Guide and Tips on How To Play and Dominate in Eternium

Guide and Tips on How To Play and Dominate in Eternium

Choose The Best Class Depending On Your Playstyle

First of all, you need to select a hero. There are types of heroes that you can choose from which are Mages, Bounty Hunters, and Warriors. Each champion in Eternium has his unique weapon with which he or she eradicates the enemy. Once you select your hero, it is time to set on the adventure. You will be mainly eliminating enemies, discovering caves and dungeons, looting treasures, and so on. When you advance in the game, you will acquire new spells, abilities, weapons, and even improve the power of your selected champion.

Eternium Best Mage Build

Eternium Best Warrior Build

Eternium Best Bounty Hunter Build

Make Sure to Upgrade Your Abilities

To improve your attacks and the damage, they can deal, you must upgrade your skills! Doing so requires gold. Each skill needs a certain amount of gold and time to be upgraded. You can always spend some gems to upgrade them instantaneously. My advice is only to enhance your skills when you are about to log off as you the game wouldn’t level up those skills unless you are offline. Moreover, this way you will save gems and time.

Remember Doing Daily Quests

If you accomplish your daily quests, you will obtain some extra loot and rewards. Also, remember to collect your prizes. Not to mention that you can receive 100 gems daily for a month in exchange of a few bucks. Another way to get more prize is to invest in the Hero slots. The requirement is that your hero should be of level 9 or above.

From time to time, you can earn chests that contain random set items from the daily calendar. Once you do, avoid opening them till you reach an advanced level as the loot that you will get will depend on your hero level. For instance, if you are level 17 you will get broken and low items, but if you are level 60 you will surely get something dope.

Guide and Tips on How To Play and Dominate in Eternium

How to Level Up Fast and how to Spend Your Champions Points in Eternium

With each level you gain, you will receive champion points. These points can be used to upgrade your toon. With that in mind, use any available point to your benefits to make your battles easier.

If you want to quickly level up all you have to do is combatting monsters, doing some dungeons, and accomplishing some quests. For beginners, doing quests is highly recommended as they will reward you with a high amount of XP. Once the quests no longer meet your needs, it will be time to set feet in some territory and start slaying mobs. By doing so, you will obtain not only XP but also gems.

How to Get Free Gems in Eternium

There are many tricks to get more gems. An easy way is to finish the story mode. But keep on mind that a run won’t give you that much, but in the long term, you will surely gather a lot that s if you are wise and save them.

Another way of obtaining gems is from mobs. It doesn’t matter what kind of mobs you slay as there is always a chance of getting your hands on epic loots such as ad boxes. The latter will give you gems for watching an add. How neat is that?

By doing achievements and quests on a daily basis you can be assured that you will earn some gems. But bear in mind that you can only do the achievements for once while for the quests you can complete them each day over and over again.

Get a Companion

A companion will always be by your side no matter the circumstance. Even though they aren’t good fighters, they are undoubtedly loyal. In fact, you will receive some free ones in addition to the option of buying them from the store.

Each hero has a unique companion, one that has skills of his own as well as a bonus aura that would benefit the player. Another fact to note is that this companion shares the same stats as you, so the better your gear, the stronger he gets. What are you waiting for?

Guide on Crafting Jewelry in Eternium

Legendary items, which are rare to come by, outmatch any common or uncommon ones. Crafting is by far the best method to get your hand on rare, uncommon, and rare items. This option is available once you reach the level required by the game. By using the Crafting tab, you can quickly assess your items outputs percentage (Rare, Epic, Legendary, or Uncommon).


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