Guide and Tips on How to Play in Guns Of Glory

In this article we are going to talk about the best guide and tips on how to play in Guns of Glory. Guns of Glory is a surprisingly friendly base-building strategy game for Android and iOS devices.

Although it doesn’t bring anything innovative to the genre, it offers an excellent alternative world to play in, some stunning graphics and extremely addictive mechanics. And in this post, we will be sharing some Guns of Glory cheats and tips with players worldwide.

It’s true that if you have played any base management game already, then you will already understand how must of the stuff will work in the game. But in case you didn’t, or you want to make sure that you don’t miss anything significant, Then keep on reading.

Guns of Glory Beginner Guide and Tips

Complete Missions

Missions are significantly necessary, especially at the beginning of the game as they get the base set up for the future. I always advise players to obey and follow the missions and advance through them as quick as possible. Early on, you can speed production of most structures, and you should do so because the more constructions you have and more upgrades for them, the better your start in the game will be. Also, keep an eye on epic quests for epic prizes!

Join an Alliance

Guns of Glory - Join an Alliance

Being part of an alliance is vital in Guns of Glory. So enter in an alliance as soon as possible to enjoy all the privileges that come out of this. Being part of an operating alliance is what makes or breaks the game, so don’t delay to do some searching before finding the best one for you.

As being a member of an alliance, your game progress will be a lot easier, and you will get a lot of extra ways to build a greater empire.

Spending Your Talent Points in Guns Of Glory

Guns of Glory - Spending Your Talent Points in Guns Of Glory

As you level up and achieve various tasks, you will gain Talent Points. These grant great advantages and help you grow your empire a lot, but you should be very concerned when consuming them: not only that the quantity of Talent Points that you’re getting as you play is restricted, but also resetting them requires a lot of cash, so it isn’t worth it.

There are three Talent sections where you can spend in War, Economy, and Balance. Personally, for most situations, I would advise players to stay away from the Economy upgrades because this offer boosts that can be made up through attacks and regular play.

On the other hand, the War and Balance upgrades offer a lot of benefits and advantages in battle, both in defense and offense for your army, traveling speed upgrades, fights against Beasts, loot carried and so on. These are extremely beneficial, and I would personally start with spending 6-10 points in the Balance upgrade early on in the game, then switch to War and make your choices based on the type of gameplay you prefer.

Guns of Glory Tips and guide

War: Highlights upgrades for your army such as increased health points, developed offensive and defensive abilities, and several passive skills that can transform your killed troops into injured units that can be attended in your hospital. Most of all that you’ll find in this tree will revolve around an increase in the attributes of specific units, while the essential skills are secured behind others that you will have to master before progressing onto them.

Economy: Highlights many, many talents that increase your resource generation, as well as the amount of resources collected from gathering points on the world map. Moreover, many skills also improve your production speed. The most essential skills in this tree are the instant yield, which immediately gives you 5 hours’ worth of production, and instant gather, which loads up the capacity of all troops that are currently collecting. These abilities all have a cooldown duration so you can’t abuse them. We advise not investing in this tree, as the rewards that they yield can be made up for with constant gameplay.

Balance: As its name suggests, this tree offers several skills that help in many phases of your gameplay, including beast hunting, production, gathering, attacking, and defending.

Collect Free Stuff

There is a lot of free stuff that you can collect in Guns of Glory, make sure that continuosly: Log in every day, complete missions and check your mail every day and you will soon have a lot of items waiting to be put to good use.

Make sure you do so and don’t consume the items you have! Also, keep an eye on the construction in front of your castle gate to receive free items regularly.

Max Out Your Troops

Guns of Glory - Max out your troops Guide and Tips on How to Play in Guns Of Glory

Make sure that you constantly have the military tents full, and your army leveled up, ready for conflicts. You should also assure variety when it comes to troops as each type of soldier comes with different pros and cons.

If you, for some reason, succeed to train more troops than you can supply, you can release them. But only do this as a temporary condition, until you get sufficient food to sustain a full army; otherwise, your progress would be pretty slow.

Keep Upgrading Your Building and Focus on Researching

Having everything in your empire fully upgraded is the only thing you should aim for. It’s a pretty simple routine you should get into: improve your castle, then take every other building in your empire to the highest level. Rinse and repeat the process, and you’ll become one of the greatest players in the game.

Attacking Other Empires

Instead of waiting for your empire to generate resources, it’s simpler (and a lot more fun) to go out there and earn it. You can engage other players in the game, but that is a gamble on most cases as it will usually mean that revenge will happen and if they’re part of a powerful and aggressive alliance, you could get beaten a lot.

But you can still advance on neutral regions on the map and take tons of prizes and rewards. You can combat beasts (make sure you pick their level carefully), or farm nearby resource tiles. This will give you a colossal advancement and benefits in the long term, and it is the safest way to play the game.

Be careful not to expand your army too thin when controlling areas: it’s better to have less, better-defended ones than a lot of them that will be directly taken over by other players.

Eventually, discovering farming targets is a great idea: this means finding a lower level or inactive players that you can attack continually for easy wins and nice resource accumulations. It takes time and luck, but once you encounter such a target, it can be declared to be a approach to keep attacking them.

Upgrade Your AirShip Army

 Upgrade airship army, Guide and Tips on How to Play in Guns Of Glory

Your Airship Dock and your Airship in Guns and Glory give you several benefits in battle, and you should also focus on Increasing it to get the maximum bonus in combat. This is your Hero or General, and there are a ton of benefits that you can unlock for it, like artifacts and skills. Make sure that you regularly check it out and implement all abilities that you have, then improve it to get even more from it.


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