Albion Online Animal Breeding Guide

Animals are useful in Albion Online for a multitude of reasons. There are two types of animals available in Albion Online, domestic animals and wild animals. Domestic animals are grown to provide the player with meat and to be used as mounts whereas wild animals are useful in Albion Online for their offspring or their skin. Animals can also be used to make potions. This Albion Online Animal Breeding guide is a detailed one which will cover all aspects of breeding in-game.

As farming plots are to crops, pastures are to animals. A general way to go in Albion Online, according to us is, you should have one pasture for every two farming plots. This ensures that you will always have sufficient food to feed yourself and enough to feed your animals. Having two farming plots for every pasture is a very efficient way to stockpile your food in the early stages of the game.

Taking care of your animals by feeding them is important as you can make money off of the various items they give you in return. For example, you get milk, eggs, meat, etc. from your animals and you can sell them to make money. And in the early stages of Albion Online when you are poor, every penny counts. There is not much to cover in this section as most of it is basic stuff. You feed your animals, and they drop an item that can be helpful to you. For example, geese will drop eggs; cattle will give you milk, and so on.

Animals can be bought from the Farming Merchant in Albion Online. There are various ways in which you can make money from your animals on your personal island. One method is, you can have two pastures where you have animals in those pastures. Then plant and harvest carrot on farming plots. Go ahead and feed the carrots to your animals in the pastures and reap the benefits by taking the things they produced as a reward. Then take your animals to the butcher and get them slaughtered (yikes!). When you reach higher levels, you can do more strings as I like to call them. That is just an example just to show you a basic string. Play around with it and find one that you like to work with.

albion online animal breeding

A great way to make money in Albion Online is by making food and/or potions. Most of the other categories ether don’t make much, or the price value keeps going up and down and hence is not reliable. But food and potions are very profitable and can help you earn a lot in Albion Online. Go on to the Alchemy tab and look at all the potions and see what potions pique your interest. All portions need a certain amount of ingredients to be crafted.

Find out what you need and then build your personal island around that. So, if there is a potion that you want and it requires certain ingredients, then put down pastures and grow the animals required or use your farming plots to grow the required crops necessary to craft the potion. We recommend having at least three pastures or farming plots on your personal island before beginning to start crafting potions.

You need to upgrade your personal island to be able to have that number of pastures or farming plots, but the upgrade is worth it. So be sure to give it a shot. Some potions also require you to use herbs to concoct that potion. So having a herb garden is also important. The steps to being a herbalist in Albion Online is similar to being a crop farmer; the procedure is almost the same. So follow the steps and have your own herb garden.

You could try out this method to get all the things done in a single place and to quickly get the ingredients to make the potions that you want. First set down your herb garden and acquire the herbs that you require. Then, plant carrots on the farming plot until they are fully grown. After harvesting the carrots, you can tear down the carrot garden and put down a pasture in its place. Grow animals like goats on your pasture and feed them the carrots that you just harvested. Then you will be able to milk the goats to acquire milk from them.

You can then use the milk you got from the goats and the herbs that you grew on your herb garden together to concoct a potion of your choice. This is just an overview, a framework if you will. Your string does not necessarily have to be like this, but learn from it and make your own strings. So similarly, find out what ingredients you need for the potions you want to concoct and grow your crops and animals around it.


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