Guide, Cheats and Tips on How to Play in Adventure Capitalist

Check out this article on the best guide tips and guide on how to play in Adventure Capitalist. Adventure Capitalist is an Android game in where your main objective is to upgrade and expand the old business to earn a profit. Without a doubt, it is one of the best game by Idle.

This game has multiple features that can spark your interest, including lots of adventure tours and event mode. Read on further to learn more about how you can improve yourself at Adventure Capitalist with our guide, tips and tricks.

How to Play in Adventure Capitalist

Let’s briefly go over the basics before heading on to relatively more advanced stuff. There is only one thing that you have to do to progress and upgrade your business, tap. Yes, you read that right. Staying true to Idle games’ tradition, the main physical function that you have to perform is tapping. You have to keep tapping and upgrading your old business.

Once you become a trillionaire, your business will start attracting Angels. You can acquire these Angels by resetting your current progress in the game and purchasing premium upgrades in exchange for the Angels that you acquired. You will also get the multiplier bonus after resetting your current progress. You can unlock The Moon adventures once you earn a hundred trillion dollars.

The Moon is similar to The Earth. The Idle cash and money that you get from the adventures on The Moon can be used to obtain Megabucks. These Megabucks can be used to unlock The Mars adventures for further gameplay. Currently, we have three adventures in Adventure Capitalist. The Earth, The Moon and The Mars adventures.

You start your journey in the game from The Earth. The Moon adventures can be unlocked once you have a hundred trillion dollars. And in order to unlock The Mars adventures, you need a 100 Megabucks. The gameplay in all these adventures is the same, all you have to do is to buy and upgrade your business.

How to Play in Adventure Capitalist

Partecipate In Adventure Capitalist’s Events

By participating in events, you can earn multiple rewards. When events are available, you can launch them to earn prizes like gold, megabucks, outfits for your character, and much more. You can find and launch events in the adventures section of the game.

Get New Outfits

You can view all your outfits in the inventory lab by tapping on your character on the top left of your screen. Outfits can help you earn more money by adding a bonus. For example, the Tip-Top Tuxedo Pants gives the base speed of your donut shops on the Earth a 30% boost. You can tactically equip your avatar with outfits that will best enhance your revenue. For example, while on The Earth, equip outfits that help boost your progress on The Earth.

Gold and Megabucks

Gold and Megabucks are the in-game currency that you have. They are very precious and valuable resources. You can earn Gold every day for free daily by watching video ads and also earn Gold by reaching Milestone levels. Megabucks are used to unlock The Mars adventures and also to obtain the Mega Ticket. Mega Ticket is an item which can be used to boost the profit of any business of your choice.

From the menu, head on to Adventures tab and then go to Mega Boost. From there, you can spend either 20 Gold or 10 Megabucks to obtain a Mega Ticket or you can either spend 180 Gold or 90 Megabucks to obtain a Mega Ticket. Megabucks can be earned by participating in normal and special events. You can also spend Earth dollars to exchange for Megabucks. You can get a Megabuck for a decillion dollars.

Angels and Profit Multiplier

As aforementioned, you can reset your game progress after you become a trillionaire. Resetting will benefit you by giving you Angles and Profit Multiplier. Angels can be spent to unlock premium upgrades. Before claiming the Angels, you can check the Profit Multiplier rate. If it is 10%, then the profit of all your businesses will be increased by 10%.

Buy and Upgrade Profitable Businesses

Only spend your money on high profitable businesses and focus on them. Don’t go buy and invest in random businesses. Focus on upgrading a few, high profitable businesses. An example of that would be the Oil Company on The Earth.

Use Your Gold Wisely

There are some boosters that are available in the Shop section. Don’t waste your Gold on them. In turn, spend them to obtain Mega Tickets to boost your Oil Company. If you are playing on The Moon, then use the Mega Tickets to boost the most profitable business that you have. Participate in events, reach milestone levels, like and follow the developer and watch video ads. Doing these things will give you easy Gold. Also, the time warp feature can help you earn a lot very fast. You will get access to it after unlocking all the businesses.

Invest On Managers

Managers can be really helpful as you don’t have to physically be tapping the screen all the time, the Managers will do it for you. Another feature that makes Managers so good is that they will run your business 24/7, even when you are offline. If you open Adventure Capitalist with an active Internet connection, the reward collected by your Managers will be doubled.

How To Get Rich Quickly In Adventure Capitalist

For a fun and entertaining video on how to play and get rich in Adventure Capitalist here is a video from CinnamonToastKen!


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