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The Top 10 Best Maps in Modern Warfare 2 (MW2)

Modern Warfare 2 has multiple maps in it, which include great and mediocre ones. But the good ones outnumber the average maps. Modern Warfare 2 is also considered to have one of the best maps in all of Call of Duty by many players. It is true as this game has many great maps. Today we are going to go over the 10 best maps in Modern Warfare 2 in our opinion.

Best Maps in Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) List:

It is difficult to narrow it down to 10, so don’t feel bad if your favorite map isn’t on the list; there were many good maps to choose from. Let us know in the comments below what is your favorite map in Modern Warfare 2.

10. Overpass

Modern Warfare 2 - Overpass

Overpass has been a great map since back in the day, and it still holds to this day. It is a bit larger than the other maps on this list and has a lot of obstacles like buildings. But rushing is surprisingly a viable tactic in this map. It is also a gorgeous map even after many years.

9. Invasion

Invasion is a map designed to close combats in modern warfare 2

This map was designed to encourage close combat between players which works well. It has a lot of buildings and a relatively higher amount of engagement with other players, which makes the intention of the designers play out.

It has good sniper spots, but you don’t feel the fact that you’re sniper fodder because if you and your team know what you are doing, you can control the map quite well. It’s always fun to play on this map with its constantly engaging battles, which is very enjoyable for people looking for those.

8. Estate

estate is a chaotic map in mw2

Estate shouts chaotic in every sense of the word. It may not be continually engaging like Invasion is, but when things go down all hell is raised. Teams would always fight for supremacy over the map’s estates and surrounding areas. It is also a great asymmetrical multiplayer map with great sniping spots and perfect and long sightlines.

And the design of the map is very contrasting with the kind of battles that take place here. Estate’s design looks like a very calm and tranquil mountainside with all the estates, trees, and a hilly vibe; but the battles that take place here are nothing like that, not in the least.

7. Scrapyard

scrapyard is a fan favorite map in modern warfare 2

Scrapyard is a must-have on the list as it is a fan-favorite and for a good reason. It is one of Infinity Ward’s best three-lane maps which they rarely make. This map, however, is excellent; you have four buildings on each side of the map which the teams fight to seize control of, and it also has an area in the middle which is almost always in a chaotic fight.

Aesthetic-wise, this is a very classic design with scraps of planes in the middle area and destroyed landscapes and buildings, fires, all giving off a post-war vibe.

6. Favela

favela is a controversial map in the world of mw2

Though Favela was a controversial map in the past, right now, it is excellent. It is one of the only vertical maps that Infinity Ward created, and it is a vertical map done right.

This map is in an urban setting with all the buildings, tight spaces, and high-density building area. You never know where anyone is unless you see them; and if you take your eyes off even for a second, they can disappear. Mobility-wise, it’s a lot of fun as you can jump over buildings and such.

5. Highrise

highrise is also known as skyrise in modern warfare 2

This map is also known as Skyrise among many Advanced Warfare players. It’s set in a skyscraper area where you can jump on buildings, cranes, and machinery if you’re skilled enough with your jump.

Highrise requires you to be careful while moving as you can jump off to your death – a lot. This map is a three-lane map with long sightlines. What makes this map even more exciting is the fact that the bottom-middle section had a tunnel that players could use to counter the dominance of snipers in the game – which added more complexity to the game.

4. Skidrow

skidrow is one of the best maps in modern warfare 2

Skidrow is one of the most beautiful in the game with an elegant and refined design featuring a residential area in a more modern architectural design than Favela. This map demands the players to be more creative and thinking up ways to deal with their opponents.

Teams would fight to guard their area and try eliminating the opposite side and claim their field to prepare and face the next wave of attack. This map doesn’t have any gun dominating it as snipers did in Highrise initially.

3. Sub Base

sub base is a fantastic map to play in mw2

Sub Base is fantastic and rightfully deserves the third place on this list. It is an asymmetrical map with teams mostly having their own base. This gave players a clear idea of where to rush with the most chance of success the enemy base.

But, the smarter players opted a different route and used their base as bait to lure in their enemies. SMG players dominated this map as speed and fire rate is crucial for success. It also has a great layout. It is set in a snowy, multi-leveled map with open spaces in between.

2. Rust

rust is the smallest map to play in mw2

Rust is the smallest map in Modern Warfare 2. It was popular to stage 1v1s due to its size. If anyone had to settle a fight, they did it here. Rust is set in an oil yard in the middle of a desert. There is not much to be said about this map, but it is one worth checking out.

1. Terminal

terminal is one of the top, amazing and best maps in modern warfare 2

Terminal is just so amazing. It is so aesthetically pleasing, and it plays so well that there was never a doubt about any other map taking the first place. This map is a fan-favorite, and the love it deserves is justified.

Terminal must be checked out. It has a great layout with lots of exciting features like an airplane, metal detectors, etc. If you play Modern Warfare 2 or ever will, don’t forget to check this map out.

That is it for our list, hope you enjoyed it. Let us know if you agree with our list and if you don’t, drop yours down in the comments below.

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