Guide, Tips and Cheats on How to Play and Win Every Race in F1 Mobile Racing

F1 Mobile Racing is one of the latest game produced by Codemaster Company. The aim of the game is simple just win races to unlock new developments to unlock upgrades for your car. These best guides, tips and cheats will teach you how to play and win every race in F1 mobile racing.

F1 Mobile Racing: Guide, Tips and Cheats

How To Avoid Dirty Drivers

One of the things with the highest importance is avoiding dirty drivers, as these drivers will try to shove you off the track so they can easily pass you. Here are a few things that you can do to avoid them:

  • Outplay dive bombers: Watch your back mirrors, if he goes straight for you, try to fake your turn to easily dodge him.
  • Take it easy at the start: Don’t try to cross all of your opponents on the first corner, drive carefully and keep an eye on the other drivers.
  • Pay attention to suspicious behaviors: watch out for unusual behavior of other drivers, for example: if you pass a driver and he suddenly picks up pace and heads in your direction.
F1 mobile racing - Avoid Dirty Drivers

Choosing The Perfect Controls For Yourself

Your choice of controls should be according to your environment. If you’re sitting at your home, you can move your arms as aggressively as possible. Likewise, if you are somewhere other than your home, then you should select a control scheme that doesn’t require you to move your arms that much. So, you should use controls that suit you and your environment perfectly.

Complete Challenges For Money

There is a questing system in this game, where you can earn free resource points for completing these challenges. For example: you get 6 credits for winning a series of 10 duels. We recommend that you do check out these challenges before attempting them, as each of them requires a different approach. For example: there are challenges where you have to win a Grid start race without hitting your opponent, which requires more carefulness.

There is a button in the lower left corner of the main menu which offers free credits every three hours. To get the free credits, you just have to watch the advertisement, and you will receive the free credits.

F1 mobile racing - Complete Challenges For Money

Aim for A Perfect Start In The Grid Races

One way to have a solid start in any race is to by releasing the clutch at the right moment when the final light turns red before the start of the race. This will give you a split-second advantage over your opponent, so make sure to use this boost and create some distance between you and your opponent as soon as possible.

Follow The Arrows

If you are playing this game with driver assist turned on, you’ll see arrows appear on the track, and it would be advisable to follow these arrows to score a better time. These arrows represent the path and position you should follow to get the most speed out of your ride. For example: once the arrow turns red, be sure to make a turn no matter what the condition on the track is or else you’ll drive off the road.

Upgrade Your Loot:

All through your time in F1 Mobile Racing, you’ll gain loads of regular R&D packs. Which implies, beyond any doubt, you’ll see a similar loot over and over. That is actually not an issue, because, you can utilize this loot to redesign the available parts. So, the parts you own will keep on improving, as you find more duplicate parts.

F1 mobile racing - Upgrade Your Loot

Use The Assist Mode To Make Your Game Easier

There’s nothing wrong in playing with assist mode turned on, even at the highest setting, we also recommend players to use the assist mode. The default Assist settings make sure that your car accelerates and brakes on its own, and even adjust the position of the car every now and then to put it at the optimal path. The only thing that the player needs to worry about are making the turns, as the player will have to do those themselves. With the Assist settings being turned off, you completely control your car. This is for players who want the actual driving experience, but if you’re just looking to win a lot of races, drive with the assist settings turned on.

Stock Up Blueprints

Blueprint is what gets you new car parts in this F1 mobile racing. Opening a blueprint can take a lot of time, so you should put multiple blueprints in a queue to open them. It takes 2 hours to open a normal blueprint, while, it takes 4 hours to open rare blueprints. You can continue playing the game while the parts are queued up. Most importantly, before you turn your game off, don’t forget to leave some of the blueprints in queue so that they’re ready when you return.

Be Careful When Making Turns

Sometimes, you will accidentally hit the brakes when you’re making a turn. This is because the brake button sometimes shows up on the right side of your screen, usually at the same position where the right turning arrow appears that allows you to turn right. This can cause you a second or two, which is very bad as even a split second can make a difference. Be very careful when you turn right, as you may accidentally hit the brakes instead of turning right.

Focus On Duels

You should concentrate the most on duel mode on the off chance that you need to win more prizes. Playing Duels will reward you with Cup Points, and these will put you in a good league, which subsequently, will gain you rare research and development packs. Utilizing these packs will give you parts for your vehicle, which can be redesigned.

F1 mobile racing - Focus On Duels

Practice On The Single Mode

You should play in the singles mode often so you can sharpen your driving skills, and the best part is that it doesn’t even have any negative effects on your results. Train yourself on how to handle the steering and handling in this mode, then when you feel like you’ve mastered the driving, switch over to the PvP modes so you can earn prizes, including the rewards being in one of the top leagues.

Check Out The In-Game Shop

The shop gives out free packs daily. These packs normally include common items, but if you gather these items regularly, then your car will improve. And, if you conserve your F1 Credits you’ll be able to buy packs from the shop, these packs will give rare items as well as common parts found in free packs.

Additional Tricks And How To Grid Start In F1 Mobile Racing

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