Best Beginner PvP Builds in Albion Online

Today we’ll show you some easy, cheap yet powerful PvP Builds in Albion Online which the new characters and new players can use to progress in Albion Online efficiently. We have seen a massive amount of new players join the Albion Online community with the ‘Free to Play’ launch. Many of them include returning veteran players along with players new to the world of Albion.

The thing about Albion Online that is different from many other MMORPG games is that in other games, you are encouraged to equip the best gear that you own all the time and be as strong as possible; but in Albion Online that is not the case; in this game you have to learn to equip items tactically. To elaborate, in Albion Online, you aren’t expected to be wearing the best items in your possession; instead, you need to learn to equip stuff that is affordable to use as well as affordable to replace.

Your bank should always have multiple sets of gear as backups so that one loss doesn’t completely kill you financially. This integrates a higher sense of complexity in resource management all the while staying as powerful as possible; making the game all the more competitive. In this article, we will be going over builds that will be cheap to use and to replace as mentioned above. You can even farm the materials yourself, and no artifact equipment will be used, just basic equipment. With that being said, let’s move on to the builds.

Bloodlust Claws

Bloodlust Claws Albion Online
Bloodlust Claws

This particular build is a prevalent one and can be seen used by a massive amount of people in Albion Online. It has a multitude of uses, but one of its primary purposes is that it holds its own in solo PvP battles.

Leather is used in this build. Leather increases healing abilities in this build. So when paired with the Mercenary Jacket, the Jacket heals for 50 instead of 40. Our main weapon for this build is Claws. Dash is a lovely ability to be used. Later on, at higher levels, you get fantastic skills. But for beginners, Dash is vital as mobility is king in the open world. Disembowel is another potent ability which helps you deal damage to your opponent while they are locked down and helpless, which allows you to turn the fight in your favor.

We couple it with the Hunter’s Hood for the Head. The Hunter’s Hood is an essential item as it deals damage to your opponent as they attack you. This puts them in a tricky situation where they can’t attack you to damage you, but if they do, they are getting damaged. This can be helpful for you to quickly finish your opponent by combining the damage of your attacks with theirs. The Hunter’s Hood also increases resistances, which further cripples your opponent’s ability to damage you. For the Body, we are going with Mercenary Jacket.

This pairs excellently well with the Hunter’s Hood to become a force to be reckoned with. What the Mercenary Jacket does is, it heals 40 every time you damage your enemy. When paired with the Hunter’s Hood, when your opponent attacks you, they are dealt damage. And when you deal damage, you heal yourself for 40. When paired with Leather’s increase in healing abilities, it heals 50 instead of 40. This further closes down all your opponent’s options as the more they attack you, the more damage they take, and you get healed. For Boots, we are going with Soldier’s Boots. This is very commonly used in the open world because of its Wanderlust Ability. Wanderlust is a Mobility ability that takes you further and faster than any other ability as long as it doesn’t get Purged.

Hammer Guardian

Hammer Guardian Albion Online

This is more of a tanky, defensive type of build for all those who love to play with a solid defense.

This build is based around Plate Armour. It has access to Protective Instinct, which increases your Threat generation by 300. The main weapon for this defensive build is the one-handed Hammer. It offers a lot of CC and with the Earth Shatter ability. It has excellent Threat generation with the Heavy Cleave along with Threatening Strike, which is a Threat ability. Attack mobs with your Body or Poison Potion, bring them all together for tanking and attack them using Heavy Cleave to generate a high amount of Threat. Threatening Strike is your primary spam attack and around mobs, use Earth Shatter to stun them, making them unable to do anything.

For the Head, we are using the Soldier’s Helmet, which has access to the Block ability. Block gives you full immunity for 2 seconds, meaning, you won’t take any damage for 2 seconds. A bonus about the Block ability is that you can still move while it is activated. And as mentioned above, mobility is king. For Body, we are using Guardian Armour with the Enfeeble Aura ability. Enfeeble Aura reduces the damage output of your opponent’s within a 7-meter radius by 60% for 5 seconds and slows them by 15%. Phew, that’s a lotta numbers there. This can prove very effective against many bosses (not all) and powerful mobs.

We are using the Knight Boots for Boots. The Knight Boots have the ability Shield Charge which when you Dash towards a target, enemy or ally, you deploy a shield to yourself which absorbs damage and also deploys shield for your allies in the vicinity. It generates a good amount of threat. It is useful in a multitude of situations. Use it when your party is clumped up together when a mob is rushing your party etc. For the off-hand, we recommend going with the basic Shield, which offers CC resistance, a little bit of defence and increases your threat generation.

Great Nature

That ‘annoying’ immortal healing build that messes with people. This build is based around the Great Nature Staff. The Living Armour ability of the Great Nature Staff is super useful as it puts a shield around you, and it heals you as you are being attacked. Rejuvenation is also a great healing ability that is stackable. There’s also the Thorns which is your primary damage dealer which is needed to defeat opponents as you intermittently heal yourself.

The fact that you can heal yourself and put out damage over time makes this build a very viable one for Albion Online as you keep yourself alive while chipping of your enemy’s health. For the head, we prefer the Scholar Scowl. The reason we like it so much is that it has the Energy Shield ability which gives you 97 Physical resistance and 25 Magic resistance. When you’re being attacked the Scholar Scowl will regain your energy. With this particular build, you can keep yourself alive an endless amount of times. You can heal yourself, heal yourself by taking damage and on top of that you have the Scholar Scowl’s Energy Shield which helps you regain your mana.

For the Body, we suggest you go with Assassin’s Jacket because of its Invisibility ability. The Invisibility ability makes you umm invisible. You can give three stacks of healing and turn invisible; this lets you get healed while invisible and also let you reposition without the enemy’s knowledge. And most of the time the reposition is enough for you to get your shield up and get the Living Armor off and they are not going to be interrupting you, because they can’t. Living Armour does have a cast time of one second and is vulnerable to getting interrupted by your enemies. But with the Invisibility ability of the Assassin’s Jacket, you don’t have to worry about that. For Boots, once again, Soldier’s Boot with its Wanderlust ability.

Soldier Halberd

The complete ‘Soldier’ build This build is based around the Soldier items, mainly the Soldier’s Armour item. The weapon used in this build is the two-handed axe, Halberd from the axe line. The Halberd offers insane value even with very cheap armour builds. With the Halberd, we mostly use the Rending Swing, which applies a dot/bleed on the enemy. This is very helpful as not only does it bleed them out, it also reduces their healing. It also gives you good damage output.

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The next ability is one of the best armour pierces/armour reductions in the game of Albion Online, which is Deadly Chop. Though the wind up maybe a slight disadvantage, if the attack does hit, then you deal the enemy a considerable armour resistance. The final ability Tear Apart goes hand in hand with Deadly Chop. This can quickly help generate advantage. What Tear Apart does is, along with dealing a good amount of damage, if the enemy is bleeding, then all the enemies in the area will receive that bleed. This can efficiently take out mobs with great ease.

We are going with the Scholar Scowl for Head because, in this build, you can run into energy problems. This build can get quite energy intensive, so the Scholar Scowl is necessary to prevent us from having problems with our energy. The main focus of this build is the Soldier’s Armour with the Fury ability. The Fury ability, when activated, gives you stacks each time you take damage. As a result, the more damage you take, the more damage you put out. This makes your bleeds hit even harder; you can use your resistance from the Scholar Scowl to buff up your resistance and take less damage while dealing more because of the Soldier’s Armour’s Fury ability.

When you’ve got huge hoards of enemies together or when you have got bleeds on you, activate your Fury ability, charge up and you hit them with the massive power of the Tear Apart ability. For those of you who are wondering why aren’t going with the Soldier’s Helmet for Head, it is mainly because of the energy issues that we may have to deal with. Also, the Scholar Scowl helps in combos. But that does not mean that the Soldier’s Helmet isn’t viable; the Soldier’s Helmet can be really good in the right situation. If you are getting into a large fight, running into the back line and tearing them up with bleeds is very good.

In cases like that, the Soldier’s Helmet with the 2-second block ability is really good. The Block ability can help you get back out once you have reached deep in to deal you enemies damage. You have got two seconds to get out of their attacks and damage and try to break out with the Boots’ ability. Since we are doing a full Soldier build, we’ll go with Soldier’s Boots with the Wanderlust ability for Boots. In the open world, the Wanderlust ability is really good.

This build helps clear solo mob camps above dungeons or the roaming mobs because you could just run camp to camp while doing burst damage, killing all the crowds and then the natural regeneration ability of Plate Armour when you get out of combat will help you regain energy super fast in between mob camps.
This build can be very helpful in helping you complete your Adventurer’s Challenge on a daily basis. You can keep your character near a mob camp or one of the open world dungeons, and you can run between the camps in just a few seconds to complete your daily challenge.

Those were some of the cheap and affordable builds that you can use while you’re just starting Albion Online. These are only a few of the vast options out there. Try them out as you progress in the game and find one that suits your playstyle all while continuously improving yourself at the game. But for the beginning, we believe that these builds can help you.


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