Cheats, Tips and Guide on How to Achieve a High Score in Subway Surfers

How to Achieve a High Score in Subway Surfers


Completing missions is important to achieve a high score. With each mission you complete, your multiplier increases by 1. If your multiplier is 1 and your score is 200, then your final score will also be 200. But if your multiplier is 30, the same score of 200 will end up being 6,000. As such, pay attention to your missions. You want to reach Mission Set 30 as fast as you can. Getting high scores will be easy. The best part is that missions are cumulative. For instance, if the mission is to complete 2 daily challenges, and you complete one today, you might be able to complete the other tomorrow.

Tips to Achieve a High Score in Subway Surfers

  1. Increasing your lifespan: In this game is something that you must consider a necessity. You play the game and once you get up to a million coins in cash, get a hoverboard. The use of hoverboard will give you extra protection.
  2. Get a Bouncer Board: There are many types of board in Subway Surfers. However, if you want to jump higher so that you can run on top of trains, then you have to get the Bouncer board. The bouncer board helps you to jump over trains. But with other boards, you will have to swipe left and right to stay away from trains.
  3. There are so many advantages of running on top of trains. One obvious benefit of staying on the top of trains is that it gives you a clear vision of the road ahead of you, and you can jump and climb another train. However, if you decided to be swiping from left to right, there are possibilities that you might make a mistake.
  4. One of the things that you have to ensure that you do is to finish your mission. Missions give you the opportunity to have a 2X extra reward. If you finish all the mission, you get 30 times multi player bonus from the mission.
  5. Gather more than enough coins. As you run on trains and you see coins, you have to collect those coins because these coins will give you enough bonus when you the in the game. It will increase your points. From your coins bonus, you can purchase boards and other gaming tools. When you gather coins, you will be able to buy hover boards and move with speed.
  6. Jumping while playing this game is what you will be doing. However, over jumping can be a problem. When you jump too much, or you are jumping excessively, you can cancel your jump. All that you need to do is swipe down immediately after you jumped and the jump that you initiated will be cancelled. That is the way to have a full control of where you land while playing this game.
  7. Collecting shining powerups as you race along rail tracks will boost your points and the coins you are collecting.

Best hoverboards to use in Subway Surfers

There are lots of hoverboards in Subway Surfers.  But these are the top ones that can help you gain a lot of points and increase your chances of finishing missions, gaining coins and points.  

  1. Bouncer Board: Bouncer Hoverboards will have a “Super Jump” ability. All Bouncer hoverboards will automatically grant you to use the “Super Sneakers’ powerup, making gameplay experience slightly easier.
  2. Teleport Board: Its special ability is zapping sideways; that is, transporting from one lane to another instantaneously.
  3. Lowrider Board: Lowrider board will protect you from crashing for up to 30 seconds. This hoverboard has the ability to stay low avoiding the tallest obstacles.
  4. Daredevil Board: This hoverboard has the ability to increase its speed.
  5. Windglider Board: The most expensive board in the game, and as the name of the board sounds, it is a glider indeed. This board is shaped like a plane in appearance. The special power of this hoverboard gives the ability that after you jump wings stick out and you glide for a few seconds, and while the super sneakers are activated it glides higher, allowing you to glide over trains and other obstacles.

Extra tips and tricks on how to play in Subway Surfers

How to Achieve a High Score in Subway Surfers
  • While running you will see ramps at the end of some trains, use these ramps to jump on top of trains to avoid obstacles and collect coins. Remember that avoiding obstacles is easier than trying to move through them!
  • Time your movements with exact precision. Don’t worry this is the tricky part of the game and takes time to get the hang off. But if you keep an eye out on how to successfully time your movements and slowly keep improving, there is no doubt you will succeed in getting a better score in the game.
  • You can even switch lanes while you are rising in the air. So, if you see a bunch of obstacles waiting for you on the ground, just swipe to another lane and avoid them like a true player. You can also switch lanes in midair if you see more coins in the other lane, so use this to your advantage and always keep a sharp eye on the track.
  • Another trick is canceling the jump. Due to the animating action of the game, sometimes just out of pure reflexes you will start jumping unnecessary and can miss out on power-ups and coins. But you can easily cancel the jump by swiping down and your character’s feet will remain on the ground. However, this does not work if your player is already soaring high in the sky.
  • Some hoverboards will cost a lot of those valuable coins that you are so hell-bent on collecting, but trust me these boards are worth every cent. Not only do they look super cool and increase your overall speed, but these boards are also the only thing that will protect you in case you crash against an obstacle. Normally the run is over the moment you collide, but with a hoverboard will give you an extra chance to keep running. So, if you know that all hope is lost and you are about to collide with an obstacle, simply double tapping the screen to activate the hover board. Make sure you do not use this emergency plan if you have just started a run, only use it when you have covered substantial distance.
  • Do not ignore missions as they can help you improve your overall score and experience level at a faster rate.
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself if a mission seems impossible, they are specifically designed to add a challenge to the game.
  • Do not try to complete each task in one run, rather spread them out and complete a small quantity of missions every run.
  • If a mission is really dragging you down and is getting really annoying, then just use coins to skip them. Of course, you cannot use coins to skip every mission as this will kill the purpose of the whole game.
  • Sometimes make the mission your sole priority; briefly forget about the distance and coins. Just focus on completing the missions assigned, this will help you complete the missions with much ease.

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