How To Equip A Scythe In Atelier Ryza

Atelier Ryza is an extraordinary game. It may not be the most straightforward game to get into, but it is oh so rewarding. One of the most brilliant yet daunting aspects of the game is the sheer amount of mechanics players can use. The game is chock-full of brilliant little features that make the world feel super alive. One such method we will learn in this tutorial is how to equip a scythe in Atelier Ryza.

One such mechanic is the “gathering mechanic.” Players can use several tools that allow them to gather resources in the game. One of the most useful gathering tools is the scythe. Players can use the scythe on several resource spots to gather necessary materials. These materials are then useful for the synthesis mechanics in the game.

How Can I Equip a Scythe in Atelier Ryza?

How to Equip a Scythe in Atelier Ryza

Equipping the scythe in the game is not as simple as it seems. You can find several frustrated players on the forums. However, worry not. Once you figure out, you won’t have any trouble equipping any scythes. You should always make sure to save your game before going into a fight. This makes sure that you restore your health points and start a fight.

Once you upon up the main menu of the game, you’ll notice an option that says “Gathering Tools.” All the gathering tools that you find in the game will feature here. Once you get a scythe, you can go and confirm it from this part of the menu. To equip the scythe, you’ll need to go and select it in the home base. Once you’re there, you can smoothly go into the menu and find the right tools.


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