Board Kings Tips, Tricks and Guide

Learn best Board Kings tips for free only at NPCgaming. Today we will take you to Board games tricks which you can use in-game to win the match easily. Board Kings is an android game published by Jelly Button Games.

Board Kings Tips & Tricks:

Enhance The Cheapest Tiles First

Many of the titles featured on the board do not have any bonuses. Once stepped on, they provide you with a certain number of coins. They are presented as houses, and you can upgrade each one of them. Even though each upgrade requires you to spend a certain amount of coins, the amount of coins they provide you with is equal.

For instance, promoting normal tiles to level 2 will gain you five additional coins and so on for each title stepped onto. So, upgrade low costed tiles first, and once all the cheap ones are upgraded move forward into upgrading the rest.

Once you do that, you’ll acquire more coins as more upgraded tiles will be available on the board and sooner or later you will end up quickly upgrading all standard tiles . Recall, regular tiles can be upgraded endlessly, and higher levels will require gems. So, once you perceive that in order to upgrade regular tiles you need to spend gems, complete leveling up other tiles (the one that consumes gems) prior to taking up gem-hungry tile to the next level.

Enhance The Cheapest Tiles First

Select Players That Have The Most Bunnies

Coins and Bunnies collecting process is identical; all you got to do is to step on houses. You may also acquire them by upgrading your buildings and completing quests. Simply earn more bunnies to have a higher chance of storing much more coins in your stash. Once you select a player to invade, do not forget to select the player with the highest amount of bunnies collected.

The Best Is To Wait For Your Rolls To Fully Refill Before Playing The Game

When you first begin Board Kings, you’ll be given a certain amount of freerolls. You only have two alternatives, once you spend them. The first one is either to pay gems, gained by playing or bought with concrete money, for new rolls, or you can be patient and await your rolls to be refilled.
Now, the best way is to wait for your roll meter to fill up (to get 30 rolls) rather having merely a couple of rolls at your disposal. When you wait for the meter to fill up you maximally, you will get to play longer, to possess extra coins, and to upgrade additional house tiles.

By performing a couple of rolls (you get for every hour) won’t give you – in most often – the needed amount of coins for an upgrade, so there will be an unrequired number of coins on your board, coins which can be easily snatched by other players.

Board kings tips

To play all rolls and then to spend as many coins as possible is the most efficient strategy. That way your coin stash will become as humble as it could be.As a result, other players would not be interested in your board as they won’t be able to snatch many of your coins. Since, apart from snatching your coins, other players may also seek to demolish your buildings, to simply possess a small coin stash will loosen the interest of other players in visiting your board, preventing you from falling prey to them. You will be at peace with no need to waste coins to repair damaged buildings.

When Arrested Spend Rolls for the Chance of Getting Double Rolls

Once you stop by other player boards, there is a high chance that you would be held captive by stepping on the tile, a tile occupied by a police car. The only way for you to have your freedom back is to roll doubles. A game option would be provided to you which will require you to pay a certain amount of coins to break out of the prison.

Rolling double is extremely difficult, and for that reason, a lot of rolls would be needed. We advise you to pay the coin penalty instead of attempting to roll doubles. Most of the time the fines merely cost just a couple of hundred of coins, an amount that can be quickly earned again with only a few rolls. There is no better way than using your highly valued rolls to get a double.

Board kings tricks

Don’t Spend on the Vending Machine

There are an indefinite amount of new playing figures (called totems), in Board Kings, to unlock. You will not gain any bonus from them, nor will you be granted extra coins if you step on houses or onto a bank. You will be able to discover new figures by merely stepping onto the vending machine. The former will give you gifts once in a while, but in many cases, it will oblige you to spend around 30 gems to get yourself a prize. Since prizes contain unique and limited new figures editions, It will be wise to save your hard-earned gems by not using them and to use the vending machine when no alternative way for a free prize is available.

Save Gems to Buy Extra Rolls

The most highly valued currency in the game is gems. You can earn them by stepping on the Gem bank, or by merely stoping by other player boards. Another way of acquiring them is by purchasing them with real money . Know that 80 gems would give you ten extra rolls. This may seem like a poor deal, yet it can be a life-saving offer in time of need.

Do not waste your gems and only spend them on buying additional rolls in time of need. Such cases may occur when you are short on rolls but have the exact number of coins required for an upgrade. Or when you are in need for a small number extra rolls to lead out a couple of more cop cars before closing the game.

Do not forget, this can be a valuable assist. However, use wisely and only when you are in a pinch. Thus, you will have the opportunity to use all of your coins before exiting the game, loosening the interest of other players to invade your board.

Don’t Waste Time Watching Ads

Board Kinks will offer you from time to time the opportunity to get extra rolls by watching ads. In similar games that provide you with the option of ads for coins, this mechanism can be considered useful. However, in Board Kings advertisiment last half a minute most of the time, and only get rewarded with only one additional roll! To waste much time just to be able to roll dice once more is an awful offer.

Ignore the ads offer; the prize is not worthy. This may only come handy when you are short on a few amounts of coins to be able to afford a house upgrade. Then and only then watching ads can be a bit helpful as you can earn up to a thousand coins by doing so. Thus, if run out of rolls and you need a small number of coins, watch an ad. If any other scenario occurs, overlook the offer.

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