Guide, Tips and Cheats on How to Play and Survive in the Last Shelter Survival

Here are a few tips that every player of this game whether new or experienced, should follow in order to achieve more in the Last Shelter Survival

Last Shelter: Survival – Guide, Tips and Cheats

Focus more On Your Develop Heroes

Heroes are the key to progression. Why should I focus more on developing heroes more than combat heroes? You may ask. Well, the answer is that Develop heroes work for you 24/7 to give you useful resources and nice perks.

This Isn’t Farmville

Just developing your base and not fighting isn’t going to do you any good. If you really want to get great perks and items, you’re gonna have to fight, because just developing your base isn’t going to bring you more resources. Fight as much as possible because, in the end, this is a war game, not a farming simulator.

Do Not Go For Base 23

We advise to not rush Base 23. The reason is that you get way more resources from state clash of zone wins and you also get a lot more resources from SVS boxes. Another reason to not rush this base is that you get gold tickets instead of purple tickets.

Fuel Conservation

We advise trying to keep the fuel of troops equal to what you make or make more fuel than you’re spending. In general, a troop being idle and using your fuel is pretty much useless. Make sure to not keep too many troops idle or else they’ll just keep using up all your fuel and achieve nothing.

How To Save Energy Using Buildings Placements:

You have to make sure your banks are connected to the road, so more money can be made. Majority of hospitals do not have to be on the road. Only 1 connected to the road can fulfill your needs. Storages obviously have to be on the roads. Because cutting them off from the roads, quickly drops all of your resource points. Troop recruits do not have to be on the road either. Only connect them to a road in case of an event and remove them from the road after the event.

Additional Tips and Tricks For Last Shelter Survival

Leveling Up Heroes Fast

You can level up your heroes faster by killing zombies, not people. The best way to do this is by taking your best formation of heroes, the ones that are leveled up, and now remove 1 hero and add a very low-level hero (level 1-9, etc) in that formation and attack the mutated zombies. This will level up your low-level heroes much faster than your higher level heroes.

Using XP Boosters

Choose the hero that you want to level up. Now use the amount of experience items that you want, it will show you how much experience you need till your next level. Levelling up a hero using this technique also provides other benefits, like the amount of troops that we can carry increases with hero levelling up.

Tip On Setting Up Your Formation

The best way to level up formation level is to: Level up heroes. Upgrading high leadership skills. This increases the marching capacity of that hero. This means that he/she will be able to make more troops with them in that formation.

Don’t Forget To Train Your Troops

Your” total combat power” comes mainly from “Troop power”. To increase the amount of time you take between training troops and the number of actual troops that you are going to create, you need to level up bunks. Each bunk adds more space to your training capacity.

last shelter - develop troops

Skip T8

In order to get to base 23, you need to have T8 cars, besides these cars, you do not need other troops. All you require are cars to get the precious resources hence there is no point of getting any other T8 to be honest except that it is a resource pit (wasting your resources on them), you’ll do much better if you use these resources in research or technology.

Push Your Factory As Early As Possible

When your base level 20, you can make parts factory very easily. If you’re fighting against someone of same base level, parts factory make all the difference. So, start making parts factory as soon as your base level is 20 and also make parts according to the equipment you have or what you require, for example: If you want more resources, I would recommend pushing for more car factories first because you want to steal more resources.

Get Chips All The Times

When your base level 25 or more and your buildings are upgraded, one thing that keeps blocking your progress is chips. Chips are something that you badly need when you reach level 25, so make sure that when you log in, you have chips that are cooking and get the ships ready because you’ll be needing them eventually.

Make Sure To Level Up Your Garrison:

This is a very big mistake that most players do make because they do not understand the importance of this building. When the garrison fully levels up, you siege defense resistance increases by 25 % and also your city defender attack increases by 25 %. This is called the defender advantage. This building is very important, as it gives you tons of clash of zone (COZ points).

last shelter - Level Up Your Garrison

What Hero To Use?!

It depends on many things, like: What kind of APC do you want, do you want a defensive APC, or an Offensive APC. One good combination example is “Forsaken, Destroyer, and Dawn”. This is because they have good DPS, and both Destroyer and Forsaken give HP boost. When selecting a hero, be sure to check the percentage of which skill can be triggered as that can be a game changer if your hero only has a 10 % chance of your skill to be triggered versus a less powerful skill but a one that triggers about 80 % of the time, hence a skill with higher trigger chance is better.

Keep Enzo

An advantage of Enzo is that: All fuel units take less fuel by about 25%. He makes building go faster by about 30%. Siege defense resistance increases by 30%. Enzo can be occasionally found in the token shop, so make sure to save some tokens so you that you can buy Enzo.

Passive Skills To Level Up

The first skill you should level up is “dictator” skills, which increases the number of troops the hero can hold. The second skill to max out is “range”, which will help you to hit more targets during combat. Then you should max out “target” skills, this affects how many lanes you hit but also how many lanes you can buff If you are using buffing heroes.

Making Extra Money

Upgrade the Commercial Hub to sell more resources to earn more money. Station a hero in the Commercial Hub. They get exp and level up by themselves. A higher level hero can be upgraded with skills to receive benefits whenever a helicopter arrives. Tell the helicopter to take off when you’re done trading. The sooner it leaves, the sooner it comes back. Each time the helicopter returns there are bonus items that come because of the hero. And each time there is a chance to trade you can earn more money by selling excess resources.

Useful Military Strategies and Tricks

Before attacking a city, use a Scout. The scout is a helicopter that moves very fast compared to troops. It will tell you what is in the city. It costs a few hundred food items to use. It’s not good to zero a city unless the player really deserves it. Their resources are lost, they are relocated, and the player might be too upset to continue playing. They might “rage quit” and never come back to the game. This is bad for everyone because it reduces the number of players, etc. To keep it fun for everyone, try not to reduce a city to less than 10%. You can farm it again later.

Teleporting Tips

There are two kinds of teleport: A Random teleport will move your city immediately to a random location in the same State as long as you don’t have troops out. An advanced teleport costs more and allows you to decide exactly where your city will move. This is good for coordinated attacks, where you jump in, do major damage, then jump back to the hive. Also, an advanced tp will port your city even if you have troops out. You can get teleports from the Alliance Store.

A Useful Combat Skill

Silence: Silence makes enemy heroes unable to cast skills but still can attack you with normal hero attacks. So, it prevents your enemies from using their skills on you, which makes this one of the best skills in the game.

Max Out Tech Commemoration

Zone tech is probably the most important thing in the game, once you have maxed it out, it will give you a crazy amount of resources. We advise that until your Zone commemoration is full, do not touch that zone conflict.

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