About Us

How it started

It started with an immense passion for gaming. Then it grew with an ardent desire to share and collect information about gaming from similar minded people. As more and more people had access to phones the world of mobile gaming saw an immediate rise. With the rise, more people started coming, communicating, and competing. That is how NPCGaming started. To share, to collect, to connect, to bring together and grow the gaming community.

Who Are We

We are a group of gamers for whom games come before almost anything else. We are passionate people that want the gaming community to grow. We also want all gamers to have full access to all the information that they might need. Anyone and everyone is welcome to share their knowledge here with us at NPCGaming.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a friendly environment for mobile gamers where they can find all the knowledge they want. Our content is updated, to the point, valuable, and will help you enjoy your favorite games to the fullest. We are here together to welcome the noobs and turn them into masters. We are here to have heated competitions and debates with the masters. We are here to have fun, knowledge, and score more. However, wrong facts and information will be actively discouraged.

Where we see ourselves in the future.

We want to create a space and knowledgeable space for gamers. Not only that but also we would love to introduce non-gamers to this wonderful community and turning them into one of us! We look forward to keeping providing gaming information to all in need. Hopefully, we’ll become the most reliable mobile gaming knowledge provider.

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