How to Earn Battle Points in PUBG Mobile

Battle Points (also called BP) are the in-game currency of PUBG Mobile. There are different ways you can earn battle points such as completing matches, missions and etc. With your battle points earned you can purchase various goods.

How to Earn Battle Points in PUBG Mobile

Completing and Winning Matches

You can earn battle points by winning matches and elimination opponents. The more you can kill the more will be the battle points you will receive. But there are other factors you might need to consider while a match. When it comes to earning battle points in PUBG mobile you will be also judged by your performance in game. Here are some criteria:

  • Kills: The more players you kill the more battle points you’ll get.
  • Rank: For how long you have survived a match.
  • Damage: How much damage you have applied to various opponents.

Depending on which game mode you’re playing, the amount of battle points earned will change.

  • Solo: 800 Battle Points
  • Duo: 400 Battle Points
  • Squad: 200 Battle Points

Daily Log-in Rewards

sign in is a method shown in How to Earn Battle Points in PUBG Mobile

You can earn extra battle points by just simply logging everyday into the game. The log-in reward resets at midnight UTC’s timezone. Make sure you log in every day! The daily log-in rewards gives free battle points but as well few clothing skins.

Daily Missions

Battle points can also be earned through daily missions and challenges. This is an innovative way to incentive a player to keep playing and do something else rather than the usual stuff.

When you’re completing daily mission, you will earn vitality stars. After trespassing a certain quantity of vitality stars, you’ll get rewarded with various crates that can contain battle points or XP. Often when you complete a good quantity of daily missions, you will be rewarded with a free loot crate. Make sure to complete as many as you can!

Events in PUBG Mobile

Often there are events that rewards players with the “Chicken Dinner Battle Points Crate”. You can earn up to 300 Battle points per crate. Make sure you complete any mission that have these crate as reward. Although it is hard to know when events will run in PUBG mobile. Always make sure you check the event section for any new event!

Receive Battle Points from your Friends

You can send battle points to up to five friends every day. That means you can easily earn 250 battle points easily every single day using this feature. Make sure that both you and your friend are sending back the gift!

Earn BP by connecting your Social Network Accounts

By connecting social accounts from Facebook, Google Play, Game Center and Twitter you can earn a total sum of 2000 battle points. In case you don’t want to use your main social account profile. You can even create a new social account profile and connect it to the game.

Royale Elite Pass

You can earn extra battle points by buying a Royale Pass. Can you get the Royale Pass for free? Unfortunately you must spend real money to buy this Pass. There is no way you can get the Royale Pass for free so you’re wasting your time if you are trying cheat codes or hacks. With the Royale Pass you can get exclusive skins that no one else can get unless they also buy the Royale Pass.

How to Use & Spend your Battle Points in PUBG Mobile

  1. Changing gender or appearance: One of the ways to spend battle points is changing your gender and appearance. Depending on what you’re modifying the price will differ or you can easily reset your character’s appearance for 3000 battle points.
  2. Purchase Soldier’s Crate: You can buy using your battle points the Soldier’s Crate from the shop. This crate contains random outfits for your character. You have to pay attention to the fact that every time you open the crate the price will increase. If you are a hardcore player that gets a lot of wins and battle points i would buy all the crates. The price of the crates reset every week. Here is a quick breakdown:
    • 1st Purchase: 700 BP
    • 2nd Purchase: 1400 BP
    • 3rd Purchase: 2800 BP
    • 4th Purchase: 4200 BP
    • 5th Purchase: 5600 BP
    • 6th Purchase: 7000 BP


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