Best Recommended Settings to Play and Win in PUBG Mobile

Every player in PUBG mobile wants to win every match they play. Although most of the time it comes down on your various in game settings. In this article we are going to talk about the best recommended settings to play and win in PUBG Mobile.

Recommended Settings to Play and Win in PUBG Mobile

Peak and fire options

Peaking behind a tree or a house will help you in avoiding being easily spotted while looking for enemies or being shot by the enemy.

These are the options for the “Peak & Fire” option:
By enabling the “Peak & Fire” option once you peak with your gun, your character will shoot. By enabling the “Peak & Open Scope” your character will automatically use the scope you attached to the gun you’re using while peaking. Then now you have to decide if you want to “Tap to lean” or just “Hold to lean“. In my opinion, if you are a new player you should enable all these settings and use the “Hold to lean” option. This will help you in shooting from behind rocks or trees without tapping the wrong buttons.

When you shoot with your weapon you will notice that your has a vertical recoil. If you shoot while peaking you will notice that vertical recoil of your weapon is slightly decreased. This means you will have a higher accuracy on hitting your enemy. Always hide behind a rock or a tree when shooting to an enemy. By doing this he will have a hard time finding your position and to shoot as most part of your body will be covered from the object you decided to use as a cover.

If you are a new player I would also recommend you to enable the “Aim assist” as it will help you in controlling your aim while shooting the enemy. If you are an expert in the game you might consider taking of the aim assist as it prevents you from getting headshots. As well I would enable the “Blocked by a wall” option. This last option will warn you when your aim is blocked by a wall and can’t shoot.

If you find any problems with seeing your crosshair don’t hesitate to change it. I suggest choosing the green or blue color.

Graphic settings

Having a high frame rate will make the game perform better, this will allow you to easily spot and shoot enemies without having FPS issues. So in case you want to play without lag you should choose the maximum frame rate possible for your mobile device and the lowest graphic quality. As style effect i would suggest you to choose the “Colorful” style. With this option i could see clearly the enemies.

How to unlock the “Extreme” frame rate:

  • Set quality to “Smooth”
  • The “Extreme” frame rate will appear an option
  • Then set your frame rate to “Extreme”
  • Do take care about playing in Extreme mode. It will consume the life energy of your mobile battery and could make your device a bit hot if you keep playing for long hours.
  • Not every mobile device has this option available!

You might need to consider to disable these options to avoid any weird drop in frame rates and to make sure your mobile device won’t lag or overload. By disabling the Anti-aliasing you will reduce the heat that your mobile device produces.

Control Settings

Pick a control setting that works best for you. Before dropping into a match have at least a quick exercise with each setting to see which satisfy your needs.

User Interface

In case you don’t like the default user interface you can actually change them. In case you just started with the game, I would suggest you to stick with the default settings. Once you’re more familiar with the game you could modify the user interface as you desire.


Again if you are a new player i would stick with the default setting. To adjust the right sensitivity setting to your preference i would suggest you to practice in the training mode. With the training mode you can have a quick feeling of the sensivity.

Auto Pick-Up Option

If you are not an expert player of the game you should absolutely enable the auto pick-up function. This option will auto pick up backpacks, helmets, and vests. In case you find a higher level backpack, helmet or vest this function will auto replace them with your current gear. The auto pick-up function works also on guns, attachments, ammo, scopes and weapon’s magazines. I advise not to switch off the auto pick-up function as it saves you time from looting dead bodies.

Audio Settings

It is important that you play with the in game audio on. Hearing footsteps and gun shots could help you in finding where are the enemies. An advice i could give is to play the game with earphones making the audio better and will totally help you in localizing the enemy quicker.

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