Guide, Cheats and Tips on How to Play and Win in Rumble Stars Soccer

Rumble Stars Soccer was developed by Frogmind. Rumble Stars Soccer is not a regular football game. In this game, you have to read your rumbles players skills and deploy them at the right time. Let us learn some guide, Cheats and tips on how to play rumble stars soccer and win the game

Rumble Stars Soccer: Guide, Cheats and Tips

You Should Not Buy Rumble Stars Cards

Rumble Stars Soccer, enables you to purchase from the in-game store other players cards, frequently selling a variety of Rumbler’s cards such as one Core, one Pro, and one Superstar rarity. Regularly, these would be for already unlocked Rumblers. However, exceptions may occur when you are eligible to purchase a player who is not yet accessible for selection on your team. Generally, you can trade 2 coins for Core cards, 10 for Pro cards, and a whole of 2.000 coins for Superstar cards.

Mostly, It is not wise to buy these cards, leaving aside the cost or the rarity for Core and Pro cards as you have a high chance of getting them whenever you open those Silver or Gold chests. Regarding Superstar cards, that exorbitant price of 2,000 coin cost should be enough for you to avoid them. Only when you are flush with coins and the Superstar card being sold match a character that you did not unlock yet, and only then you may purchase those cards. Otherwise, the optimal alternative for you is to stay calm and unlock new players by opening chests.

Farm/Grind Where Your Favorite Rumbler Is Located

Rumblers are essentially your characters, your players. Obtaining new ones depends on the area that you are in, For instance, you will find Froggy, Croco, Lover, Melon and Friendly Seal in Greenfield arena. Different areas contain different characters. Thus, it would be best if you think about farming the one which would acquire you the Rumbler you starve to rank up.

Farm/Grind Where Your Favorite Rumbler Is Located

So, to further upgrade your power, you should play in the areas that reward you with chests filled up with those Rumblers. This method is the most secured one not only to rank them up but also to ameliorate them. It may consume a considerable amount of your time, but it’s better to have them without spending much.

Level Up Your Rumblers

Each time you open a new box, you will get Rumbler pieces, which will stock up to assist you to level them up. It’s crucial that you continuously upgrade them each time you get their shards as you cannot fortell when you might swap them out among themselves. Each Rumblers is useful at something. Indeed, there are more and less powerful ones, but if you are fully aware of the potential of each one, you will surely agree that they are all good.

Our advice for you is to rank them up whenever it is possible as you will find it useful when you are in need to counter another player’s Rumble.

Tier List And Best Players To Use In Rumble Stars

Keep Checking The Shop During The Day

In the shop, you will notice the Daily Items. The first 3 of 6 slots will be unlocked as soon as you start the game, and the 4th, 5th, and 6th will be opened at levels 3, 8 and 10. It will help if you give thought to quickly level up to 3 as one additional slot is one additional chance to get your wanted Rumbler.

Also, remember to retrieve the free rewards once you see them available! Most of the time, I do not waste coins to buy Rumblers that I rarely use as they are not worth spending coins to purchase them. Simply stay patient and wait to get them from chests.

Higher League Means Better Rewards

You may or may not have noticed that the type of chests you can receive or buy change with each time you move from one league to the next from Greenfield to El Dorado to Zen Palace to Frozen Valley. That means you should have a better chance at rarer Rumblers as you move up the rankings and go from strength to strength, though at the moment, it would seem that Frozen Valley is the uppermost league of them all, barring updates that might add another league or two. We also haven’t seen a case where you could demote yourself to a lower league, though you don’t really have to do this for the sake of unlocking characters, for example, if you haven’t unlocked Hipdozer once you reach El Dorado, you can still unlock him in the higher leagues/divisions.

Rumble Stars - Higher League, Better Rewards

How To Win Games in Rumble Stars Soccer

When attempting to win games in Rumble Stars Soccer, the first thing that you should remember is to act quickly. You’ll have precious little time to think of which player to launch before the others, and you will need to consider many factors how do you counter the opponent’s attack? How can you balance the usage of each Rumbler based on their cool-down time? What angle do you aim this player with? These are all among the things you need to consider before choosing a Rumbler to launch, and it may take some practice and to get used to. Still, it’s essential to learn how to think and act quickly in this game.

Think Carefully When Deploying Your Rumblers

This is a vital element, as sending players out on the field consumes stamina. The cost of each one varies, and it is crucial that you have a strategy up your sleeve regarding the way you want to send them out, as you might end up in need of defending yourself against an opponent yet not able to send someone out to protect the ball as you run out of stamina.

Rumble Stars - Deploying Your Rumblers

Thus, my recommendation for you is that before you try to deploy your rumblers, you should consider practising first how you want to send them out. For instance, if you’re going to send Lazy Panda out, then you will be required to send another one too for combos. Consider the prices and try to plan your next move beforehand.

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