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The Top 10 Best Maps in Modern Warfare 3 (MW3)

Though Modern Warfare 3 is not considered to be the best Modern Warfare game out of the series, nobody would disagree that it has a few great maps in all of Modern Warfare. Today we’ll be going over our list of the top 10 best maps in Modern Warfare 3

Best Maps In Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) List:

. Don’t forget to tell us your favorite map in the comments down below and without further ado, let’s get right into it.

10. Outpost

Outpost is a exciting map in mw3

Outpost is a pretty exciting map, but it is one of those forgotten maps in Modern Warfare 3. The snowy atmosphere adds a layer of complexity as your vision is reduced. The layout of this map is excellent, and it is not symmetrical with a unique set up. Many sightlines for different kinds of players.

Outpost is not the best Modern Warfare 3 map; it’s the worst of the best, that’s why it is so low on the list. But that doesn’t make it a bad map, it is a good solid map.

9. Baakara

baakara is a good map in modern warfare 3

This is also one of the maps that get overlooked by a lot of players. The map features an asymmetrical layout, and the design is outstanding. This feels very much like it is from Modern Warfare 1. It is a three-lane map which is rarely done by Infinity Ward. This map does its job, remains functional with good design and on top of all fun to play.

8. Mission

mission is a nice map to play in mw3

The map layout provides a lot of variety with the features of this map such as pads allow the player different gameplay styles to choose from. It is a high-density map with lots of buildings compared to the outside. This map isn’t one of the prettiest maps as the design isn’t too appealing, but it is a good one.

7. Hardhat

hardhat is an annoying map to play in mw3

This map is one of the most annoying maps to play on with all of the campers and stuff like that. Don’t get me wrong, this map is great with its design, layout, has interesting features such as the pipes and is a lot of fun to play on. But it is just as infuriating as it is amazing, if not more. Many players would have this map higher on their list, but the annoying factor brings it down for me. If you want a challenge while testing your patience, definitely check out this map.

6. Seatown

seatown is a circular map in modern warfare 3

It is a circular map with lots of pathways and routes intertwining and lots of different leveled ground. The complex design of this map makes it very fun to play as danger is probably lurking behind every corner. Lots of fights take place in this map with SMG and shotgun players mostly dominating the play with also good places for campers.

5. Fallen

fallen is a fun to play map with a great design

Fallen is a lot of fun to play, and it has a great design. It has a fascinating layout that reminds me of a lot of previous Modern Warfare titles. It is a small map in comparison with lots of features. It’s an enjoyable map to play, and you must definitely check it out.

4. Arkaden

arkaden has a great design compared to the other maps

Arkaden’s design is different from the other maps on this list. It has a unique design compared to other Modern Warfare 3 maps. The design of this map is excellent, but the layout fails to be on par with the design. This is a very vertical map with lots of cool places and features. This map is on the larger side with the mall and areas outside the mall, but it doesn’t hold back on the fun factor.

3. Underground

underground is an appealing map in mw3

This is another visually appealing maps, and it plays really well. It is a three-lane map which again, Infinity Ward does not usually make. The design is great featuring an old London subway station with the station in the middle and subway on the side. Really cool map with lots of interesting places to shoot from. This was a very underrated map, and, sadly, this map did not make a return in any future titles.

2. Resistance

resistance is the 2nd best maps in modern warfare 3

This map is a visual masterpiece as it is stunning and has something special and about it. It has a unique layout and a unique setting which makes it feel weird that this map is in a Modern Warfare game and I’m not saying that it is a bad thing. It made a comeback in a later game.

It is a really nice and fun map to play in. Some players dislike this map but I find to be very fun with a modern architectural design and lots of features like a grind session on the left, staircase on the right with buildings in the middle, lots of pathways connecting each other which made it one of those maps which was not really a three-lane map but it definitely feels like a three-lane map which worked really well with this map which is a ton of fun.

1. Dome

dome is one the best maps in modern warfare 3

And my top pick for the best map in Modern Warfare 3 is Dome. There was really no doubt about it. It is the best mixture of Rust and Shipment where Dome is okay for 1v1s, but it is also good for team battles. This map may not be one of the most visually appealing since its a bland design with all muted colors. But what it lacks in design, it makes up for in gameplay.

This map is straight-up chaotic. This map is just classic Modern Warfare 3 chaos at its best, and it showcases what makes the Modern Warfare 3 sandbox so much fun. Every single style of gameplay is viable on this map with features like lanes, pathways, and interesting places to go to and things to see. This map is loads of fun, and it has a Modern Warfare 2 aesthetic about it, which is a plus as a nostalgic factor for certain player.

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