportation, carry goods, and to get buffs. When a player is riding a Mount, the player receives the stats of the Mount. The stats of the Mount vary depending on the type and tier of the Mount including hit points, hit points regeneration, weight load, resilience and speed of the Mount.

Mounts can be unlocked by the players when they open the Adventurer Node on the Destiny Board. They can use higher tier Mounts as they unlock more upper tiers on the Adventurer Node. For example, if your Adventurer Node is at tier 3, you can use Mounts that are up to tier 3 but not above. Mounts in Albion Online give you a significant advantage and makes the entire experience a lot more enjoyable.

You can spot the difference immediately after owning one of them. If you have played other MMORPGs similar to Albion Online before, you cannot imagine going through these games without a faster medium of transport. Similar to other games, Mounts are primarily used to explore the vast world of the game. But, Albion Online is unique from other titles in this genre, is that it includes additional stats and benefits that Mounts can provide.

How To Get A New Mount In Albion Online

How to get a Mount in Albion Online

There are various ways in which you can acquire Mounts in Albion Online. Mounts can be bred, bought, looted or won from other players in PvP. The first method to get horse is by raising one. Now, the reason I say horse is because, these guides are made primarily targeting new players to the game. Since, a horse is the first Mount you have access to, I’ll be referring to horse mostly as an example. So as I said earlier, raising a horse and taking it to the Saddler so that you can saddle it and turn it into a Mount. Note that you do need to have Journeyman Adventurer on your Destiny Board for you to be able to use a horse. In case you are wondering how you are supposed to reach that goal, the answer is to earn 9000 Fame by doing any activity.

How do you raise a horse you ask? For that, first, you need a personal island. To know more about islands in Albion Online, read our previous guide talking about islands here. After getting your island, you need to upgrade it to Tier 2 to get access to farming plots. But we suggest that you upgrade it to Tier 3 as you have access to more farming plots and pastures. To know the why behind this, read our island guide on Albion Online here. However, you still have to upgrade your personal island anyway to Tier 3, as that is when you are able to buy a horse. You can buy the Novice’s Mule in Tier 2, but we don’t advise you to spend money on it.

Buy a horse from who you ask? When you upgrade your personal island to Tier 2, a new NPC will spawn on your island. He is known as the Farming Merchant. He is the person from who you will be buying seeds, animals etc for your personal island. Once you upgrade your personal island to Tier 3, you will be able to buy a horse from the Farming Merchant. You need to buy the Journeyman’s Riding Horse. You need to grow plants on your farming plot on your personal island as soon as possible. So by the time you buy the Journeyman’s Riding Horse from the Farming Merchant when you reach Tier 3, you must already have enough food ready for consumption.

After growing crops on your farming plot, the next step is to build a pasture for your animals. Once all that is done, you can buy a Journeyman’s Riding Horse or if you have it already, place it on your pasture. Every farming plot and pasture has 9 slots. After you have placed your foal on your pasture, you have to take care of it until it grows up for you to turn it into a Mount. By clicking on the foal you can see that it needs food and how long it will take to become a fully grown horse. You have to feed the horse in order for it to grow. Feed the horse with the crops that you have harvested.

Carrots are highly suggested, read our article on Crop Farming in Albion Online here to know why. You must feed your horse until it is fully grown. Feeding your horse will give you an interval of time after which will you only need to feed it again. Remember that you will not receive a foal after your horse is fully grown. Just like your plants, investing Focus on your horse will increase the possibility of it giving you a foal in return once it grows up.

Once your horse is fully grown, you can turn it into a Mount. To do that, you have to go to the Saddler. You can craft your saddler. After talking to him, he will let you know which materials you need to turn your horse into a Mount. Once you have all the necessary materials to turn your horse into a Mount, you can craft it from the Saddler to turn it into a Mount. So in summary – get a horse, raise it, take it to a Saddler and get it saddled for you to ride. Another method which you can get a horse is by buying it from the market. This is probably one of the most easiest methods to get a horse in Albion Online. To buy a horse from the market, first you will have to go to the market duh! In the marketplace, search ‘horse’ to find and buy a horse. The result when you search ‘horse’ will include non-saddled horses. If you want horses as Mounts, search ‘riding horse’ to get results on horses that you can use as Mounts. Select a horse that you want, buy it, complete transactions and now you have a Journeyman’s Riding Horse. If you want horses at higher tiers above Tier 3, you will have to upgrade your Adventurer node on the Destiny Board to higher levels such as Adept, Expert etc.

That is it for this guide guys, hope you guy enjoyed it and found it informative. Let us know what you thought about it and also tell us what you would like us to do in the future.


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