Guide on How to Download Youtubers Life for Free

Youtubers Life is a simulation game where you will represent a Youtuber who is trying to start his channel. As in real life, you will be motivated by subscribers and views, getting new equipment to make new videos and building your social media presence. This guide will explain to you how to Download Youtubers Life for Free.

Being a Youtuber is not an easy task in Youtubers life you will also need to manage your social life, education and eventually your relationship with employees.

In case you are trying to be a Youtuber then surely this game fits your needs. As it gives you a quick insight into what beginners have to go through before making a full-time income from Youtube.

When you start a new game, you will be asked to choose your channel type. You can choose between Gaming, Music, and Cooking. Choose the category that goes with your style as this will affect the difficulty of growing your channel.

How To Download Youtubers Life For Free

Without further ado to download Youtubers Life for free just follow this quick tutorial

This video is for educational purpose we at do not take any responsibility and we are not liable for any damage caused through the use of this video.

In case you want to support the creator of the game you can easily but this game for 9.99$ on Steam!


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