Albion Online Crop Farming Guide

This guide will hopefully show you how to do crop farming in Albion Online. Since the game was made free, many people have started playing it and enjoying the experience. So for all the new players (and veterans), this a quick guide on crop farming in Albion Online. Crop farming is very valuable in Albion Online as it is used to make consumable food for players and also to feed animals. If you are an animal breeder, then you have to farm your crops so that you can feed your animals. With that being said, let’s get right into the farming guide.

Albion Online Crop Farming Guide

Albion Online Crop Farming Guide

The first thing you need to do crop farming in Albion Online is an island. You can buy your island from the island merchants in whichever city you are currently in. One thing to keep in mind is that the city you buy your island from is going to be the only way that you can enter the island (as of 17 July 2019. Future updates may change that). So if you buy an island from a city, you cannot enter it from another city. You will have to go to the city where you purchased the island from for you to be able to enter your island. Always keep that in mind and think about it throughout about which city you want to buy your island from. But don’t burn your brains out thinking about this as it is not that important, but be sure to give it a thought. You do need the premium version to get a private island. Premium will cost you around 4 million silver which allows you to have access to a lot of stuff, including a private island.

Once you get your private island, you are going to have to upgrade it to at least the next tier, Tier 2 to get farming plots. Once you get your first farming plot, press H to go into the farming tab and scroll down until you see Farm, click on Build to build yourself a farm. Once you get a farm, you will see a piece of land that is an empty farming plot. Next, you have to go to the Farming Merchant that spawns on your island once you have upgraded your island to Tier 2. With the Farming Merchant, you can see the seeds that you can to plant on your farming plot. You can also buy animals from him, but that is not the topic of this article. You have to purchase the seeds that you want to farm. You are probably going to start with carrot seeds and gradually move on as you upgrade the tiers.

If you open your Destiny Board, you can see the one for farming, Harvester. In that node, you can see the three separate nodes for Animal Breeder, Crop Farmer, and Herbalist. Out of those, we are only going to talk about Crop Farming in this guide. You level up in Crop Farmer by farming like planting seeds on your plots, watering the plants ( if you have premium) and wait for them to grow. When they are grown, you can harvest them. By harvesting your fully grown crops, you get Fame, and you level up your Crop Farmer by gaining Fame. As you level up, you will be able to unlock higher tier foods.

After talking to the Farming Merchant and buying seeds from him, you have to plant your seeds. Since you start your progress with carrot seeds, you have to plant them in your farming plot. Carrots are very important as they make a lot of money and is edible for most of the animals in Albion Online. In conclusion, carrots are one of the most efficient crops to grow. If you have premium, then you have access to something called Focus.

Every 24 hours, you get ten thousand Focus. The Focus you gain can be stacked up to three days; so three day maximum for getting a total of thirty thousand Focus. You can click your Inventory to view how much Focus you own. Focus has a few uses; for you to water something, it will require some of your Focus. The reason why watering can help improve your crop farming is that it will increase the Projected Seed Yield by a significant amount.

Projected Seed Yield rate is the chance of you being able to get your seeds back, and in the early stages of Albion Online, you are very poor and will need all the help you can get. Since you only get ten thousand Focus per day if you have premium, it is advised that you water your crops with proper planning since just ten thousand Focus that you receive per day not be adequate for you to water all your plants in the later stages of your crop farming experience in Albion Online.

All of the crops that you farm are used to craft food like sandwiches, pie, etc. A lot of Gatherers and Fighters want as when a player consumes food, based on what they consumed; they are given a buff. The potency and type of buff are dependent on the tier and type of food that the player has consumed. So consume the food that gives you the buff that you need and farm the crops which yields the necessary ingredients to make that food. Planning correctly can go a long way in your Albion Online experience. Food is also essential for breeding animals as the animals require food to consume.

That’s it for this Albion Online farming guide, hope you guys found that helpful. Let us know what you thought about it down in the comments below and also tell what you would like to see in the future.


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