Guide and Tips on How to Play in Tap Titans 2

Welcome to this article featuring the best Guide and Tips on How to Play in Tap Titans 2. Tap Titans 2 is one of the latest games made by Game Hive Corporation. It’s a sequel of their previously made game Tap Titans. Both games have an insane amount of installs and positive reviews.

Tap Titans 2 Guide and Tips

Choose Carefully When To Place Your Skill Points In Your Skill Tree

Skill points are used to level-up certain tiers to help boost main character or your pets. We advise you to spend most of the skill points in the knight tab; in the beginning. This is because, in the beginning, most of your power will be coming from your pets. Once you’ve applied a skill point, you will have to prestige to reset the skill tree. It takes 100 diamonds to reset the skill tree.

image about the skill tree helpful for the Guide and Tips on How to Play in Tap Titans 2

Collect Gems And Save Them For Later

In the achievements tab in the main menu, it shows a list of achievements you have completed or are yet to complete. The completed achievements will grant you gems which can be used to buy precious items in the game. Keep checking this section regularly to collect all the available gems. Also, make sure to save these gems up for later parts of the game as the item will become more expensive, and you will require more gems to buy items.

Shopping With Gems

The main tip when shopping with gems is that you should use them as carefully as possible as gems aren’t very easy to get in this game. Another important tip regarding shopping with gems is that, “never buy any equipment or weapon upgrade from shop using gems”. This is because you do get a lot of weapon drops by just playing the game normally.

Guide and Tips On How To Optimize Your Artifacts and Skill Tree In Tap Titans 2

Quick tutorial on the Artifact Optimizer and on how to optimize your artifacts and skill points in Tap Titans 2

Try To Tap With Multiple Fingers

Remember the golden rule: “The more fingers that you tap with, the more quickly you can knock off more enemies in this game”.

So, instead of just using your index finger or just your thumb, aim to use 4-8 fingers at a time, even 10 if you can control them well and you’re playing on a full-sized tablet. As long as you are utilizing as many fingers as possible and can be easily accommodated by your device’s screen, you’ll do good in this game.

Choosing Your Pet

No, we’re not talking about your pet cat. Since this is an RPG game, they’re definitely going to be some NPCs in the game too. Well, these NPCs are your pets. The main purpose of pets is to do tap damage after every 25 taps or so, depending on the type of pet and its level. Each pet varies from the other. Some have high damage multipliers (active ability), while others have high gold multipliers (passive ability).

The main tip is to select pets which have a high damage multiplier when you’re active to dish out as much punishment as possible to your enemies, And when you’re away from the game, select a pet with a higher gold multiplier than the others so you can collect as much gold coins as possible in the least amount of time.

Tap Titans 2 Artifacts Tier List

You need an Artifacts Tier List? You need to know which Artifacts are the best and the worst? Well check out this detailed guide by ISAB

Using Shards Carefully

You receive crafting shards by: logging in daily and by competing in tournaments (held every Wednesday and Sunday). These shards can be used to buy certain equipment from the equipment tab; the pro tip is to save as many shards as possible and to “use shards to buy mystics only”.

This is because legendary, rare and event items do drop every now and then but mystic items drop very rarely. Another tip is that, instead of buying new mystics, make sure to complete a set of mystic items first, as the relic multiplier you get from each set will help you massively throughout the game.

Partecipate In The Tournament

Play the tournaments as much as possible, as this can help you get prestige before reaching level 600. You can win many items in the tournaments, such as: diamonds, pet eggs, weapon upgrades, etc. Your main goal in the tournament should be to reach the highest stage possible before the end of the tournament.

Look For Special Deals Before Making Purchases

If you’re going to make an in-app purchase for diamonds, make sure to check out the special offers present in the store before you buy just the diamonds at the standard rates. Often, there’ll be special offers on diamonds, and it may also offer special items as a bonus like pets, or tap titans merchandise, etc.

Choose The Right Clan And Be Active

When a player reaches level 25, he/she can choose to join a clan. When choosing a clan to join, join the ones with the highest challenge level that you can find. Also, make sure to be as active as possible when in a clan, because if you do not contribute to clan challenges, then you appear as inactive to the clan leader, who will then obviously kick you out for inactivity.

The Best Build In Tap Titans 2

The Clan Build is known as one of the best build in Tap Titans 2, This build is semi-active and requires you look at the game to refresh the skills

Time Lapses Cheats Do Not Work Anymore

If you’ve played the first version of Tap Titans, players could set the time on their device ahead to quickly get gold offline. It was all good back then, But now the developers are cracking down on the time lapse cheaters as hard as possible.

But, if you do this in Tap titans 2, you will get offline gold, but, A pop-up will also appear stating that your account has been locked due to using the time lapse cheat. It also shows that your account will begin to work again when you set your device’s time back to the original time and restart the game. Your account unlocks, but offline gold and pets are disabled for the time you tried to cheat off the game initially.

Don’t Fight A Boss Unless You Are Sure To Beat Him

You’ll need mana if you ever want to beat a tough boss. Mana is used for many important things, like doing heavenly strike etc. Only enter a battle, if your mana if at a maximum state. Also make sure to have the right pet and equipment equipped to beat the boss.

Levelling Your Hero Quickly

If you want your hero to level up quickly without spending any money, go to the options menu and enable level rounding. This means that when you level 10 or 100 times, it rounds it to nearest multiple of 10 or 100 rather than just adding 10 or 100 levels to your hero. Turn it off when you instantly want the max-upgrade for your hero.

Additional Tips, Tricks and Cheats to Beat Any Boss in Tap Titans 2

Check these 2 videos for additional insight and tips on how to play and beat every boss in Tap Titans 2.


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