Beginner Guide and Tips on How to Play in Era of Celestials

Era of Celestials is an innovative RPG game from Youzu, that blends single player game modes with multiplayer ones, offering players a broad variety of game modes they can play every day.

The game is focused around its single-player campaign that lies over several various maps and includes hundreds of different quests. Once you start in Era of Celestials, you can begin doing some quests to level up, and every ten levels or so your game options will be increased by the game that adds a new game mode, or a new special event, or a new process to enhance your weapons and gear.

Era of Celestials schools players with its vast collection of stuff that can be enhanced. You can improve your primary attacks along with your unique abilities, you can upgrade your equipment and weapons as well as other kinds of gear such as talismans and rings, you can level up your Celestial transformation (a unique, transformation that holds strong skills and super-powered attacks), you can then level up your followers, and much more.

When playing Era of Celestials you will continuously be able to enhance one thing or another, so be continuously informed and search for tiny red circles around menus, they are suggesting you that you can perform some action in different menus.

The game looks pretty great. Era of Celestials does not have excellent visuals and impressive effects like bloom effects, or impressive spell and skill effects but it offers specific detailed character and monster designs, beautiful surroundings, lots of different fields that give the game a sense of playing on a computer game, and compact sound effects that make fights more epic than they resemble like on screen.

You will instantly notice that Era of Celestials heavily supports the automatic way of playing the game. Most quests and fights can be completed without moving a finger, and that’s maybe a beneficial way of handling the gameplay because with automated combat and movement you can talk with other players, take care of different upgrades, accumulate prizes and do everything else while your character progresses within the game and gets powerful and stronger. And since serious battles begin after a couple of hours, there’s no necessity to play in manual mode during early-game.

After a while, the game can be a bit tough, but it will take a while before you see that maybe it could be obvious to advance further if you decided to get Diamonds (in-game premium currency). But don’t bother about premium features because you won’t notice any enormous disadvantages for players who don’t pay real money.

On the other hand, I discovered lots of techniques that can help you in leveling up quicker and get greater equipment at a more frequent pace, as well as a couple of methods meant for becoming more powerful quickly and efficiently. So, if you desire to know how to level up fast, unlock lots of extra game modes as well as get great equipment and lots of money during the early stages of the game keep reading and check out this impressive Era of Celestials beginner’s guide!

Beginner Guide and Tips on How to Play in Era of Celestials

Class to Pick in Era of Celestials

Beginner Guide and Tips on How to Play in Era of Celestials

It depends on your game style. We would advise you to go with the warrior or archer. You can generate a new character with a class at any time. Just reboot the game, and on the character choice screen, you can design a new character. You can shift to the previous one at any time.

  • Warrior: Melee fighter and massive hitter. Because of their large health points, warriors will be the best class for amateurs.
  • Archer: Best ranged damage dealer for single targets. Requires quick reflexes to dodge damage.
  • Mage: If you want to eliminate a massive group of enemies from a reasonable distance, the mage will be an excellent option. Though, due to weak health points, requires extra reflexes to dodge enemies attacks. Not a good choice for solo gameplay.

In Era Of Celestials, the primary goal is to improve the statistics of your character such as Health Points, Attack Power, Defense Power, and more. There are numerous ways to increase these characteristics.

  1. Defeat monsters and collect equipment.
  2. Get costumes (You can get outfits as a prize, by achieving achievements, and by taking part at events or from in-game store)
  3. Activate Title Bonuses (You can acquire titles by completing Achievements, winning contests, taking part at events, or as a Reward)
  4. Upgrade your Artifact (Arena Shop; Soul Stone)
  5. You can increase your statistics by just leveling up

On the main screen, at the top-right angle, you can view your health points, mana, and BR points of your character. Tap the character icon to get entree to the features mentioned above. Apart from these ways, there are many more ways to boost the power of character; such as the Gallery Entry Bonus, enhancing your gear, refining, utilizing the socket set, and more.

Using The Automatic Mode in Era of Celestials

We advise everyone to play Era of Celestials in automatic mode for the first couple of hours. This way you will level up with relax compared to playing the game in manual mode, you will be capable of checking out rewards, converse with other people and make some new mates, and improve your character, special abilities and gear while at the same time concluding quests and fighting monsters. This is especially useful for the first couple of hours because you will be blasted entirely by a massive selection of upgrades making it much more helpful to play in automatic mode.
The automatic mode should be deactivated during boss fights, during conflicts in the Arena, during particular special events such as the “Warrior Guard”, and “Boss Hunt”.

Don’t Forget The Daily Rewards

There is a massive quantity of daily prizes in Era of Celestials. On top of that, the game will compensate you for leveling up, doing quests, for daily logins, for performing specific actions, etc. To keep up with this large quantity of rewards the game grants, it is best to check out all the prize menus each time you log in. This way you won’t skip a single prize.

Don’t Miss Out on Special Events

As is the case with prizes, Era of Celestials grants a massive quantity of special events. There are like more than 30 and every ten levels, or so you will unlock extra ones. While the single-player campaign and its massive amount of quests is the primary source of experience, special events offer other types of prizes.

By taking part to special events, you can get new and greater equipment, enchantment resources used for improving your equipment and other items, loads of gold and rubies (the game’s second currency) and other prizes. And because there’s so many of them, we recommend you to first finish all the accessible events for that day and only then level up a bit by playing the single-player campaign.

During the first few of days, before you open better special events, you should complete the single player quests to make your hero strong. But after approaching level 170 or so you should first complete all daily and special events and only then play the single-player campaign. And check out the special events menu constantly because, while some events have a limited number of tries you can use to play them each day, others feature timers that offer a way to replay them regularly. And some events, example timed events, are accessible on specific days of the week, or at a particular time, each day so watch out for those.

Join a Guild as Soon as Possible

Guilds give loads of rewards for their members. You can get unique upgrades, receive regular pay just for staying in a guild, get special gear, be part of special guild events that bring loads of excellent equipment and loads of experience and resources, talk with guild members and get lots of new friends, and more. There are loads of guilds in Era of Celestials so make sure to seek one with many active members so you can get bigger guild-related rewards.

Leveling in Era of Celestials

Beginner Guide and Tips on How to Play in Era of Celestials

For a more in-depth guide on how to level quickly in Era of Celestic just click HERE

Grinding (killing monsters) for experience, isn’t very effective in Era of Celestials but few ways can offer lots of experience while at the same time providing you with other rewards. The first step is to open the “Gallery Entry” menu, select a card you desire to level up and then tap on obtain now.

The game will then bring you to the spawning location of a particular creep you want to get a card from, and your character will begin to eliminate them automatically. This isn’t the quickest way to gain experience, but at least you will have an opportunity to get new cards and level them up.

The second method is to play a special event called “EXP instance”. Just get the bonuses (only for attack and experience) and keep your character on automatic offense while the event remains. This is a useful way to get a bonus experience because each new wave is compromised out of stronger enemies.

There’s also the “Warrior Guard,” a kind of a tower defense special event where you fight waves of tougher enemies. You can play this event as much as you want as it is a different way to get additional experience.

Guide On The Gear/Equipment in Era Of Celestials

Beginner Guide and Tips on How to Play in Era of Celestials

Celestial/Divine (Dark Rainbow)

  • Highest statistics gear for a given grade, with Higher Attribute (Magnificent Hit +2).
  • It is intended for Pay2Win Players, either as top-up/diamond prizes.
  • A free way exist for weapons only through the guild championship streak/shutdown. These chests will regularly be of Grade 6 (G6).
  • A Celestial G6 is much more powerful than a Mythic G7, but a Mythic G8 is much greater than a Celestial G6.
  • To improve its grade, you need two items of the same gear and three pieces of Divine stone (You can get them from in-game events).
  • Example: A G7 Weapon needs two G6 weapon + three Divine Stone, A G8 Weapon needs four pieces of G6 weapon + nine Divine Stone.
  • Can be disassembled to get one Divine Stone + Legendary equivalent grade gear for a G6 Celestial.
  • Destroying a gear that is higher of G6 gear will return what was used to get it (Advanced Dismantling) to obtain lower grade Celestial.

Mythic (Rainbow)

  • Next powerful stat gear is Divine/Celestial and it will be always better than 3-star Legendary for a given grade.
  • Can be crafted using three items of 3-star Legendary equipment of the same kind and Mythic Stones (quantity differs per grade).
  • Reminder: Armors (Defensive Gear) uses Mythic Magic Stones.
  • Reminder: Weapons and accessories (Offensive gear) uses Mythic God Stones.
  • You can only use Weapon type Legends for Weapon, Accessories for accessories, and so on.
  • The number of Mythic stones needed increments per level. Example: Mythic G6 will require 2 pieces, G7 will require 4 pieces, G8 will require 6 pieces and so on.
  • Can also be disassembled to obtain all the Mythic stones used. Though Advanced Dismantle (uses Rubies) is required to retrieve all the legendary gear (same grade) used as material.

Legendary (Red)

  • This standard gear for common players.
  • Has 3 “classifications” (1-star, 2-star, and 3-star) with 3-star being the best overall.
  • Can be achieved through Crafting and as Boss drops or Event prizes (Dragon Slayer, Lava Expedition, etc.).
  • 2-star Legendary gear is crafted using three 3-star Epic (Yellow) equipment.
  • 3-star Legendary gear is crafted using three 2-star Legendary equipment.
  • The legendary gear is the best gear to achieve without spending or Diamond events.
  • Can be disassembled to get, Metallurgy crystals and Magic Residue required to power up Metallurgy skills.

Epic (Yellow)

  • Has 3 “classifications” (1-star, 2-star, and 3-star) with 3-star being used as crafting material for Legendary Gear.
  • Can be obtained through drops from Bosses.
  • You cannot enhance your 1-star gear to 2-star or 2-star gear to 3-star so it is better to be used for Metallurgy crystal.

Normal (Blue) and Rare (Purple)

  • Can be acquired as a common drop from any monster.
  • Frequently used as smelting materials for Metallurgy.

Common (Green)

  • Mostly sold for gold.

Advanced Guide On How To Play Era of Celestials

In case you need a more in-depth guide and tips to play the game just click HERE.


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