Guide and Tips in How to Play and Survive in Into The Dead 2

In this Guide we are going to talk about the various tips and cheats in how to play and survive in Into The Dead 2.

Guide and Tips in How to Play and Survive in Into The Dead 2

Eradicate The Zombies

One of the most comfortable ways to acquire new weapons gears is to craft modern firearms is to play the “Daily” game mode. This mode will enable you to equip a daily selected weapon by the game and slay around 250 zombies to farm the missing parts available on that particular day. This is the perfect opportunity to develop your firearms and enlarge your stock of weapons!

However, there is a small drawback regarding this mode which is that the game doesn’t always provide you with a powerful gun so you may find it hard to kill 250 zombies using a garbage firearm! Yet, there is still the chance of having a better and faster gun that can even do multi-damage or one shot kill your enemies. This mode requires experience. Therefore, it will be nearly impossible to get your 250 kills on the first try, and you may need to make more attempts until you nail it!

Complete Events Quest

Guide and Tips in How to Play and Survive in Into The Dead 2

After spending some time playing the game, it came to my attention that one of the best ways to farm new weapons is by joining “survival” events. They generally consist of three events, and some of them offer weapons while others provide some coins or gold or even guns gears. The ones that compensate you with arms are usually a bit challenging but as long as you collect “survival points” there is a high chance of further climbing the leaderboard and scoring better prizes as soon as the event ends.

Even if the event expires and you’re not ranked among the top 3 or 100 do not panic ! . You’re still getting parts or currency by simply taking part in the event, you can use those gun parts to craft new weapons which would assist you when you try to run through those zombies.

Craft Weapons By Using Parts

What is the next step after accomplishing events, daily missions…? Well, first of all, you should take have in mind that whenever you start crafting a gun, it costs coins to do so and that once you are done, you will need to spend more coins to upgrade it. I also recommend you to avoid upgrading a gun that isn’t as powerful as the one you already possess! Save your coins and use them on a more useful gun! Unless you enjoy playing with the same old rifle, I advise you to buy a new and more powerful one when the opportunity is provided.

Trust me it will be for the best! Second, if you are dying to acquire a specific weapon and don’t have the needed parts to craft, you can simply jump into the store, more specifically to lockboxes. This way you can either obtain free part every three days or pay 200 gold and get 20+ pieces. It came to my attention that an attempt to make gold in this game a challenging currency was made yet it is as easy as coins to acquire. You can even trade gold for silver. This can come handy when you are short on silver coins!

Into The Dead 2 Best Tips And Tricks To Play The Game

Play The Survival Mode And Aquire Parts

After clearing some levels in Chapter 2, Survival Mode will be available. In this mode, one ticket will give you a chance to attempt surviving hordes of zombies across many levels. Each level will get more challenging as you advance. In other words, you will need a more powerful weapon at your disposal to be able to get far!

After leveling up a bit, you will acquire A weapon Lockbox you with more weapon parts the more you advance further in Survival Mode. If you die, you have only one chance of reviving by using two ticks, or you can use one ticket and start over from the beginning. If you have a high skill of dodging zombies, Survival Mode is a significant income of weapon parts. Give it an attempt whenever you have some tickets!

Optimizing Perks

While playing the game for a couple of days and slaughtering a few thousand zombies, It came to my mind that some items would surely help you during your endless escape from zombies. Such items would be “perks” which can drop them from loot boxes, events, story mode, and so on…

There are rare to find if you ever end up coming across them, you should savor them! They will give you many advantages such: Faster firing, reload, more starting ammo, and much more. During your run, they will enable you to annihilate far more zombies and avoid certain death. As I previously mentioned perks are not easy to come by and some ways will make this task easy for you.

Guide and Tips in How to Play and Survive in Into The Dead 2

The primary way to facilitate your objective of farming more perks is by replaying or playing some story mission and achieving the goals post on each chapter’s episode. For example, if you successfully kill 80 zombies, you will be rewarded with a star, and once you acquire 10 of them, you will be paid with a loot box that contains items and parts. I’ve secured from 2 up to 6 perks per loot box in story mode.

Another alternative which I consider it helpful when it comes to getting more perks is by taking part in events. Events are considered the optimal mean of getting more silver coins, gold, and even perks! Granted I haven’t got a ton of perks, but I have got the right quantity of them that it’s worth suggesting that you should try giving some events a chance.

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