Cheats, Tips and Guide on How to Play on Temple Run 2

How to Play on Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 is not an easy game here is a guide on how to play on Temple Run 2. You begin with Guy Dangerous and can easily unlock more characters in the upgrades menu. One essential difference between the original and Temple Run 2 is that characters get a unique powerup, which makes unlocking them more crucial. As soon as it is unlocked, this powerup can be used with any kind of character, so you aren’t forced to use the main character always.

  • Dangerous Guy: Special Power – Shield, which helps protect against hazards.
  • Scarlett Fox: Special Power – Boost, which propels you forward.
  • Barry Bones: Special Power – Coin Bonus, an instant 50 coin bonus.
  • Karma Lee: Special Power – Score Bonus, an instant 500 point bonus.

Coins aren’t worth anything it if they get you killed. As you run more, the game will get more difficult. This is a good time to stop stressing over coins and keep concentrating on future obstacles, and coins will be a result of that.

The Coin Magnet, Double Value, and the Mega Coin power-ups are excellent choices to unlock immediately. These powerups will support you in gaining coins quicker, which means you’ll be able to unlock other powerups quickly. Keep in mind that the “Resurrect” powerup needs to be made use of before you die. It won’t do you much good after you are dead. Lots of barriers meant to be slid under can easily be hopped over as well, such as the fire trap.

It’s much easier to see what is coming next when you are hopping, so know how to dodge properly, either up or down. Learn to recognize patterns. In the beginning, the hurdles are somewhat simple, yet as you progress, they come at you quicker.

You should keep your eyes on the next hazard and be ready to jump after a slide, turn after a slide, etc. Going too quick? You can slow down by running over a tree twig or running across a wall to slow down, however, be careful, if you do it two times in a short amount of time the monkeys will catch you. The Temple Run Tip You Should Never Forget: You can turn while leaping or sliding. This can save you if you accidentally push the jump button on a jump right before to a turn.

How to Play on Temple Run 2


  • Focus: Often people fail the mission because of too much focus and pressure. The key to surviving these holes and traps is to follow your instincts and focus on the road ahead solely. Don’t worry about what will come next, . Spread out your screen so that you can focus on what’s coming directly in front of your character.
  • Objectives: Active objectives are visible on the screen and you should always finish them. It has various advantages such as an increase in levels, unlocking of gems and coins, and in multipliers.
  • Surviving Cliff Hangers: If you’ve seen cliff hangers i.e. the areas that are damaged from one side and only have a single safe passage, then you must know that surviving them is no easy task! As soon as you see them jump on the right, while you are in the air lean on the safe road and you’ll instantly land on the safe side. This technique is especially helpful in long runs when just leaning is not sufficient to reach the safe spot in time. On the contrary, jumping and leaning simplifies the process.
  • Use PowerUps at the right time: Temple Run 2 has a total of 6 power-ups and each of them can be unlocked after achieving a certain amount of coins. For example, the first power up can be unlocked after achieving 200 coins, the second one after 300 coins and so on. If you want to retain your high score then you should utilize your power-ups wisely. For instance, Boost power-up is very beneficial for longer runs, Coin Magnet is helpful in keeping hold of high score and coins etc. Also, don’t waste your time in trying to collect power-ups that are found near a cliff or a pitfall. If you can easily acquire them, well then go for them; otherwise, just let them go! There are some power-ups that are better at earning more coins, good scores, and more runs as compared to others. In case you are after coins and more scores, the best power-ups can be the Coin Magnet but it is opened at level 5. You need to finish your active objectives in order to level up to this level. Coin Magnet offers some assistance with unlocking skills quicker, as one can have significantly more coins with the help of it. The Boost power-up is going to offer help to run longer. Boost power-up will support you to run more distant in the map with totally maintaining a distance or avoiding from all the obstacles in the way.
  • Double Obstacles: At some point in the game you will come across two back to back obstacles, usually it’s a river and a spiked wheel. The key to tackling these obstacles is in jumping at the right time. You need to rely on your instincts and jump in a way that both obstacles get covered in it. Wait till the first obstacle is in sight and then initiate the leap!
  • Mine Carts: Mine Carts areas are easier to control after a little bit of practice. You just need to remember a few things: do not lean on the cart unless absolutely necessary and that usually happens when it passes through the missing track section. Plus, do not keep trying on over getting gems. Collect the ones that are easily accessible. Collecting more gems is not worth if you die in the process. Also, keep your mine cart a bit tilted to the right. This will enable you to reach for the gems more easily.
  • Red Tiles: Red tiles are not difficult obstacle but they can be hard to spot when they appear in combination with other obstacles. The best way to survive them is to lean around a bit on the ground instead of jumping above them. If you start practicing this move from the beginning then you will face fewer problems in the long run when you spot them out of the blue.
  • Gems: At level 9 of the game you will be able to unlock the Gem Bonus ability. You can combine this gem with other gems (2 per boost) to gain a rating of 5 Gem bonus on your boost meter. This is the best way to farm gems to be used in “Save Me” (the after-death round that can be played in exchange for gems).
  • Upgrades: From time to time your abilities need to be upgraded; otherwise you will start losing score. Your first and foremost priority should be coin upgrades. These coins are very useful in clearing the rounds. Secondly, you should focus on upgrading the score multiplier and then on the pickup spawns. After that, you are free to follow the upgrades of your choice.

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