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Guide, Tips and Cheats on How to Play and Win in Battlelands Royale

Loads of games are trying to know on how to Play and Win in Battlelands Royale. With the popularity of PUBG and Fortnite, another royale themed battle game made its entry and marked its importance due to some of its significant features. Yes, it is none other than Battlelands Royale. Although it follows the same procedure, shoot, loot, parachute, and survival but with a small comparative map and few players thus ending the game in a few minutes.

To be a winner, not only excellent skills of using a weapon is necessary but, in this game, luck also plays an important role. If you are the last player, you are the winner, but it is not as easy as it looks. Following are some tips and tricks to guide you through the game and takes you to the end making you the last standing player.

Guide and Tips on How to Play and Win in Battlelands Royale

Choose The Best Landing Spot

Due to the smaller map size, it is easier to choose your landing spot, and this is the significant feature of this game.  Experts advise dropping in the center of the map or in open areas where loads of weapons are available. Landing in a crowdy area is not recommended as there will be high chances of enemies’ encounter. Drop in where weapons are immediately available to have a good start. Leaving footprints of you and enemies is one of the drawbacks of this game making it easier for enemies to find you and vice versa. To tackle this situation, it is essential to choose your landing position wisely in the beginning.

The Right Weapon at the Right Time

At the beginning of the game, is very important to find the best weapon. A variety of weapons are available and choosing the right one according to the situation will show your success rate. Below are some of the available weapons, highlighting its effectiveness and usage:

How to Play and Win in Battlelands Royale

Peacemaker: When no other weapon is available, the peacemaker is to be the last option. With low fire rate, low power and less damage it is also recognized as a gun for beginners.

Assault-Rifle: When you want high damage the Assault Rifle is the best available option.

Sniper: Best gun of the game as you can kill more enemies in less time, does high damage along with high range making it superior among the other gun.

Minigun: Can kill multiple enemies with it but the only way to find it is through supply loots.

Bazooka: This weapon is also available through Supply Drops causing high damage to the opponent but hard to find ammo for it this is one of the drawbacks of this weapon. So make a decision wisely in choosing the best weapon to survive in the game till the end.

Avoid Becoming an Easy Target:

Constant standing and shooting are not a rule to win in a battle royale game. In fact, standing in one position will make you an easy target for the enemy so always remember, to MOVE, MOVE and MOVE. Move while shooting, move while hiding, move while hunting. Avoid making yourself an easy target for the enemy and allowing him to win.

Grassy Areas and Bushes are the Best Place to Hide

How to Play and Win in Battlelands Royale

Footprints of you and your enemy can easily be seen, making it easier to find each other. In that case, hiding in the grassy area and bushes is the best option making you less visible to your enemy. Most enemies are found in crowded areas but make sure to avoid those areas as chances of encounters are higher over there. More encounters mean fewer survival chances. But keep in mind one thing, constant moving. Keep moving while hiding. If you stand still while hiding either in bushes or grassy area, enemies will easily find you.

Always Find Some Shield

Before getting into gunfight make sure you have enough of shield for your protection. If you and your opponent have the same gun at the same time there is a possible chance of getting both killed, but shield gives you protection, hence make sure to have it for more prolonged survival chances.

Patience is Always Rewarded

If you see two people fighting, stay behind and wait till one of them gets killed. Take advantage of the situation and make your entry when one of them gets killed, and the other one is at low health. It will be easier to kill the opponent with low health so go ahead and give him a few hits and collect all the things he had left for you.

Lookout For Health Kits

Never, I repeat never be at low health. A person approaching can kill you with few shots when the health level is low. It is always recommended to find the best health kit and keep it full if you want to go ahead and win the game.

Play Solo Or With A Friend

If you want to win the game, either play solo or with someone you know. The experienced person having skills to control and use weapon will make you win the game like a pro. Avoid playing with random people hence trust yourself, polish your skills and experience.

Play Wisely

Instead of playing aggressively you should play having an open mind. Look at the situation, analyze and then take action. Playing with two to three opponents at the same time and just shooting will result in others killing you. If you see two people fighting just stay behind and make sure you take action when necessary. This way the chances of getting damaged will be low, so take your time and play wisely.

Extra Tips And Tricks, On How To Get A Lot Of Kills And Win 1st Place in Battlelands Royale

Coming to a conclusion, follow these tips and tricks and be the last person standing. But remember, this game requires attention and presence of mind. Play slowly and choose the best weapon for the situation. Always set your target and never make your entry when two are fighting unless you are on the target. Not to forget the foremost important point, choose your best landing spot.


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